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aliantha.pngMy Want Listmale/egg: blue stripe x 2, green stripe x 1, ridgewing (tan) x 2male hatchling only (no eggs): nebula (purple) x 1, nebula (green) x 2, alt black x 2female/egg: magma x 1, royal blue x 1, shadow walker x 1female hatchling only (no eggs): night glory x1, nebula (red) x 1, egg only: black x ? (will be used to try for alts, and will be abandoned if they don't come up that way. If that bothers you, please don't include blacks in any offers you may make).any: holly, ice, thunder, dinos (any color), Silver, Black Stripe, Tinsel (any), Zombie, Neglected, Golden Wyvern, Blusang Lindwurm, Olive, Tri-horn Wyvern, Tsunami Wyvern

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    While I have access to the AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, you are most likely to reach me quickly on Skype. I am godainobaka there.