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  1. Book Number:56 Number Of Pages:439 Book Title:The Invention of Wings Author:Sue Monk Kidd Summary:A novel based on the life of Sarah Grimke, the great American abolitionist and feminist, and of the slave, Hetty, whom she taught to read -- which at the time was against the law.
  2. Book Number:55 Number Of Pages:185 Book Title:Red Man Down Author:Elizabeth Gunn Summary: At first it seemed like a simple case of a robbery gone bad. The perpetrator was caught stealing copper wire by a patrol officer, pulled a gun, shot at the cop, and was killed by return fire. But when the body was ID'ed, he turned out to be a former police officer himself, and a highly respected one. What had led to his downfall? Sarah Burke investigates.
  3. Hmmm. Would I die to save the life of someone who didn't love me? First of all, I don't love anyone who doesn't care about me. Not LOVE, in a sense other than a general love for humanity, or other life forms. I don't wish other people any harm, but I don't love them the way I love my family. I believe I would die to save the life of someone in my family, but I wouldn't deliberately sacrifice myself for anyone else -- except that, I think if I were in a situation where I could protect a child by putting myself in danger I would. I believe most adults would.
  4. Jennie

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    All my eggs have hatched. Yay! :-)
  5. Jennie

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Yay! A couple of my eggs just hatched. One of each. So now I don't have to avoid discussion where I might see the hatchlings before I wanted to. I like to be surprised when my eggs hatch or my hatchlings grow up. :-)
  6. Jennie

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    I just love it when they start to crack. Even though I've been collecting eggs since 2008, it's still a thrill. :-)
  7. Jennie

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    About the 'hoarding' and being able to catch eggs when others can't: Sometimes it's luck, but also experience. When I first started, I couldn't catch anything in the cave, so I got most of my dragons from the AP. But I practiced and got faster, and read comments about how to be a better dragon hunter. This morning, I got up about an hour after the first new releases dropped. It was a couple of minutes before 11 AM here, and I got two dragons in that hourly drop. I caught two more of each dragon in the next ten minutes, giving me three of each. I want to keep a spot open on my scroll, so I've quit hunting now. I fail to see how this is 'hoarding', or how if I'd stopped at one egg of each dragon, more people could catch them. I stopped hunting hours ago. This is me, not hunting dragons. :-) I do understand the frustration, because I felt it myself, but I kept at it until I got faster, that's all. Just keep at it until you find a method that works for you, and stick to that for a while.
  8. Jennie

