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  1. I've played the guitar for 40 years -- seriously. I'm entirely self-taught, so I'm not fantastic at it, but I'm happy. I never wanted to be a professional musician. I mostly play to accompany myself singing folk songs. I have two nice acoustic guitars and a lovely classical guitar - a La Patrie Etude.
  2. Thanks for the pointer. I didn't know about this app. I've bred 211 eggs, which is 0.21 per adult. I'm not an avid breeder, and I was actually surprised my stats were so high. One reason I don't breed much is the utter scorn that is heaped on any lineage that isn't perfect, judged by some mystical standard of which I am not apprised, and I don't want my dragons to be heaped with scorn. But I do breed them once in a while.
  3. Thanks, TJ. Looks like a lot of fun. :-)
  4. Book Number:5 Number Of Pages:318 Book Title:Komarr Author:Lois McMaster Bujold Summary:Miles Vorkosigan, the youngest Imperial Auditor of Barrayar, is sent by Emperor Gregor Vorbarra to the planet of Komarr, to solve the mystery of why its solar mirror was destroyed by a space craft. This turns out to be a more complicated problem than first believed, but Miles also meets a beautiful woman and falls in love. Book Number:6 Number Of Pages:600 Book Title:Captain Vorpatril's Alliance Author:Lois McMaster Bujold Summary:Ivan Vorpatril, the cousin of Miles Vorkosigan, and very close to the Imperial Throne of Barrayar, has always led a life designed to attract as little attention as possible, since he has no political ambition at all. But he becomes embroiled in a dangerous plot involved Jackson's Whole and the Cetagandans, and he ends up marrying a beautiful mysterious woman who is running for her life, and things just get more and more complicated from there.
  5. Okay, this I get. But that character of DC has been changing for years. For example, the whole lineage breeding thing. 'Messy lineages' are regarded as some kind of crime. I don't think that was the case in the beginning. The fact that those click sites on LiveJournal, that I mentioned in my post above, only have a few members and most people put their eggs and hatchlings up on huge automated sites. I miss those clicks sites, as I said above. Members got to know each other's names and watched as each other's eggs and hatchlings grew. It felt personal. The auto sites, like Silvi's, are huge and impersonal. There's much less of a feeling of dragons being pets. This August release lasted a long time, and the discussion thread on this forum went well over 300 pages. For the first time, I was posting regularily as each new colour came out, and I started to feel a bit like I was back in the old days of raising dragons being more personal. As the thread ran down, getting close to the end, I posted a short, simple message that I'd miss the discussion. That was a mistake! My post was deleted by the moderator within a few minutes without any explanation, leaving me to figure out that it must have been considered Off Topic! So, I went back and deleted every post I'd made in that thread. Next release, I'm going back to how I posted before: A simple message thanking TJ for the new release. Period. I learned something that day. The days of feeling like you belong to a community of pet owners is gone. Long gone. There's no way to go back to how things used to be. I guess that's why I see a change in one dragon's appearance as being a small thing.
  6. I joined Dragon Cave in 2008. At that time, there were no biomes, and I was unable to catch any specific CB eggs for the first few years I belonged. I got nearly all my dragons from the AP, or as gifts from players on the click sites on LiveJournal. All I knew about playing the game came from experience, or from other players on those sites. I was reluctant to join this forum because I figured I'd be laughed at for my lack of experience and CB dragons. I knew nothing about lineages, because my eggs came from the AP, so when I bred my dragons, I paid no attention to that, but only to the fact I thought it would be fun to breed those two dragons. And yet, I still had lots of fun with the Dragon Cave. The click sites in those days were fun. Silvi's and the other automated sites either hadn't been created yet or were in their early stages. Most people went to the click sites on LJ, and we would click on each other's eggs and hatchlings, and say how pretty they were and chat back and forth, and give each other eggs and hatchlings as gifts. That was fun, and I miss it. That sort of atmosphere doesn't exist on the automated sites that I use, and there are few people left on the old click sites. Then the biomes were created, and it was easier to catch eggs, but some people complained about that. But I was finally able to catch eggs in the cave. I finally joined this forum, and began to read about how stupid it was to breed dragons without creating lineages, but I still don't care about that. Though I did begin to feel self-conscious about it. I keep expecting someone from the forum to send me a message that my 'lineages' are crappy. I think I'll go breed a couple of dragons with messy lineages to make an even messier one, as soon as I have room on my scroll. :-) I was never able to catch any CB golds or silvers, or a whole lot of other rare dragons. But somehow I still enjoy playing this game. I still don't care about lineages, but I still enjoy playing the game. Every change in the Dragon Cave has been welcome as far as I'm concerned, if I even notice it. I understand that people play for different reasons, and that some of this stuff bothers other players. Like the people who post about messy lineages and how troubling they are, for example. What I'm trying to say here, is that it's possible to have fun playing on DC without even being able to create perfect lineages, because I did so for years. I'm not saying that people have to play like I do, I'm just saying that it's possible. That's why I don't understand how the game could be 'ruined' just because the look of one dragon has changed. I'm not telling people they have no right to feel that way, I'm just having trouble understanding how one simple change in the look of one dragon can ruin the entire game.
