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  1. Metallica. love to hear some voice in metal but they are.............
  2. winter is coming here.... looking forward to have some fun....
  3. looking forward to have the black flags. this time it will be on the water. feeling very excited...
  4. normally like to play the angry birds but now it gets placed by the temple run.
  5. Melo Rock.... these are really awesome.
  6. Bullet for my Valentine.... \m/
  7. Boiled egg and a glass of milk. it is the best for me.
  8. OMG!!!! this band is just awesome i must say. Radioactive is the best.
  9. thanks for sharing the information. it should be banned very seriously. this is also banned in religion too. so, we all need to make this very serious for sure. Spam removed
  10. actually after all these Men shouldn't be in ballet. Men shouldn't paint their nails. Men shouldn't wear makeup. Men shouldn't wear skirts or dresses. i just have nothing to say.......
  11. medspa

    Aesop's Fables

    The Goat and The Fox The Dogs and the Fox most fav.
  12. i link Manga. very very much i must say.
  13. medspa

    Your Theme Song

    uprising - muse.... this is me.
  14. all of them are awesome really. nothing to say.
  15. medspa

    One Direction

    they really produced some awesome songs especially for the girls. awesomely great their composition.