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  1. Well... DC was being naughty and I just realized the code on my purple dragon. Seeing it is a CB, I can't post a link |D However, it is a three letter naughty word. >...> My oh my..

    You can lineage link to CB things.


    http://dragcave.net/lineage/cGu88 Just manually replace 'view' with 'lineage'




    Some older dragons with cool codes i never knew I had. Too bad they have awful lineages. :/



  2. I'm very excited for Inquisition. I've got my preorder mostly paid off, and I'm totally going to my GameStop's midnight release. I've been avoiding any and all spoilers as much as I can, so I only have a bare essentials idea of what the game is really even about(just the way i like it).

  3. Awesome everyone! biggrin.gif


    At the age of 25, I bought my first car yesterday morning. Pretty much completely on my own. I was so nervous I didn't eat anything all day, just waiting for the other shoe to drop and suddenly this EXPENSIVE purchase will turn into a nightmare. Like a huge repair the dealer hid from me. Now I've made myself sick again.



    Other than that, this is just about the biggest thing ever for me. It's a 2010 Nissan Versa.

  4. I'd really, really wany a gold Shimmer(any prize, but especially that). However, I also REALLY want a CB alt Black. I think I'd ask for a CB alt black over a few of the prize dragons, honestly.


    Also, a custom freaking code. Yeah...that would be swell. smile.gif

  5. Random drops or consistent ones... it will be the same to me since I never kept track of new releases. sleep.gif Random seems fun, I don't mind. Shake it up a little, woo!


    Caught six eggs at the :15 drop just now, and number seven at the :20 drop.

  6. As far as natural body odor goes, I can't stand being near people who smell like they haven't washed up in days and have been sweating all along. New sweat, like someone was just exercising in someway, is usually a smell I like(especially guys), as well as freshly cleaned body without any deodorant or body spray. I'm not easily offended by scents, but some just really get to me and old unwashed sweaty body odor is one.


    I would probably never say, "Hey you smell." to someone's face, and I understand that some people just can't help it, but I do try to leave their company as quickly as possible without seeming rude.