  7. Book Number:4 Number Of Pages:256 Book Title:Moon of Three Rings Author:Andre Norton Summary:On the distant planet of Yiktor, in a far distant time, Free Trader Krip Vorlund meets a Thassa woman named Maelan, and her troop of animal friends. They become embroiled in a conspiracy that changes their lives forever.
  8. I like making Leek and Potato Soup.
  9. Book Number:3 Number Of Pages:175 Book Title:Surveillance (Ghost Trackers, #1) Author:Aaron Pogue Summary:In the mid 21st century, everyone is under constant surveillance, which makes it easier to solve crimes. But some people are able to turn into 'ghosts', and avoid being tracked. Katie Pratt joins the FBI to learn how to catch these criminals, and becomes a target herself.
  10. Book Number:2 Number Of Pages:273 Book Title:Researching Paganisms Author:Jenny Blain, etc., eds. Summary:A series of essays -- not a textbook -- about researching paganisms. The book isn't actually about paganism, but about the individual experiences of researching the subject.
  11. Book Number:1 Number Of Pages:359 Book Title:City of a Thousand Dolls Author:Miriam Forster Summary:Unwanted girl children are abandoned at the gates of the City of a Thousand Dolls. Here they are trained to be courtesans, or musicians, or healers and so on. When they grow up, they are sold to the highest bidder. But now, someone is killing the Dolls, and Nisha is ordered to find the killer.
  12. Book Number:35 Number Of Pages:298 Book Title:The 7th of London Author:Beau Schemery Summary:Queen Victoria is under the influence of an evil wizard, and a young man called Seven joins a plot to defeat the wizard and save London.
  13. I'd love to sign up again, even though I have no hope of ever reaching 250 books, it seems. But this challenge does encourage me to read more. If only my life would co-operate. :-)
  14. I got six of the new eggs -- three from each biome. And I finally caught my very own CB Xenowyrm -- from the Forest. :-)
  15. Lovely! Thanks, TJ. :-)
  16. Book Number:34 Number Of Pages:170 Book Title:Coming of Age in Samoa Author:Margaret Mead Summary:A great Anthropological classic, and the study of young women and how they grew up in early 20th century Samoa.
  17. Book Number:31 Number Of Pages:209 Book Title:Murder in the Rue Chartres Author:Greg Herren Summary:Chanse Macleod returns to New Orleans after the horror of Hurricane Katrina, to find that his house is intact, but that the trauma of the hurricane is still affecting the city and his own heart and mind. To help in his emotional recovery, he takes on a murder case and opens a real can of worms. ** Book Number:32 Number Of Pages:204 Book Title:Keeper of the Shadows Author:Alexandra Sokoloff Summary:Barrie is a traditional 'Keeper' of the Otherworld, protecting Shapeshifters and Elves and Vampires from discovery by the ordinary humans around them. * Book Number:33 Number Of Pages:251 Book Title:Shadowboxing Author:Anne Barlow Summary:Kristopher Lehrer has always loved David Reuben as more than a friend, but tried to hide his feelings. But, in pre-WW2 Germany, his feelings are becoming more and more dangerous, for them both.
