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  1. I guess without context for them, I wouldn't consider the sprites very holiday like. But at least Tinsels, for me, are forever linked to the holiday season because of the first raffle being based on decorating Christmas trees.
  2. I'll just be taking your R a t h a l o s there. Love the name.
  3. Have: 2G Mistletoe from Bronze Tin Want: A different 2G Holiday Tin/Shim kin. https://dragcave.net/teleport/48adef9dc738c8e637806990f5e7c50b
  4. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! This baby!!! I can't believe I caught one of my dream Holiday pairs basically right as breeding started.
  5. I never thought I'd pick up a 2nd Gen Holly off the AP and decide to abandon it because is wasn't what I was looking for. What luxury, what absolute decadence. Complete hedonism.
  6. Too long* *Oldest dragon is September 19, 2008. **I have some old defunct scroll from before 'the fog' with like seven dragons or something. An ancient relic.
  7. Just realized it's my leopard gecko Darcy's bday(ish). He is seven years old.
  8. For the first time in YEARS I dyed my hair. I thought it was going to be a med brown/red....I'm now a really nice ginger. Much, much, much lighter than what I was expecting. I showed my mom and she looked at my hair and a picture of the bottle and was like, "Yeah, that's the color i would have expected." So...I'm just color blind.
  9. Thanks @Ruby Eyes for this lil girl I didn't realize I needed Witchlight and Ash dragons together, but now I do.
  10. Overwatch. Just, so much Overwatch.
  11. I caught this little Doot on the AP at 2am, and learned that if you shake your cell phone(like, in excitement) the flashlight app turns on.
  12. Thank you @Process I love them: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Yln9r https://dragcave.net/lineage/vlHDW Omgosh thank you!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH Thank you very much @birdzgoboom: https://dragcave.net/lineage/yD8TO I promised myself no more Lurkers...but couldn't toss this misclick back, thank @hellhunt: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kGoKr Thank you so much @titinian.masquarade this is my fav Witch pairing: https://dragcave.net/lineage/bcxla
  13. Oh my gosh...hahahaha. I completely forgot about Halloween dragons on the 31st.
  14. Its really weird to sit on the AP and not be trying to catch Hollies. I feel like that has been my Drag Cave Christmas game for years.
  15. Congrats everyone!!!! Managed to get two CB Hollies. Thats all I care about.
  16. AHHHHHHH I managed to get two CB Hollies on the five minute drops. I'm so happy.
  17. OMG I caught my first CB silver....in....uh...ages. Years. Since I traded my last one for a ND IOU that never came. EEEEEEEEEEE. SILVER. And I had a Witchlight grow up with 666 UVs. Edit: I checked. Last silver was sometime in 2012(thats when i made the dud deal for a Neglected).
  18. Thats why I wasnt really sure one way or the other, if it was an accident or not. I added those two the same time as six others, and none of them ended up like they did. Since they all had similar UVs, but the general views jump from 4k right to 14k and 16k. It could have just been bad luck.
  19. Not sure if I was viewbombed or not, seeing as what get sick isnt exactly anything special and I'm not really active here anymore, but: When i went to check my scroll I had the sickness warning(I havent seen that, since, like, 2015) for one of my Witchlight hatchlings, with another not far behind it. I added all my eggs to the same sites, and i know they werent gaining views before i did that. The sick one had 16k views, the other had 14k; the next highest had 4k, 10,000 less. All of them had similar unique views, though. :/
  20. Just a random scoop of eight eggs from the cave: 1hypE XRBAV DEAZT Can't beat all letters all caps codes!
  21. What i would not give for them to both be CB.