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Beautiful eggs. Thanks, TJ, and the Spriters. :-) I have three of each now, and so I'm done. I like to leave one space open when I can.
  9. Book Number:54 Number Of Pages:558 Book Title:Do Or Die Author:Suzanne Brockmann Summary:Ian Dunn is in prison for a crime he didn't commit, but when the FBI offers him freedom for helping them with a case, he first turns them down. When they break him out anyway, he finally agrees to go along with their plans. Suddenly he and his family are in danger of their lives. Review: (optional)This is not a Troubleshooters novel, but is set in the same universe, as Jules Cassidy is mentioned. It's fast paced and exciting and the good characters are honourable to a fault. It's a complicated story, and difficult to summarize in a few sentences, but way better than Bertrice Small's 'rape=romance' nonsense.
  10. Awww. It's so beautiful. I'm sorry it went screwy. :-( But maybe next year? :-)
  11. Book Number:53 Number Of Pages:426 Book Title:The Kadin Author:Bertrice Small Summary:A young woman is kidnapped and sold into slavery and becomes the mother of the Sultan Suleiman. Then she escapes home to Scotland and is raped by a 'man' whom she then takes as a 'lover'. Review: Bleah. I actually enjoyed the book up to the last few chapters with the rape. As a slave she was treated with far more respect. I am now going to delete the other books by Bertrice Small that I was going to read and find something better. I did, however, enjoy the earlier chapters set in Turkey, because of the considerable historical accuracy of the life style there. This is a romance, of course, not a true historical novel, so I wouldn't depend on this book for an essay on 16th century Turkey. :-)
  12. Okay. I have 55 Easter Eggs, so if that's still the total, I'm done. This was fun. Thanks, TJ. I'll check back to see if more have been added. :-)
  13. Okay. Update. I'm one of the people having 'issues'. I don't have a new basket/banner/anything, and the egg I clicked on doesn't seem to have landed in the old basket I do have. Not sure what's wrong. I do use Firefox, but I've never had these sorts of problems before. ETA: The egg does seem to be in the old basket, just not with the eggs from other Easters. Am I just imagining there's an issue? ETA2: I think everything is okay now. :-)
  14. Yay! Festival of Eggs. :-)
  15. Book Number:52 Number Of Pages:434 Book Title:Athens: A History Author:Robin Waterfield Summary:A history of the city of Athens in Greece, from its foundations in the Neolithic around 5,000 BC, to modern times.
  16. He is that, indeed. And it's not that I don't care about the sort of thing this thing appears to be. It's just that I get upset about this stuff too easily these days, and so I'd rather not know, since I can do nothing. Well, except to offer my condolences to whoever the victims are, and hope it doesn't happen again.
  17. Thanks, TJ. I don't know what happened and don't really want to know. But your announcement was very gentlemanly, as usual. :-)
  18. Thanks for the advance notice, TJ. You are awesome. :-)
  19. Book Number:51 Number Of Pages:285 Book Title:Relentless Author:Karen Lynch Summary:Sara's mother disappeared when she was a little girl. Her father was killed by vampires when she was six. She's friends with trolls and imps and goblins and werewolves. And a band of vampires is hunting her down to kill her like like they did her father. Does this mean she can't have a normal teenage girl existence? :-) Rating: (optional)4/5 Review: (optional)Despite a few similarities to Twilight, this is way better. Sara is no passive easy pushover like Bella.
  20. Book Number:50 Number Of Pages:442 Book Title:The Devil in the White City Author:Eric Larson Summary:The great Chicago World's Fair of 1893 produced several wonders. Shredded Wheat. The large scale use of incandescent light bulbs. The Ferris Wheel. And one of the first modern serial killers -- Herman Webster Mudgett, AKA HH Holmes -- who prowled the fair looking for victims and then sold their skeletons to medical schools. Yay! I reached 50 books! :-)
  21. The hatchlings are adorable. Thanks, TJ. And thanks to the spriters. :-)
  22. Just for fun, I went to check out the cave. There are far fewer people hunting the biomes right now, so this might be a good time for anyone who hasn't caught their eggs to try again. :-)
  23. I first started collecting eggs back in 2008, before the biomes, and I had a very hard time catching anything in the cave itself. Mostly it was by accident if I caught anything, and I never caught new releases. Other people have told me it was easier to catch eggs in the cave then, but this was not my experience, I assure you. So, I'd try for a while in the cave, and then move on to the AP. This was when I only had a few spaces for eggs on my scroll, so if I got something from the AP, I likely wouldn't have room for the new releases when they came out. It took me ages to catch up to what other people had on their scrolls. And, again, people tell me all the time that I'm wrong, that it was easy to get new eggs and to get a Gold trophy in a few months or something. All this was annoying, I must say, but I just tuned it out and had fun doing it my way. I got eggs from the AP at my own speed, caught eggs in the cave when I could, and had fun. When someone gave me a gold egg, it was a huge thrill. My point is, this is just a game. There will always be other opportunities to get eggs. The world doesn't end if you don't get one the first day, let alone the first few hours. Yes, I do understand it's frustrating. I have still never caught a CB gold or silver or a whole bunch of others, but I survived. :-) My advice is to take a break when it gets too frustrating. Go off and read a book or take a walk, or get some sleep or something. DC will still be here when you get back, and maybe you'll get those eggs you wanted.
  24. Here's my little tip, for what it's worth: work out a system that suits you on the shorter drops. If you catch an egg, all the better, but don't panic. Practice until you get into the rhythm. Then, on the longer hourly drop, put that practice to work and just go for as many as you can get of each egg, because now you have the time. :-)
  25. Okay! Yay! I got three of each, most of them on this last hourly drop! That's it for me for now. I like to keep one space free on my scroll, so I'm done. It helped being the long hourly drop and also I'm awake now, so my reflexes are better. :-) Thanks, TJ. Sorry for sounding a bit cross when I posted earlier, but I was still half asleep. I like the midnight releases because it's 9pm here and I'm a night person, so my reflexes work better than they do in the morning. But thanks to everyone for the new eggs. :-)