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  1. Congrats to everyone that won! It sucks if you didn't get the prize you wanted, though. sad.gif Double sucks that you can't trade with a fellow winner if you both won a prize the other wanted.


    Here's to me hopefully hitting it lucky in the redraw, though. wink.gif Praying hard for a Bronze Tin, still. Hope springs eternal.

  2. If I won, I have a few glomp gifts in mind to players that have made an impression on me over the years. Ummmm...other than that I'm not to sure.


    I love gifting, so that would be a big part of winning for me. My only 2G Shimm/Tin was a wonderdul glomp gift. I would also probably do a few swaps for my Holidays that are Prizekins.


    Other than that...not much I would do. smile.gif

  3. I've been eating a lot of fast food recently. Work is so draining that by the time I'm off, cooking/cleaning is the last thing I want to do. sleep.gif



    Moe's, sub from Publix, sub from LaSpadas, maybe BK, MAYBE MAYBE a Big Mac from McDonald's...maybe. Or I'll order take away, not exactly fastfood.

  4. If I won a Tin or Shimmer I'd shout it from the highest rooftops. If I won an HM...I'd have a devil of a time choosing between a CB Holly or CB alt Black, and also shout it from the rooftops.


    Actually...depending which tier of Tin or Shimmer, I might pass a 'prize' dragon for an HM. Love the gold and bronze versions, not the biggest fan of either silver varient.

  5. Of my seven 2Gs, four are now rosy and three are still blue. I'm happy and a little bummed, as the only two I cared about changing to rosy stayed blue.


    Ah well, I'm more happy than anything else. biggrin.gif


    *huggles dragons* It's okay if your colors clash, I still love you.

  6. I'm not against this because I believe players are inherently entitled to complete control over their offspring outside of Holiday times(CB prizes do send out multiple 2G holiday babies to the AP). I was around when we had general multi clutching, so I'm familar with not having complete control over babies.


    I'm against imposing special rules for a select few dragons just because they are highly desirable. Holidays do it because those times are about sharing and giving to others. What reason is there for Prizes multi clutching besides, "You have it, others want it."


    Okay, maybe evening the trading field. Again, it's not cool to force a few players to submit to extra rules for the 'good' of trading.


    I do want low gen prize offspring to be less prevelent in trades. It seems that most trades up have to do with them in some way, which is discouraging, but I really would hate this to be the answer.

  7. So what do you say to the people who have holiday alts? They can't control every egg that they breed and I think alts are WAY more rarer then CB prizes just saying...

    They don't multi clutch because they're alts, they do that because they are Holidays. It's something that happens to all Holidays. They only have one egg per successful breeding any time outside of holiday breeding times.

  8. I really can't support this. It's forcing players that have a special dragon to have an extra game mechanics to forcably spread the offspring of that dragon. That's just awful. Holidays multi clutch, but EVERYONE'S Holiday does that, not just people with CB's or with other desirable lineages. It's a mechanic that everyone has to deal with.


    I would possibly be in favor of multi clutching in general returning, but not selectively imposed on certain dragons just because they are very desired.

  9. I can't wait to have my own place, the first thing I'm doing after settling in is look for a kitty cat. Hopefully sometime this year! biggrin.gif


    I am a dog person, to the last, but I LOVE cats as well. Luckily my dog gets on very well with cats.

  10. My sexuality is pretty boring, I guess. I identify myself as female and have biological parts that match up to that internal feeling. I'm romantically and sexually attracted to men, and even there I have a 'type' I'm more typically drawn to.


    I'll be friends with anyone and everyone, but I'm incredibly picky as to if someone will be more.


    I can't entirely rule out someone other than a man for me, but I have yet to meet someone else that has grabbed my attention romantically.


    As to terms for those that indentify outside strict 'male' and 'female' I have no idea. sad.gif I want to use language that feels welcoming and honest, but at the same time using certain terms that one person likes will offend another and I'm left feeling like an ignorant heel. I try.