  18. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Everyone thinks it's always cold here, year round. Or they think it rains all the time. We've had weeks of hot dry weather. It's been around 30C, 90F. At the moment it's a bit windy out, though, which is giving us a respite. Like having a fan on. :-)
  19. I traded for a June egg from the Alpine, so I finally have one June egg. At least now I can celebrate with the rest of you. :-) I've been trying and trying to catch one all day. Of course it's my own fault for missing the release, but I was just so busy over the weekend, and didn't think about it until today. I need to be more on top of this, but real life tends to take over.
  20. Thanks, but I think it's a lost cause now. I've been checking every five minutes and haven't even seen one. I simply can't hang around all day long. Maybe when they start showing up in the abandoned cave, if ever, I might get one or two. They look lovely, though. :-(
  21. I missed this release completely. :-(
  22. Book Number:27 Number Of Pages:196 Book Title:Verdict of the Court Author:Cora Harrison Summary:Mara, the Brehon of the Burrin, is celebrating Christmas at her husband's court. Then the Brehon of that district is murdered and she must spend her time investigating a case. *** Book Number:28 Number Of Pages:488 Book Title:Two For Sorrow Author:Nicola Upson Summary:Josephine Tey is doing research for a new book about the baby farmers, Sach and Walters. She does not expect that this old case will be connected to a new series of murders. *** Book Number:29 Number Of Pages:326 Book Title:Angel With Two Faces Author:Nicola Upson Summary:Josephine Tey is invited to take a vacation in the village of her old friend, Archie Penrose, a Scotland Yard Inspector. But just as the vacation is supposed to begin, there is a series of murders in that very village. * Book Number:30 Number Of Pages:351 Book Title:Gossamer Axe Author:Gael Baudino Summary:Christa is an immortal harper, who discovers a new world of hard rock music, and hopes that it will help to defeat the Elves who hold her lover, Judith, captive in the land of the Sidhe.
  23. Book Number:20 Number Of Pages:176 Book Title:Dragonsong Author:Anne McCaffrey Summary:Menolly is a talented young musician and songwriter living in an isolated sea holding on Pern. Her family thinks that girls can't be musicians and she's punished for showing her talent, so she runs off and lives in a cave, which is dangerous during Threadfall. ***** Book Number:21 Number Of Pages:240 Book Title:Dragonsinger Author:Anne McCaffrey Summary:Menolly is now an apprentice at Harper Hall. After living alone it's a bit hard for her to fit in among so many people, but her musical talents are too strong to ignore. ***** Book Number:22 Number Of Pages:346 Book Title:The Death of Lucy Kyte Author:Nicola Upson Summary:Josephine Tey inherits a cottage in the country from a woman she barely knew. This odd bequest becomes even more mysterious when it seems the cottage is haunted by a murder victim from the distant past. **** Book Number:23 Number Of Pages:414 Book Title:Fear in the Sunlight Author:Nicola Upson Summary:Josephine Tey is invited to stay with Alfred Hitchcock in the village of Portmeirion. Hitchcock plans to expose all his guests to their greatest fears, just for his own amusement. But then real tragedy strikes, and Josephine finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation. ******* Book Number:24 Number Of Pages:292 Book Title:An Expert in Muder Author:Nicola Upson. Summary:Josephine Tey is travelling by train from Scotland to London, England for the final week of her extremely popular play 'Richard of Bordeaux'. She meets a young fan, who is later found murdered. Josephine is a suspect, so she does a bit of investigating. ***** Book Number:25 Number Of Pages:211 Book Title:Shards of Honor Author:Lois McMaster Bujold Summary:Commander Cordelia Naismith is the captain of a survey ship from the planet of Beta, investigating another planet, when she is taken prisoner by Captain Aral Vorkosigan, commanding the Barrayaran Imperial war cruiser General Vorkraft. She finds herself involved in Barrayaran politics and also with Aral Vorkosigan, who turns out to be an honourable man. ********* Book Number:26 Number Of Pages:297 Book Title:Barrayar Author:Lois McMaster Bujold Summary:Cordelia Naismith and Aral Vorkosigan have married and plan to retire to the country to live a peaceful life after all their adventures. The Emperor of Barrayar has other plans for them.
  24. You have to kill a dragon belonging to the person who has the badge now. Are the fancier eggs worth more?