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  1. Book Number:19 Number Of Pages:315 Book Title:Heidi Author:Johanna Spyri Summary:Heidi, a little orphan girl, goes to live with her grandfather on the Alm. *
  2. Yay! 62/62. Just caught my last egg. Whew! So beautiful. Thanks to TJ and all the spriters. This was fun. :-)
  3. I'm still here. I'm just slow about posting lately. Trying to do better. * Book Number:16 Number Of Pages:460 Book Title:The Yard Author:Alex Grecian Summary:Not long after the reign of Jack the Ripper in late Victorian London, Detective Inspector Walter Day of Scotland Yard is confronted with several murders of his fellow police officers, and a lot of pressure to solve them as fast as possible. * Book Number:17 Number Of Pages:288 Book Title:Bones of the Lost Author:Kathy Reichs Summary:Temperance Brennan investigates some mysterious mummified remains from Peru, and exhumes 2 bodies of men shot by an American soldier in Afghanistan, and almost gets killed herself. *** Book Number:18 Number Of Pages:305 Book Title:Ancillary Sword Author:Ann Leckie Summary:The sequel to Ancillary Justice. Another amazingly imaginative Science Fiction story. The protagonist of Ancillary Justice is sent on a strange mission to a distant planet, and is now becoming more human -- or something.
  4. Book Number:13 Number Of Pages:261 Book Title:Memory and Popular Film Author:Paul Grainge, editor Summary:A book of essays on the subject of film theory. One of a series of books about analyzing popular film. Not a textbook. Book Number:14 Number Of Pages:417 Book Title:The Cuckoo's Calling Author:Robert Galbraith Summary:Cormoran Strike starts his P.I. business, which is about to go under very fast, until he's hired to prove that the death of a supermodel was not suicide, but murder. * Book Number:15 Number Of Pages:442 Book Title:The Silkworm Author:Robert Galbraith Summary:Owen Quine, a writer of rather appalling fiction, has disappeared. Rumour has it that his latest novel contains a series of extremely unflattering portraits of his friends and colleagues. Has he merely run off to sulk, or has someone done him in? Cormoran Strike is hired to look into the matter.
  5. I haven't posted here for a while. Now I need to catch up. Aaargh! :-) Book Number:12 Number Of Pages:469 Book Title:Gone Girl Author:Gillian Flynn Summary:Nick Dunne becomes a suspect in the disappearance of his wife Amy. Did he kill her? Has she run away from him out of fear? Or has she disappeared for reasons of her own?
  6. This was a terrific Holiday Event. There was so much to do, and I loved the story being told and how we could take part in it by collecting Mana. Thanks to TJ and everyone else who created this event. And thanks to all the people who sent me presents. So much fun. :-)
  7. Thanks. I took this egg. It will be named and loved. :-)
  8. Thanks, TJ. I have my two lovely Christmas eggs, and I'm happy. Merry Christmas, everyone. :-)
  9. I'd love to have the snow forts again, though I realize it's unlikely. But the snow forts were just awesome. :-)
  10. Book Number:10 Number Of Pages:214 Book Title:The Praise Singer Author:Mary Renault Summary:Simonides of Keos was a real-life epic poet of ancient Greece. He tells his own story in this historical novel by Mary Renault, describing his adventures and the great historical events he witnesses. * Book Number:11 Number Of Pages:330 Book Title:NYPD Red 2 Author:James Patterson & Marchall Karp Summary:The NYPD Red team hunt a serial killer targetting people he thinks are murderers in order to make them pay for their assumed crimes. Some of his victims are guilty, but others maybe not.
  11. Book Number:8 Number Of Pages:351 Book Title:Gossamer Axe Author:Gael Baudino Summary:Christa is an immortal bard from ancient Ireland. She has lived for centuries in the hope of rescuing her lover Judith from imprisonment among the Sidh, and now she has a plan. It involves creating an all-female heavy metal rock band, to defeat the powerful Sidh Harper who has evil designs on Judith. * Book Number:9 Number Of Pages:121 Book Title:Gently Sinking Author:Alan Hunter Summary:Chief Superintendent George Gently is asked by Scotland Yard to take on a politically dangerous murder case involving illegal immigrants from Jamaica, in order to avoid a possible race riot.
  12. Book Number:7 Number Of Pages:119 Book Title:Talking About Detective Fiction Author:P.D. James Summary:What it says on the label. :-) James discusses the history of detective fiction, comparing styles of the past with those today, and so on.
  13. Book Number:6 Number Of Pages:297 Book Title:Ancillary Justice Author:Ann Leckie Summary:The protagonist of this book was once a war ship in the empire of the Radch, called Justice of Toren. Now he/she is on a mysterious mission which will change both the Radch and his/her own life.
  14. Book Number:5 Number Of Pages:169 Book Title:Vanishing Acts Author:Phillip Margolin & Ami Margolin Rome Summary:This is a children's book by an adult author. Madison Kincaid is the daughter of a defense attorney and she wants to be one when she grows up. She becomes involved in investigating one of her father's cases and also the disappearance of her best friend. A fun story.
  15. Haven't posted for a while, nor have I had much time to read, as I was involved in moving. Not fun, but I love my new home, and I'm settling in, so soon I'll have more time for reading. But I did manage to read two books: Book Number:3 Number Of Pages:346 Book Title:NYPD Red Author:James Patterson & Marshall Karp Summary:NYPD Red is the common name for the fictional High-Profile Victims Response Team of this series of novels. Zach Jordon and his colleagues are assigned to protect movie stars and rock singers and other people in the public eye who attract murderers and so on. Review:Interesting premise, and a good series of crime novels. *** Book Number:4 Number Of Pages:282 Book Title:Witch World Author:Andre Norton Summary:In the late 1940s, a former army officer, Simon Tregarth, escapes from the Mob into another dimension where magic reigns. Review:This is the first book in the long and wonderful series called Witch World, and is one of my favourite Andre Norton books.
  16. Book Number:2 Number Of Pages:208 Book Title:Two for the Dough Author:Janet Evanovitch Summary:Stephanie Plum is hired by the manager of a funeral parlor to find some missing coffins.
  17. I know, but what I mean is, it's not only a case of someone killing eggs out of spite or whatever. I believe the person who posted my hatchlings did it because they thought I needed help. They took away the happiness I'd been looking forward to, of watching my dragons grow up. I'm saying there are other effects besides killing someone's dragons.
  18. It's not only a matter of view bombing. Someone has been posting my eggs on hatcheries without my permission, sometimes endangering them, but even when they're not in danger of dying, it's infuriating to me. For example, my hatchlings were close to 4 days when I went to bed last night. I was looking forward to posting them on a hatchery and watching them grow up. Instead, some interfering idiot posted them for me, like I'm so helpless or so stupid I can't do this myself. The hatchlings were in no danger of dying, at just under 4 days. I've now fogged my scroll, and I think I'll have less to do with posting here and on other DC discussion groups. If this kind of thing doesn't stop, I'll probably have a lot less to do with the DC in general.
  19. I got two of the new eggs just a few minutes ago. I have not put them up on any click site, but someone else did. If I hadn't been watchful, they might have been killed by getting too many clicks too fast. Why do people do this? Was someone trying to punish me for simply saying that I prefer knowing when the eggs are going to be released?
  20. And...I got an Alpine one. That's it for me for now. :-)
  21. I got one! From the Forest. Now to get one from Alpine, and I'll be happy for now. Whew! These are hard to catch. :-)