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  1. Book Number:1 Number Of Pages:197 Book Title:Voices of Dragons Author:Carrie Vaughn Summary:Humans and dragons are living under a fragile truce, until a young girl named Kay, and a young dragon named Artegal become friends. Then open war breaks out, and they are the only hope for both sides.
  2. Sign me up again. I won't get to 250, but I enjoyed the last challenge all the same. :-)
  3. Book Number:65 Number Of Pages:168 Book Title:Through a Glass Darkly Author:Donna Leon Summary:When Commissario Brunetti helps the friend of a friend who has been arrested, he has no idea the situation will lead to murder. * Book Number:66 Number Of Pages:165 Book Title:Friends in High Places Author:Donna Leon Summary:When an official from the Venetian Housing Regulations office tells Brunetti that he must supply them with the blueprints and permits for his apartment, Brunetti is understandably upset, but he doesn't expect the situation to lead to murder.
  4. Book Number:64 Number Of Pages:357 Book Title:Dead By Midnight Author:Beverly Barton Summary:A serial killer is targeting the actors who played in a pornographic movie many years ago.
  5. Woohoo! I was working overtime today, and just got home. I was surprised when I went on the Forum to discover there was a release today, and in ten minutes I got 2 of each egg! Ha! That was the easiest hunt ever. Thanks, TJ. They're all beautiful. :-)
  6. Book Number:63 Number Of Pages:160 Book Title:A Sea of Troubles Author:Donna Leon Summary:In the early hours of the morning, a boat explodes on the Pellestrina, and two men are killed. The Venice Police are called in and Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates.
  7. Book Number:62 Number Of Pages:159 Book Title:Doctored Evidence Author:Donna Leon Summary:An old woman is found beaten to death. No one seems to have liked her, and she often left her TV volume turned way up for hours at a time. But this scarcely seems like a good reason to kill someone. Commissario Brunetti of the Venice Police force looks for the real reason.
  8. I signed up. Sounds like fun. I'll be checking my email all day tomorrow, hoping I get picked. :-)
  9. Book Number:61 Number Of Pages:180 Book Title:A Venetian Reckoning Author:Donna Leon Summary:On a snowy evening, a truck misses a turn on the road and crashes, spilling a strange cargo. Not long after, three prominent business men are murdered. Commissario Guido Brunetti begins to believe there is a connection between these events.
  10. I don't think it's a debate. A debate would be more along the lines of something like, 'Is democracy the best form of government?', as opposed to two people with different experiences with the democratic form of government discussing those experiences. :-) You don't have to apologize for assuming I joined DC in 2013, since that was when I joined the Forum, right after last year's birthday bash. This is true, and just having this recognized makes me feel better. Perhaps my frustration will wear off after a while and/or I'll finally manage to Summon. Next month might bring a new dragon to catch and raise, and that will help.
  11. I know this. I'm not suggesting that anyone in this discussion has bad intentions. If one is disappointed with one activity, it's always a good thing to go off and find something else to do. Under any other circumstances I'd agree, but this situation is different. See? You summoned a GoN before this change, so you could try breeding Avatars right away. This is the difference. Before the Avatars I just looked on GoNs as a cute idea, to casually Summon when the time came. I did spend years hunting for my Trios, and then breeding more, but I wasn't frustrated like I am now. I just don't think anyone who already had a GoN before May can really understand how it feels to be shut out of a game that you've played for years and always felt at home in. I've been playing since 2008. I have four sets and I was trying to breed more, but until last night my dragons wouldn't cooperate. Now I'll have five when the new dragons grow up. I'll breed more sets myself, but thanks for the offer. I already knew more Trios were supposed to increase your chances, but no one knows by how much. Someone told me they have over 30 Trios and still can't summon, so I don't think those increased chances are all that great, while in the meantime I go on breeding more and more dragons I already have. And if more Trios increase your chances so much, how come people are able to Summon on the first try with only one or two sets? As I say, before May this wasn't so important. I wanted to have GoNs, but it was just a case of, 'Oh, someday. It'll be nice.' This new Avatar thing is wonderful, and I'm not knocking it, it's simply that I, and everyone else who can't Summon, is left out of a whole lot more. I'm still trying, but I've lost a lot of enthusiasm that I may never get back, even if I do get a GoN, though the chances of that happening are really low, I think, no matter how many Trios I have. If it were just a matter of more Trios getting you a GoN, people with only one set wouldn't have any, and people with dozens wouldn't still be trying.
