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  1. I caught just soooooo many lovely eggs this year!!!!(STILL no 2g Holly....after 8 years.....)


    4G Holly -Ponystar17, thank you!

    3G Holly -White dragons with Hollies are so nive, thank you Wanyuudo!

    3G Holly - Thank you breeder!

    3G Holly - I LOVE how this looks! Thanks, sequiro!




    2G Aegis - Pink and blue...yaaaas. Thank you, Inverse.

    2G Aegis - New fav Holiday/Holiday. Thanks, breeder

    2G Aegis - *drool drool drool drool* Thanks, breeder!


  2. Congrats everyone!!! biggrin.gif



    Well, I just successfully traded for this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/h4Nag



    I'm very happy, but at the same time a little sad, as what I traded away was a little sentimental. I obviously couldn't pass up a chance at one of my DREAM pairings, but still.


    Edit: @Siliskor, Yeah, I'm going to ruin it with my pink Sweets. :') An alternative Sweet of my own is my DC impossible dream.

  3. Picked up some awesome Mistletoes. smile.gif


    http://dragcave.net/lineage/kv4c4 - very pretty combo I had never considered! I'll definitely be making a little checker with this one! Thanks anon!


    http://dragcave.net/lineage/Vh12N - I'm 100% a sucker for anything from a Sweetling. Thanks anon!



    But nothing can beat this little treasure: http://dragcave.net/lineage/nYIjr. Thank you so so much, Siliskor! It took the sting out of not caching a 2d Gen Holly again...for the seventh year in a row.

  4. Awhile ago I picked up a cute 4th Gen stairs tel Holly off the AP. Was very happy.


    Not too long after that I picked up a similar 6th Gen Holly. It's a pretty lineage, and I was torn on abandoning it. I thought I kept it to decide later.


    Later comes, and I ultimately decide, as much as I like the 6th gen, I'll abandon it to hopefully go to someone who would appreciate it more. Wham, bam, abandoned. I check it's page to see if I can see who picked it up....those parent names seem awfully familiar....it's the little 4th gen I loved so much. I abandoned the wrong one!



    What happened was, I abandoned that 6th gen right away, and later on forgot I had done that and also forgot about the 4th gen I had picked up (I'll forgive myself that, I caught it right before I passed out last night). sleep.gif Mistaken eggdentity


    Enjoy the pretty, whoever got it. smile.gif