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  1. I Have So Many Favorites.

    Sims 3: Pets

    Far Cry 3

    Fallout New Vegas And 3

    Halo Reach, ODST, 3 And 4.



    Resident Evil 6 And Revelations

    Dangerous Hunts 2011

    Big Game Hunter 2010

    Dangerous Hunts 2009

    Cabelas Legendary Adventures

    Transformers War Dor Cybertron And Dark Of The Moon

    Lollipop Chainsaw

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    And Let Us Not Foreget Minecraft


  2. I just downloaded the patch

    Eh it happened at least a month ago but I just now came back around the game. But I deleted the file out of anger / impatience. No need to worry I had 0 shiny(s) and I only played for entertainment.