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  1. GONE I can also breed some 3rd/4th Gen Spriter Alt lines when I get unlocked later, just PM me (also if you just want an egg of these lines, I breed them for free but Right Now Secret Santas go Frist) https://dragcave.net/lineage/eM7m4 I own 2nd to 4th Gens https://dragcave.net/lineage/ySy8y & https://dragcave.net/lineage/H6yHE
  2. Not me. When my Teachers in Primary School first took us to Computer Lessons, the first 2 Rules they said were, 1. Don't Share Personal Information Online. 2. Pick a User Name you Wont Regret in 10 Years. (they gave us some Stupid, Rude, and Funny Examples) I always assumed Everyone was Taught this in School, but was this a One Off thing with just my Teachers.
  3. I have 204. According to my Scroll Records I have every Breed, I'm just missing a Gender of a Few Breeds and then my Scroll will be Complete.
  4. tried all that, still the same just tried it in chrome and it worked manual sort is not working for me in IE
  5. I Want to Be a Replacement Santa! Forum name: InugamiZERO https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/204010-inugamizero/ Scroll name: InugamiZERO https://dragcave.net/user/InugamiZERO Breeding abilities: Not much. Catching abilities: I can catch up to Rare Uncommons. Trading abilities: I can make NDs, so I'm able to trade for most anything.
  6. is manual sort working for anyone else, I haven't been able to save my sort for the past few days I press the save button, it stays blue for a second or 2 and then does nothing
  7. very nice adults, forgot they would grow up while I was asleep
  8. the hatchlings make me think of fox fire/spirits
  9. HAVE CB Male CB Male CB Female https://dragcave.net/teleport/47509727ac3d11c37cce7d96ebc700da https://dragcave.net/teleport/b3d9b69ddc6f7a346bc2f0b332d417f9 https://dragcave.net/teleport/64f86676d983c7beb85c7e37edd06f5e WANT CB Black Marrow or CB Pumpkin
  10. I don't have a name for mine's costume, I just went with what I liked the look of https://dragcave.net/halloween17/inugamizero my sister's hatchling
  11. they do, I never knew that and I've been dealing with large huntsmans invading my house most of my life (Rural Aussie) I'll be keeping this new information to myself, my mum has arachnophobia and she has already tried to sacrifice me to a dead spider once, I stomped on a big spider on the couch and its dead body flew into the air when I took my foot away.
  12. do you only get the free outfit if you sign in on its release day, my sister only started playing the event today and she only has the ghost and black ballerina for free
  13. I ran by EB today and saw they had the code cards in, so I grabbed two extras when getting my niece and nephew's codes they're Australian codes if that effects anything E742MJEX5L79K7P6 E742MHD4N55PRC5
  14. I would put that as my second best typo with first being asking someone if they were intersex in trading with me
  15. has anyone got more then 47 teats, mine have stopped at 47
  16. behind their reflexion in the mirror where do the normal eggs in the AP go during Halloween
  17. I just got a Rat! teat I love who ever made it, my town doesn't have a rat breeder right now, so its been over a year since I last had Rat Babies and this really made me happy. Thank You!! and it blinks and twitches its whiskers, he's so Beautiful
  18. they're all So Adorable! I love them all but in the end I had to go with Vampire Dragon
  19. 2 hours in and most drops I still cant even see the old Halloweens, they're just flying by me
  20. got my Shiny Silvally today! when I went in to pay some money on my Ultra S&M pre-orders, they didn't have the cards yet, so they printed 2 codes out for me and my sister.
  21. its the same for me I was expecting breeding to start today as well, when it didn't I checked last year's announcement and its dated the 25th not 24th
  22. breeding of old holidays starts a week before and show up first in AP, new holidays drop on the day DC Time in cave Halloween 24 hours Xmas 3 days V.day 3 days