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  1. The Glaucus are amazing! I chose wrong in only getting one pair of them and two pairs of the Howlers. While the Howlers are pretty neat, I tend to favor the pretty &/or cute dragons over the more wicked looking ones.
  2. I say go with The Radiant Angel. Or you could combine them into Radiant Angel Manxi.
  3. While I wait for the Halloween and Christmas breeding seasons to roll around, I think I'm sold on the Radiant Angels x Royal Blue pairing. Also considering breeding them with Blacks and White Stripes.
  4. Mine are "Angel of Radiance" and "Angel of Cheer." The second was actually my 500th dragon and got me my gold trophy, so my original plan had been to name it something along those lines, but after I thought of these names I just couldn't change them
  5. The Radiant Angels are so cute! Seems like they'd be a great match with the Snow Angels.
  6. Wow, they hatched so fast... Can't see anything Valentinesy about them yet since they're so small, but I'm looking forward to their maturation!
  7. I worked at it for almost 10 minutes and didn't even get all the icicles down. Crazy!
  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a terrific first DC Christmas for me Thanks to TJ and anyone else involved!
  9. Yay! I love looking at all the forts. Here is the current state of mine: http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Renren_Ace (I'm at level 25, so no need to throw any snow my way, unless you really want to).
  10. Your fort is looking really impressive, Stromboli! Is there a post where people are displaying their forts? I wanna see the fancy designs people are coming up with.
  11. I repaired my fort at 3/15 or 4/15 (can't remember which) and it cost me 3 snowballs @_@
  12. I notice that I have a bronze medal for the holiday event and some people have silver ones. Anyone know the breakdown to determine the color(s)? URGH, this game is so addicting! Totally distracting me from getting ready for work, heh.
  13. Gotcha! Scroll name:Renren_Ace Threw a snow-ball at: milkaq Thanks for getting me earlier! <3
  14. Gotcha! Scroll name:Renren_Ace Threw a snow-ball at:Tecca
  15. Gotcha! Scroll name: Renren_Ace Threw a snow-ball at: Tsuuu Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Renren_Ace
  16. Yay! I'm excited about the Fort game And I will pick up some Christmas dragons too. Fun fun first DC Christmas! Please lob some snowballs my way! Scroll name is Renren_Ace. I will return the gesture if you let me know (via PM) that you did so.
  17. I can't see the hatchlings very well, but they seem to have TONS of potential for turning into awesome dragons! The eggs are really nifty, too
  18. The front post completely disappeared... Accident during the update?
  19. My Wish Was Granted Dragon and Requirements: Red Recipient: Renren_Ace Giver: Finz My Current Total: [20] - [15] = [5] Finz, you earn 15 points for fulfilling my request, not 10
  20. The S2 male costal is sooooooooooo adorable! It will definitely make my freezing list. I like the S2 desert hatchie too. Not as fond of the female costal, but she's growing on me.
  21. The hatchies are so cute! Especially the one from the coast!
  22. Just saw the first caveblocker pop up. Luckily I missed it. Another drop within a minute or two of the previous one and I'm finally egg-locked, having accomplished my goal (3 of each). I hope that cave blocker was a fluke, but I fear it was not. Anyone else see one?
  23. That last drop was a little longer and I finally managed to snag one. And it was a desert one. YAY!
  24. Thank you for the banners! I grabbed the Pillow one.
  25. I Am Wishing Type of Dragon: Red Requirements: None Total Point Cost: 15