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  1. The only dragons I've seen that I really like these guys with are impossible to breed.
  2. Thank you, I hope so too. I'll have to keep a close eye on her behavior and health for the next few weeks, unfortunately I know all to well what distemper's early stages look like. Well, the raccoon looked very healthy and young, unfortunately. Some blood came out of its nose when I turned it over while burying it, so I really hope that, that was a sign of it being hit by a car(I do live off a busy road). Only time will tell.
  3. Right, so what I've learned from this thread is if I ever get an HM I need to get a CB red Stripe.
  4. That color is scroll locked, only the individuals who caught Sweetlings back when they were released and lost them due to a glitch have the black Sweetlings. They got that color as an apology for the trouble.
  5. Well...I know which Valentine dragon I'm hoarding next year.
  6. I got the very best gift today! http://dragcave.net/lineage/xBmk2
  7. D'aw! I've been getting thank you notes, they leave me all warm and fuzzy inside! *huggles V-Day messages*
  8. "Your Aye Aye is iris-istable." -42 Why thank you! It's a fox. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I couldn't survive DC without friends like you! <3" -Siliskor AWWWWWW!
  9. Congrats everyone! Especially you, Siliskor, as I also need them and I keep putting off collecting more of them. So, hunting the AP in the last hour of Holiday breeding...I ended up with these: OMG and Wat?. I was majorly bumming this Valentine's, but these guys snapped me out of my blues. (seriously, we need another SAD esque Valentine, as I always seem to be single on V-Day)
  10. I went a little Sweetling happy over the Breeding period. http://dragcave.net/lineage/w9tps http://dragcave.net/lineage/YBURL http://dragcave.net/lineage/kNdib(I just LOVE the father's name!) There are quite a few more.
  11. Holiday breeding is over, right? Or am I crazy?
  12. The hatchlings are so pretty!!! Yay for not pink!
  13. Gardening? FUN! Red, gold, and white, huh? Oh, I'm so very, very excited for these guys!
  14. Pride and Prejudice is one of my most favorite things ever, so the father's name makes me so happy! I had just enough reds to make sure I can catch a few more Sweetlings tomorrow and pick up two of the new eggs as well, so they have the 14th as their stolen date. I did not think that would happen!
  15. So somebody posted a Sweetling egg they caught in the AP a few days ago, and i was super jealous of the parents names. I put up a trade asking for any 2G Sweets for some of my 2G pretties of other breeds, and someone totally offered me a sibling of that egg! http://dragcave.net/lineage/kNdib Edit: @ lilacamy931: Freaking congrats!!! I'm majorly jealous, I offered for that egg, too!
  16. I feel like both sides of the 'completely exclusive to Raffles' only have evidence that begs the question. Meaning, all the evidence that isn't TJ09 explicitly saying something one way or the other(I don't think he has?) is only conclusive if the cases they support are already true. Haven't the spriters already said no to this idea, anyway? @KageSora: If anyone finds a CB Yule Hatchling with the 'Forced' message that was hatched on the 27th, it could very well be mine. I can see the logistical insanity of trying to reunite owners with their released Holidays, unfortunately.
  17. The limit was two CBs, yes, and that has not changed. However, why should i have assumed someday in the future I would be able to catch all the past Holidays my scroll would allow for? Every year I played the game, the limits were constant. I made the decision to release my frozen CB hatchlings under the impression it was the only way I would be able to have two adults, ever. If I had, had an inclining that limits for past Holidays would be lifted, I would never have released them in the first place. My decision to Freeze was an informed one, I guess. However, my decision to Release them i don;t think was. When I decided to release them, there wasn't very much support for limits being lifted in anyway, so I couldn't even infer from the forums as to what could happen in the future. On topic: I don't support the in cave release anymore, but the argument of an 'informed decision' didn't seem like a strong one, at least to me. Edit: Which I'll admit maybe I feel that way because I've been burned, so I have less sympathy to that particular argument.
  18. I really like the three day drop thing...but I'm debating how much I want a Valentine from the 14th vs. catching two more Sweetlings and getting the new ones later.
  19. It is disingenuous, yes. However, what has ever been completely set in stone in this game? There was strong opposition before and after the gold sprite change, yet they were changed. We were told, on multiple occasions, that the 2-per person limit on Holidays was never going to change, there was A LOT of opposition to such a thing, yet here we are. I've released frozen CBs because I was assured in the fact the limits were never going to be lifted. I made such a decision with the knowledge available at the time, under the impression that was the only way I was EVER going to be able to have two adults, EVER. Should I get to retroactively get my hatchlings back from the Wild? I wasn't aware at the time, that two years from then limits would be lifted. I don't even mean unfreezing them, just getting them back at all. I don;t really support an in cave release anymore, as the spriters aren't interested, just saying that this game has a history of changing 'set in stone' policy.
  20. I'm still so deliriously happy the limits were lifted, as Sweetling and Rosebud hatchligs are my favorite hatchlings in the entire Cave. *cuddles the little frozens*
  21. So I'm super worried. I found a dead raccoon in my backyard this morning, and I have no idea how it died or how it got there, and it died away from Tribble's enclosure; however, I'm freaking out that it died of distemper or rabies, and has perhaps made Tribble sick as well. I didn't see any bite marks on Tribble, but with her thick winter coat it is hard to tell, and distemper is so easy to spread it is horrible to consider. I called Animal Control, Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Health, but no one could really help me as I didn't observe any actual illness in the raccoon, and it didn't bite a human. Urgh.
  22. I still want a diamond/crystal type dragon.