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  1. Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas, my worst- I refuse to have it on my MP3 player; heaven forbid I hear it on the radio it will be in my head forEVER.


    More recently, Music Again by Adam Lambert... I was even singing it at work today.

  2. Eh, it was an okay series. I only hate it because something that run of the mill and mediocre shouldn't get all the praise and attention it gets... I've seriously read better fanfiction.
    I think you even agreed with me, BG, as far as that.



    Nix, not really what I was implying when I said that. We weren't on the same page with Twilight and mobocracy I guess.

  3. I never said Twilight was good, in fact I remember saying it was bad, or at least okay if I'm in a good mood.


    And that word, mobocracy, it's so appropriate and not only in application to me.

  4. If they can find a fan base? You know, like every other teenage girl in the western world? Sure, why not?


    By what logic? You keep twisting what I say to fit your rebuttals.

  5. I never didn't get it, if you can believe that. I just also accept that Meyer has the right to call Edward a vampire, even if his concept is stupid.

  6. No, actually, you should be ashamed.

    That wasn't really necessary, but thank you for stating your opinion, again.

  7. Um, at the risk of inciting something else that looks suspiciously like an argument over the internet. I never said Twilight vampires were well done, or likable, or in any sense of the word good representations of vampires, I just said they were vampires. Just because they suck(no pun intended) doesn't make them less of a vampire, it just makes all around less likable, less impressive, and more annoying than all the others.


    I'm just a hippie. I make my friends look at me weird and get exasperated. They say I have no discerning taste and if something tickles my fancy I'll over look all the bad points and enjoy it. Like my love affair with the Movie movies (Scary Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie).


    Twilight of course is bad enough that even I can't like it though.


    Edit: I'd also like to apologize for my lack of reasoning ability, and my attitude. O.o I'd like to blame sleep deprivation, but even that can't excuse some of the things I posted.

  8. You think I'm an idiot that doesn't know what she's talking about and I think you way to rigid to appreciate a grand spectrum of ideas streaming from accepted an idea. We aren't going to convince each other of anything. I think we're done.


    I dislike Twilight, you dislike Twilight, we just dislike it different degrees and for differing reasons(mostly).


    Edit: Firefox spell checks me some weird words.

  9. You had respect for me? huh.gif



    If someone wants to write 'The Amazing Adventures of Sam the Chocobo Dragon.' It's not like I'm going to run out and buy a copy, but I don't see the point in attacking the idea. I'm sure there will be plenty of other things to riff on.


    Edit: The complete stupidity of the statement was intended, that was the point.


    Re-Edit: Anyway, this has gotten off topic. Twilight and it being good or bad, not fictional literary integrity is the topic. Plus, I think we're arguing... over the internet

  10. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but that was all really funny. I have this amusing quirk that when people say literary works of fiction have to have set parameters to meet with what they personally believe fiction needs to have, I laugh. Or if not laugh, I'm greatly amused.


    Alright, alright I'll concede your points, to a certain point. I'll concede it makes a work of fiction more rich and rewarding for a reader if the writer uses tried and true idioms and ideas concerning things such as vampires... but Twilight is hardly the first work of fiction to totally disregard ALL OF THOSE things that vampires HAVE TO HAVE and still call the resulting creature a vampire, and it won't be the last.


    1. Who says vampires HAVE TO FEED FROM HUMANS TO LIVE? I've read plenty of books in which vampires were perfectly fine drinking pigs blood or similar. And those books were actually pretty freaking good. A lot better than Twilight ever could be. I also read books in which werewolves were completely civilized and cultured, and zombies were more human than the humans. All great reads.


    2. I'll concede sunlight, although I have read books in which vamps were fine with some sun glasses and sunblock. Doesn't make a vampire any less a vampire if it can withstand sunlight completely. The argument could be made, in the case of the Twilight universe, that these vampires' avoidance of sunlight resulted in that myth, if you follow my weird train of thought.


    3. Now, this is a little silly, I'll give you that traditional vampires are weak. But MANY MANY contemporary accepted vamps in literature are actually hellishly strong and dammed hard to kill.


    If I'm holding the pen, I'll call a chocobo a dragon if a darned well want to, thank you very much. A chocobo is actually a very small, bipedal feathery dragon, commonly used as a mount by traveling adventurers.


    @Sceptile100: If you want to call it a vampire, all power to you. We don't have to agree with it or like it, in fact it could be sort of funny.

  11. And you realize even fiction has rules?


    DC's a hell of an example, honestly- we've pushed the definition of dragon to the limit on some of these, but all of the good ones have those qualities that make them dragons, not something else.


    You can push the limits of anything, as long as you keep those qualities that define what it is, otherwise you look like a ****. Meyer got rid of everything that sets vampires apart from other undead things, and that makes her creatures non-vampires. Just a super powerful, glittering undead.

    Ah, see I was under the impression that fiction was, well, fiction. Limited to the imagination of the writer and such. If Mayer wants sparkling, vegetarian, utterly silly sounding psychic vampires then by thunder she can have them.


    I mean, maybe if vampires were actually real, and their behaviors, eating habits, physiology, world views, etc... were well documented somewhere there would be a case against Meyer debasing everything it means to be a vampire, but they're not, so its kind of hard to say that, that isn't how 'real' vampires are. 200 years ago vampires were scary blood sucking demons, Ann Rice made them tragic romantic figures, Meyer made them sappy, sparkly, and embarrassing. In between there are hundreds and thousands of other interpretations spanning generations, regions, continents, really 'vampire' is far too broad a term to pin down.


    Any old creature that sucks blood from necks(or any convenient vein really)using fangs, after being killed or infected, and resurrected or live, by a similar creature can technically be called a vampire.




  12. Eh, it was an okay series. I only hate it because something that run of the mill and mediocre shouldn't get all the praise and attention it gets... I've seriously read better fanfiction.


    Although, to all the people who cry, "Her vampires aren't even believable! She ignores all the vampire myths and, and, SPARKLES! Seriously?!"


    I'd just like to quickly point out that the Twilight series is a work of complete fiction, and thus it has the right to make its vampires however it wants.