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  1. Lol I wish I had never joined. I only keep a tumblr still because I have a nice extensive reference blog and nowhere to export it to 8P I'm not sure where else I'd find other people in a fandom, so I stuck to tumblr. The fandom there was like, dang, who put bees in your cereal. I even had people I thought were friends rip into me for stuff (I don't even remember what all the fighting was about, so that goes to show you how meaningless it really was.) I have to say I think WTNV influenced my sense of humor a lot though! I might get back into it, but I bet I have a loooot of catching up to do...
  2. Wow, I actually have no memory of having made this topic all that time ago! I'm glad WTNV resonates with so many people! I love hearing what everyone has to say about the show! Unfortunately I think I left WTNV's fandom a while back. Shortly after making the thread, I think? The fandom on tumblr was so vitrolic and hateful that it genuinely took away from my enjoyment of the series, and I guess I felt it was spoiled for good. Because of that, I haven't been in a fandom for a very long time... :/ I'm really happy to know that's not the case for everyone though. WTNV was such a treasure, still is.
  3. That, too sounds like a viable idea. Cecil mentioned in one episode something about a symbiotic lifestyle with a new parasite from Nightvale's health department, so perhaps that's what it is? I once thought Cecil was actually just the microphone or even the entire radio booth itself, coming alive at certain times to broadcast news and then shutting down. You occasionally hear him leafing through papers or he says he's hiding under his desk, and once, eating an enchilada. That implies that he at least has arms...
  4. His voice is lovely, I keep a few podcasts on my ipod just so I can space out and listen to him. It's quite nice. I haven't quite figured out what I imagine Cecil to be. Occasionally, I imagine he looks much like his voice actor of the same name, but usually, I imagine him to be abnormally pale with ultrablonde hair. The swirly tattoos are always pretty cool to look at, imho, but I'm not sure if Cecil is a tattoo kind of guy. I imagine Carlos to be Hispanic-ish, but I also imagine he doesn't actually speak Spanish, and he isn't in tune to his heritage or anything, so he winds up being a rather dorky sort of guy instead of the romantic everyone makes him look like :,D
  5. Heheh, I occasionally take a peek at the blog. I've found that a lot of people's ideas about Nightvale are relatively similar, at least on tumblr. It's always interesting rifling through it though. Keep working your way up though. You're going to cry when you hit One Year Later. Cecil is a tearjerker when he wants to be. >u> I urge you to listen! Whether you like it or not, it can really make you think. The first few episodes might sound a little odd, but Cecil gets better with every podcast that goes up.
  6. Welcome to Nightvale is a podcast that releases shows on the first and fifteenth of every month and revolves around a quiet, perfectly normal little town. Each podcast is set in the style of a community radio show, hosted by Cecil Baldwin. He covers things such as traffic, financial news, and the weather. Each section is peppered by local community events, such as the mysterious lights above the Arby's, the mysterious hooded figures, perfect and beautiful Carlos, the tiny city underneath lane five of the bowling alley, and the dog park (of course, we're not supposed to know about the dog park. It is forbidden, after all.) It is written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin, and the music is by Disparition. You can learn more at http://commonplacebooks.com/welcome-to-night-vale First of all, I wanted to know how many Dragon Cave users listen to Nightvale. I hardly see any threads about it! Second, Welcome to Nightvale's universe is pretty nebulous. Due to the total lack of visual cues, we can only guess what everyone looks like. We also have a case of 'unreliable narrator', meaning we can't always take what Cecil says at face value. Therefore, the universe is largely left up to it's fans to interpret and dissect. I want to know more about your head-canons and what you think goes on in Nightvale!
  7. My biggest fear used to be black holes, but I've come to a peace with them. They're pretty cool once you know a little more about them. My current fear is being out of my mind in any way. Whether it be from something as harmless as laughing gas or as lethal as krokodil or even just slowly descending into Alzheimer's or dementia. My mind is my most precious asset, and losing it terrifies me. I'm actually not too concerned about death. I was dead for millions of years before I was alive. I can handle doing that again.
  8. Ohh, now isn't this an interesting thread :Uc I have a bit to contribute to this. As a transsexual myself, I like to think I have a pretty insightful view on what it's like in the wonderful world of transsexualism. I've been needing to get some of this off my chest anyways. I have a bad feeling that expressing my opinion on the internet will do some nasty things, but meh. Being transsexual raises a lot of strange moral issues. I try to talk to people about how I feel about my body sometimes, and very very few people actually understand how it truly feels. Even I don't fully understand it sometimes. The way I feel about my body is so powerfully negative, so strong and pervades everything in my life that there's no real metaphor I can use to describe it. I just described it as indescribable, but I'll try to describe it anyways. It feels a lot like there's a gap between what my body is and what my brain thinks it is. When I'm not looking at myself and if it's a good day, I would describe myself with masculine traits. I will still become pretty upset if I focus on my chest or on my crotch, neither of which have been 'fixed up' yet. If I'm looking at myself, whether it be in a picture, on video, in a mirror, or just looking down, there's suddenly an abhorrent and disgusting feeling that arises from the back of my mind and it travels down my spine. It feels more as if this is a problem in my head rather than in my body, although I project it onto my body. In that vein, there are a lot of studies floating around have proven being transsexual has to do with the way your brain perceives your body, or your body image/gender identity. These facts makes me wonder whether or not being transsexual really does have more to do with me believing I am male as opposed to actually being a male in the wrong body. I wonder if one day there will be a drug or some kind that will eliminate the huge fissure between my brain and body, or whether a true sex change surgery will be invented, or which one I'll take when it comes along. And that's my rant and ramble about being transsexual and the conflict between brain and body. Thank you for all of those who took the time to read this.
  9. I think the scariest game I played was Yume Nikki. There really wasn't a specific level that got to me, but the entire game had this horrible feeling of dread that finally broke you down once you got to the end. I specifically remember the crying alien and FC world made me want to cry, and numbers world almost made me put the game down. I finished it to the very end though, and it was worth it. The spinoff game, .Flow, was worse though. I played that game from start to finish and it took my mind for a serious trip. The flesh world made me put the game down for a moment, but I finished it too.
  10. I can wiggle my ears together and individually, but doing so sometimes makes me wiggle a large part of my scalp I, too, have sharp canines. I used to be called a vampire for them, heh. I have scars that look like they're from cutting, but they're actually from baking! I tend to burn my arms and wrists and hands on the oven while I bake things. Nobody ever expects that. Oh, and I can see almost every major vein and artery from my neck, down both arms, and down to my chest. I can see a lot of veins and arteries down my legs, but not as much as the top of my body. I'm not albino either, so it's a little freaky for some people.