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  1. Cool avatars everyone! Mine doesn't really have any special signifignence, it's just a cute picture of my Tribble foxy face.
  2. Congrats everyone! Just caught a Copper and a Silver off the Coast within seconds of each other.
  3. I was able to do a blood swap for my complete favorite Avatar pairing, I can't wait to breed a mate and see the babies! http://dragcave.net/lineage/pOLAx
  4. @Kat_z: That was cool and interesting info about birds. I've always been interested in conures, a few years ago I delved into research about Nandays and decided I wanted one. However, turns out I'm allergic to birds. Go figure. A Tribble video.
  5. I like all the other suggestions, but what I really, really want is to be able to have an opt in/out email notification for trade activity. I get automatic updates about my email on my phone, so that would be super useful.
  6. I know the movie Lost Boys had a 'kill the head vampire' to change back kind of thing, as long as the newly changed vampire had not killed yet, anyway. The Forsaken also had a similar thing, where if you killed the 'original' vampire for one of eight particular vampire viral strains, all the vampires turned from it would either die or revert to human depending on when they were bitten. Vampires reverting to their original species doesn't really make any sense to me, as they are essentially mutated in their egg and develop as vampires.
  7. Congrats everyone! Especially you, Pestilence420! My SUPER AWESOME glomp gift hatched sick, but she's(he's?) all better now but will be fogged for awhile longer. I'm just so happy!!!!!
  8. Thanks ZzelaBusya and lilacamy931 for the reassurances! It's no longer sick, but I'll keep it fogged until tomorrow. I just can't believe I popped it into a few ERs then WENT TO SLEEP, I was obviously not in my right mind.
  9. I got my very first 2G Shimmer as a wonderful glomp gift a few days ago. I put it in a few hatcheries, but fell asleep and woke up to it hatched but very sick. I fogged it, amd I really hope it pulls through. I feel awful.
  10. Two random skeletons in a burial ground after a bit of light Dark Souls exploring.
  11. I don't really see the point here, especially since the suggestion is based on the right to make 'decisions' regarding your scroll. You made either the decision to bite an egg, or pick a vamp up from the AP, and when Biting given the warning that this Action is not reversable. Those are both pretty infomed scroll decisions, like Freezing, Abandoning, or AP grabbing. If you do eventually decide that vamps are no longer your thing, you can Release them. You can't compare Zombies to Vampires and call for a.similar action to Expunge. Zombies were tied to your scroll forever, Vampires are not. I'm not even sure the Cave remembers the original species of older Vampires, and what about original vampires.themselves? What would happen of I used this 'Action' on an '08 vampire? Nothing, I assume?
  12. This game is currently on XBox Live for free! Just started playing, it's putting me through my paces that's for sure.
  13. Thank you to a very awesome user, who I think would rather be unnamed(?) for giving me the best present ever today. You're just an awesome, if silent, user and thank you so much! Belated thanks to: Siliskor, Erica, Infinis, JaneMcAsh, Echo, SunQuest, and I'm sure many others. You guys have all been awesome to me in one way or another over my years here.
  14. Congrats everyone!!!! I just got THE COMPLETE BEST glomp gift ever in all my years on this site, and I've had quite a few really freaking awesome glomps before. http://dragcave.net/lineage/HHVTV I'm nearly speechless with happiness, it's my first 2G ANYTHING from any of these guys! Edit: >.< Well, it's unfogged now. Hahaha, sorry Ruby Eyes.
  15. How do you sleep? Depends. If I'm alone, it's on my side with one arm under my pillow, the other tucked under my chin, one leg straight out, the other hooked over a pillow. Taking up as much space as i can, head in one corner, legs in the other. Usually with my dog somewhere in there. In. Total. Darkness. If I happen to be *cough* sharing, it's pretty much the same except I can't take all the space I usually enjoy. What are your interesting habits? Total. Darkness. Are you a living dead or a rock'n'roller? I'm a light sleeper, and I will move around if woken up, but generally once asleep I don't move all that much as far as i can tell. Do you take unscheduled walks? I never have Are your dreams b&w or color? Color. Always. Are you even in your dreams? Sometimes I am, and I'm just doing me things. Sometimes I'm doing awesome things. Often I'm someone else completely, though. My dreams are pretty mutable. Need a pillow on the head or some other odd item? I need a face mask thing if there is light around. Total. Darkness.
  16. If I pick up an egg from the AP that isn't incuhatchable, but has a full hole, I'll probably force it then freeze it. I like to keep the forced message.
  17. The hatchling from the mysterious egg is adorable! I'm so glad I bred one of those!
  18. D'awwwww the little blue hatchling is cute! Kudos to Shiny Hazard Sign and birdzgoboom.
  19. I think I'm going to try and Summon my third GoN on a holiday. Dem catch dates doe.
  20. Congrats everyone!!!! Just bred this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gUYxy
  21. Happy Birthday DC! I get to use the Summon Action again!!! I haven't been able to since Jan 2011. It failed, but woot for something new(old) to do! Both of my GoN's bred, and one of them have me a new egg! http://dragcave.net/lineage/gUYxy I also really, really like the code! http://dragcave.net/lineage/jeYt6 Not as fond of this one as I thought I'd be.
  22. A pygmy release with a Raffle that has special pygmies as prizes. *is shot*
  23. Congrats everyone! I was super happy that these two produced an egg, but I was over the moon when I saw the code. http://dragcave.net/lineage/PricK
  24. http://dragcave.net/lineage/PricK I almost sent it to Departures until I saw the code.