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  1. Congrats everyone!!!! Used EQ and now have three screaming baby new Weens.
  2. Congrats to the winners!!!!!! Happy for you guys!
  3. I have a small handful of dergs I actually breed, and I tend to do those right at the beginning. I don't breed most of my CBs unless by special request, except I do breed a few at the last possible second so I can keep track of the end of the Wall.
  4. I can't believe I got a name from...myself? Was agonizing over what to name my bby noodle boy, and decided to comb my scroll and see what I had laying around. I apparently named some rando Lumnia this years ago. I gasped when I saw it!!! Shimmer Prince
  5. @Fuzzbucket I can't give an answer, I have no idea. I got the email notification and went right to the raffle claim page. I was too excited to pay close attention to stuff.
  6. I've been entering the darn Raffle since it's inception. I decorated my tree, I read my stores, I collected my recipes, I fought in the snow wars, I did that Snow Warning event. Entered all the subsequent monthlies. Lost all hope. Won a Silver Shimmer this month!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I got a black screen on day six with Alun, and when I reset progress(on PC) all the text is messed up now. Fine on mobile, but cannot be read on PC. Edit: HAHA nvm. I just had the browser suuuuuper zoomed out.
  8. Unfortunately, I love it. 🤣 https://dragcave.net/lineage/MN9ta
  9. Oh Wow Got this as a gift. I was so stoked for the mother's code I didn't realize it was an SA Alt kin until it was pointed out to me. 😋
  10. My only plans are to trade for a few mates for Shim/Tin Holiday kin I have, then gift my prize's eggs around. My only 2G Shim/Tin anything was a glomp gift.
  11. I would like to join with this group: https://dragcave.net/group/82088
  12. https://dragcave.net/lineage/LiERs what a nice code catch!!
  13. Got a 2G Holly from black over the holidays, figured I'd breed it a mate. Get a little ambitious and decide to breed an alt black as the mate. Raise bunches of black eggs from Holly, bred and traded, luck into an alt early on(are we in an alt surge?). Alt genders correctly, and spend a few days thinking about the lineage. Alt grows up, go to breed it and the Holly together. Realize something is wrong...the Holly was mis gendered the entire darn time.
  14. Legacy Breed Name. Couldn't even tell you the difference between legacy and reg breed name. I'm 100 % lazy and scared of change.
  15. Congrats everyone!!!!!! She alt'd and precogged female!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Y8Khh
  16. Was going through all my dragons looking for codes of older dragons I forgot/didn't realize I had...and found one that's straight up a racial slur. 😕 Not sure I should post it, but I did add it to my 'Codes' group. Luckily ive never bred it.
  17. I got a super cool and wonderfully awesome Heartseeker kin gift two years ago. I keep forgetting to breed a mate for it during Valentine's holiday breeding. Hopefully THIS year I won't forget.
  18. I kinda realized I never made a post about it, and I guess at this point it's waaaaay late, but considering how often I posted about her in the past I guess I'll say something now: Tribble the fox passed away. I didn't have a autopsy done. She had been losing a little weight, I wasn't too concerned as her energy level was the same and she was eating fine. suddenly she started going downhill, and while I was debating putting her under the stress of a vet visit she passed away in her sleep. This was a few years ago.
  19. Congrats everyone!!!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/f2Qvk Yay they made a gold baby!!
  20. I haven't had dragons refuse in... years, probably. Twice in a row today, and these guys belonged together. :')
  21. Went to TWO different fishing spots, walked over a mile, using GOOD DELICIOUS SHRIMP as bait, HOURS spent casting and waiting... ...what do I catch? A single sea robin. Who croaked at me the entire time I was trying to unhook him so I could put him back. I didn't know they even made the kind of noise.
  22. Bezel-Set Lapis Lazuli It made me think of something you could buy off the home shopping network.