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  1. Banned for not following your own rule. Also 413 SUCKERS!!!!!
  2. Banned for not reading all the terms and conditions.
  3. Banned for skipping too many youtube commercials.
  4. banned for not bathing your dragons
  5. Banned for not updating your shipping wall.
  6. Torn between Duuuuuuuude and Manically Depressed Robot.
  7. Yeah, sometimes Ghibli does okay with english dubs. But they did horrible in Princess Mononoke. I swear, the actress who voiced Moro didn't even look at the expressions or surrounding dialogue. She sounded bored and hollow in every scene.
  8. Subtitles definitely! It's interesting to hear other languages. Besides that, weird lip syncing just is really bad.
  9. I really wish I could set up my own server. It's fun when you play with people. It's fun by itself too but when you have people working together, time just flies. I played it once on the xbox (I think??) with a friend. We had four players. We played for hours and ended up falling asleep watching the host play Fallout with a character shaped to look like Yao from Mulan. His name was Yao Kingoftherock. We were laughing so hard, sleep deprivation does that. I used to play on one server, but it's mostly run by people in high school. Their humor is more than a little off and they're a lit
  10. Name of game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent what level/part made you scared (don't need to be dead on what the level was): THE FREAKING WATER LEVEL ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS NO ONE MENTIONED THAT PART!? Did you continue playing or did you stop?: I kept playing. I've had to restart a few times due to moving to a new computer and having my saves wiped. It sucks because I was halfway through and now I have to relive the horror. Justine was also pretty good, it's a mini game you can launch from Amnesia's opening menu. The Penumbra series was also very good, I highly recommend these games if y
  11. Don't touch this, Cuttleculler, and Zazzerpan the Great.
  12. Sure, you can play hide and seek with them. Just go to actions and click hide. They'll hide somewhere. Is there anyway to get a Valentines day dragon now without having to wait until next year?
  13. It means someone insulted your dragons. Sick fires yo, better get them back. How do you get a Tinsel dragon?
  14. Tourist Trap In rural Wisconsin, there is an old abandoned park. Built in the 1920s, it served as the town’s gathering place for everyone. That is, until a newly developed Train and Tunnel for Tots ride was installed in 1932. It was an innocent looking childish train, with one main (mechanized) head car, with three small trolleys pulled behind it. It went around some loops before going into a small tunnel. But this is where the story gets weird. There were numerous cases of child deaths that year, all of them happening after the child rode on that train system. Some kids went mi