  12. Book Number:59 Number Of Pages:215 Book Title:The Golden Egg Author:Donna Leon Summary:Commissario Guido Brunetti, of the Venice police, is asked by his beloved wife, Paola, to investigate the death of a deaf and mute man who worked at the local dry cleaners. Brunetti learns some uncomfortable truths about the evil that lurks in the human heart. Rating: (optional)5/5 Book Number:60 Number Of Pages:182 Book Title:By Its Cover Author:Donna Leon Summary:It would seem that the theft of library books would be a crime a bit below the talents of a Police Inspector like Guido Brunetti. This assumption turns out to be wrong. Rating: (optional)5/5
  13. Neither will not getting frustrated. The idea that if somehow I keep having hope that the next time I summon it will work is called 'magical thinking'. Yeah, maybe it will work, but not because I'm 'not frustrated'. It really makes no difference how I feel or whether or not I post about my frustrations here or anything at all except some weird DC formula about 'chances'. Some people get their GoNs the first time they try, and other people waste their time for years and get nothing. Why shouldn't some of us be frustrated? That's nice for you. I'm totally not interested in breeding projects. I tried one once and was bored to tears.
  14. I don't believe this any longer. I couldn't possibly expect it less than I already do, so clearly I'm all out of luck. And I already am focusing on other things. If focusing on other things helped, I'd have a GoN by now.
  15. Once again I tried to summon and failed, even with the increased chances. This is the second time since the increased chances, in fact. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to summon a GoN, and now this is even more painful since it means I'll never be able to breed Avatars, while other people have three GoNs and dozens of Avatars. I'm starting to lose my enthusiasm for the Dragon Cave.
  16. Thanks, TJ. Can't wait for the encyclopedia. :-)
  17. Maybe not, but that's how I feel right now. And after being told I shouldn't feel sad about the birthday stuff, now I'm being told I shouldn't feel bad about being told I shouldn't feel sad. Feelings don't stop just because someone tells you you shouldn't feel them.
  18. Yeah. That's about it, along with those of us who have been involved in the DC for years and still don't have a Guardian. This is just business as usual in the Cave. I have four of each of the Trio, and I tried to Summon the first day of the birthday. After being told I had no right to feel sad at being left out of the celebrations, I have no interest in asking anyone here for 'help', thanks. I still love the Dragon Cave, and this is no criticism of that, just of the reactions of the other people here. Whoop! I'm thrilled.
  19. Exactly. I'd have been very happy if I had just one Guardian and could have bred it to any other dragon and gotten just one of the new eggs. I'd have been happy if I could have summoned a GoN and could look forward to breeding it when it grew up. Instead I'm shut out of the birthday celebrations entirely. I love the Dragon Cave and TJ and the rest of the crew are awesome. I'm not mad at anyone. I just think that no one realized how us Guardian-less people would feel left out, is all.
  20. I think it's awesome, too, and I'm not 'complaining' about it in the sense of saying it's horrible. I'm just sad that I can't take part in the birthday celebrations like I did last year, when I was able to catch every single new egg released. I don't have a Guardian, not even one. I tried to summon one when the odds were raised, but to no avail. So I can't even try to breed the new eggs. I don't understand why so many people don't get why some of us are a bit disappointed. My part in the birthday celebrations were over in the few seconds it took me to try to summon and get the message that it hadn't worked again. There's nothing I can do about it for another two weeks.
  21. I'm not bothering anyone that I'm aware of. I merely posted my opinion in a thread that everyone else is posting in. How is that 'bothering'? By the way, you posted your opinion. Quit bothering me. LOL.
  22. I'm most certainly not blaming TJ, or anyone else. I agree that this new feature is wonderful and all that. I'm just disappointed because all I can do is wait until I can try again to summon a GoN, and that's it. Also, I'm not impatient and I don't expect immediate results. It took me ages to catch my first Trio, and after trying again and again to Summon a GoN, I thought maybe having more Trios would help so I caught more and bred more, and this all took a lot of time and work. But still no luck. Again, this is no one's fault, but I'm sad I can't participate in the Birthday celebrations, because I still don't have a GoN, so I can't even try to breed one special new egg. Why should I have to feel guilty about that? If I could have finally summoned a Guardian I would have been thrilled. If I already had a Guardian and could have bred a new egg I'd have been thrilled, but instead I'm sad and disappointed.
  23. Sigh. I was all excited, because I thought maybe I'd finally be able to summon a GoN. But no. Not even now that the success rate has been bumped. But thanks, TJ. Maybe some year I'll be successful.
  24. Book Number:58 Number Of Pages:298 Book Title:The Mask of Apollo Author:Mary Renault Summary:Nikeratos is a famous actor in fourth century BC Greece. He becomes friends with members of Plato's Academy, and thus becomes involved in their attempts to bring democracy to Syracuse, in Sicily, which is ruled by the tyrant Dionysios.
  25. Book Number:57 Number Of Pages:175 Book Title:Magic Line Author:Elizabeth Gunn Summary:Zeb thinks that joining a home invasion team with his old pal Robin would be just the thing to fix his rotten life. Turns out he was wrong. Sarah Burke is the lead detective on the case.