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Always open to questions. Ask away! Currently: possibly OFFLINEydmu.jpg4jrv49.gif..=.=? eoc_button.gif

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    Attention to those seeking to make requests:

    If you like a certain lineage, feel free to ask me about it.
    It'll either be a breeding request or trade request, depending on different factors at the time.
    Rest assured that I won't be asking for outrageous things in return if it's a trade.
    If you don't have the things below, we might still be able to work something out. I do have special requests sometimes that are pretty easy.

    Things that I currently like:
    >Checkered (2-breed) EG --w/ Holiday's, Metallic's, or Color-themed
    >Double Checkered EG (ex: RCTaL)
    >Even Gen's --Color themed or Colorful/Mixed
    >Metallic (Prefer EG)
    >Prize --Unusual/pretty or hard to find lineages
    --prefer 5th gen or less (stair or spiral)
    *Fine with more than 2-breed pairing's like HarvestxBronzexRibbon.
    --for 6th gen or more
    (broken at 5th gen then starts spiral or spiral w/ unusual lineage)

    Also have a Hatchie Freezing List (any lineage) and I'm looking for certain CB hatchies as well.

    *Please be polite in your PM, I'll try to reply promptly.

    **If you're not a native English speaker; no worries!
    Don't underestimate your language skills. :)
    Please, don't send a PM completely in another language.
    (It was amusing but I'd rather not have to resort to Google Translate again. It's not very accurate. xD)

    ***Questions? Fire away; I don't bite.


    Regarding IOU's

    I do take them, depending on what the trade is.
    If I owe you something, I'll do my best to fulfill it asap.
    Let me know if you'd like an update.
    PM here or on the irc (Lena) if you just want to ask how the breeding is going.

    IOU's/Gifts -

    1. 3g Gold vTHnC --> XYH69 9/13 summer egg 6:27p
    2. suns ZJpqA --> soulchaser 9/13 no egg 6:30p
    3. purple GxLUo --> SYSY 9/13 no egg 6:17p


    I've been on hiatus on and off. Please be patient with your PM's. Thank you. :)


    Metalkin List:
    2g GW (M Gold)
    2g Ember (F Gold)
    2g Sunset (M Gold)
    2g Red nebula (M Gold)
    3g Turpentine (F Gold)
    3g Green Copper (F Gold)
    3g Stripe (F Silver)
    4g GW (M Gold)
    high gen Checker Copper (F Gold)
    2g Ice (F Silver)