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  1. Congrats everyone! I get to add this little one to my slowly growing list of fox coded dragons.
  2. *lures away Magi Keeper, the Desipis dragon* Well, well, just what I was looking for!
  3. *casually strolls away with Silver egg* Doo dee doo.
  4. U NO CAN HAS THE DUMB My friend has a cat, we call her 'the dumb' all the time. Haha!
  5. http://dragcave.net/lineage/7BfTR - Thank you Jazi! I still can't believe I caught one! http://dragcave.net/lineage/rwvEO - Thank you breeder! I love it!
  6. I wouldn't personally trade a Spriter's alt for it, esp since it's a egg and scroll space is usually a high priority during Holiday times. Not saying it's impossible, but you'd have to find the right person. As to hatchlings...it would depend on the person you're trading with entirely. I wouldn't trade any(but I don't covet Silvers), and I might be biased when I say three would be pushing it.
  7. Congrats everyone! Esp. on the Spriter alt catches! Speaking of Spriters alts... just look at what I scooped out of the AP! Squee!
  8. Pretty much. I always end up joining in the discussions, and it kind of makes me...not like being around.
  9. I want them...but I think I'll stick around to see if i won and then leave the forums until...Valentines Day. Yeah...that should be long enough? Maybe June or July. That should be long enough for the drama to die away...right?
  10. http://dragcave.net/lineage/NJtz5 - This is my favorite Solstice so far! Thank you bunches, DragonMaiden!
  11. Maybe it doesn't work on certain devices? I was playing it on my smart phone.
  12. I am LOVING the Mana Tile game.
  13. Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's...freaking awesome.
  14. I've forced quite a few things(I never use EQ, just the Kill action). It's one of the reasons i kept many of my frozen Holiday hatchlings around instead of releasing them to catch another adult(back before limits were lifted). I liked their little Forced messages. My more notable Forces: Yep, Totally, Oh yeah. I just wish adults didn't lose the message. :/ My current goal is to get a frozen forced hatchling for each species. I've made a little progress.
  15. Grabbed this little guy off the AP right after the Halloween Wall came down. Hatched as soon as I picked him up. http://dragcave.net/lineage/UI2hD
  16. You're wings are making this difficult. Foxes make all kinds of noises(some reds that have been extensively bred for generations in captivity actually can and do bark...kind of). - about a minute in is Tribble making a pretty typical noise. If you watch it, keep your volume a little lower than normal.
  17. Vampires because they were my first Holiday dragon, and the event time itself was crazy. Just interesting memories. Purely going by looks, though, Graves are my favorites. They seem the most...Halloweenie to me, and the hatchlings are just about my most favorite thing ever.
  18. Congrats everyone! I just caught a CB Pyrope egg off the AP!
  19. Maybe I've been playing a certain video game too much.
  20. I just got the name Kraggon. No Pre Sequel fans around?
  21. I rather like the adults! I was having trouble thinking up a name scheme(I tend to give each different Holiday dragon a naming theme/common thread). When I saw the adults...I just knew. Kraggons. Good job spriters! I'm enjoying these guys, and can't wait to try them out in a few lineages. @wtf: My first thought when I saw the Howler Drakes was how awesome they would be with Halloweens in general...I was very crushed when reminded that they.were drakes.