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  1. Okay, I turned my computer on and off and went back to the event and then the invitation to the party showed up, along with the ability to go back and redo the whole event, which I did. I now have 40 items, with a weird gap in the inventory, but I can live with that. Thanks, everyone for the advice. And thanks, TJ and the others who worked on this. It was fun, even though I prefer the events where you build things or give out gifts. But I like how every event is different, and Christmas was exhausting, though I loved it. :-)
  2. I only have 33 items, and as far as I know I did the entire event. Hmmm.
  3. Thanks, TJ. I got my two eggs, and started the event. :-)
  4. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities for Valentines. Can't wait. And I'm really curious about what the new Valentine dragon will look like. :-)
  5. Book Number:7 Number Of Pages:424 Book Title:Death in the City of Light Author:David King Summary:Paris is living under the cruel occupation by the Nazis during World War II, but some people are making a profit off the situation, including a serial killer who targets people desperate to escape. But is the killer really working for the Resistance? Or perhaps the Gestapo because it seems they protected him? Will the truth ever be known?
  6. I'm so sad it's all over, but I always am sad when one of these Dragon Cave events ends. This one was among my very greatest favourites. Again I want to thank TJ and the whole crew of amazing people who created this game. I also want to thank the kind people who posted notes on how to finish some of the challenges. There were several days when I think I couldn't have managed without your help. I hope we get to play in this world again. :-)
  7. Eeek! The kitty talks! Now everything is perfect. :-)
  8. I have my kitty now, too. It was waiting for me by my gate, and follows me around. It's black or purple and has gold eyes. I love it. :-) This was such a great game, if a bit frustrating at times. But so much fun, and I love the party and my new kitty. I'm like a kid at Christmas. :-) Thanks, TJ, and all the people who put so much amazing work into this. I'm sorry to see it end, and I hope I can keep going back to the party at least for a while.
  9. Just finished a few minutes ago. Whew! That was tough, making sure I talked to absolutely everyone. I even thought of talking to lamp posts. But they didn't talk back. :-)
  10. Yay! Congratulations. And whew! :-) I totally agree. At least Steve could have done something other than stand around and order me to push mirrors around. I kept hoping the mana beam would disintegrate him or something. :-)
  11. I thought the same at first, but you can move them side to side. Just keep trying. They will interact with the beam if you get them in the right place. :-)
  12. Thanks so much. I got all the other mirror puzzles by myself, but the final room was so big I couldn't see all the pathways at once. I really appreciated this map. Thanks again. I didn't take the amulet. Didn't think it was a good idea. :-)
  13. Okay, today was fun and easy. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? :-)
  14. Thanks. I was turning south and going too far west. I'd forgotten JOE's was so close to JANUS. Okay. That quest is done. Now I'm going home to eat ham and reindeer sausage and worry what those children nuggets are for.
  15. I can't remember where JOE hangs out. Can anyone remind me? Thanks. :-)
  16. My thought exactly. Mostly I've been having fun, and agreeing to everything. But when the post master asked me to deliver the mail, I finally said no. Geez! Yeah, my tree got a little droopy after, but it was worth it. :-) :-)))
  17. Whew! I built the snowman and and gave the watch back. Not starting the next day until tomorrow. I feel about as worn out as if I'd actually pushed huge snowballs all around a field. :-)
  18. Beautiful eggs. Thanks, TJ, and the spriters. Merry Christmas everyone. :-)
  19. That was Day 5. Much easier. Welcome after Day 4. Whew! And I told Romeo the truth. There's no virtue in lying about something like that, or it might come back and bite you. :-)
  20. Whew! I thought I'd never finish Day 4. I gave up several times, but I finally figured out how to get down those ledges. On to Day 5! :-)
  21. I get the reindeer, and head south, but then I get stuck and can't move, and the reindeer disappear and I have to reset the game, because nothing else I try can free me. I've started over 4 times now. Where is it that I can get out of the field? :-) I tried this, the last few times I got stuck, and it still didn't free me.
  22. Whew! I finished Day 3, and I'm getting faster at it. :-)
  23. Yes, but a sprite in an online game that thousands of people play is hardly the same thing as a photo of someone's grandparents. My grandparents look very different from your grandparents or the grandparents of the people who live across the street from me or from you. The sprites on my scroll are not different from anyone else's unless they are those special spriters' versions or something. I understand that many people are more attached to these sprites than I am -- I'm not attached at all, so that's a no-brainer -- and I'm not trying to put them down or accuse them of anything, okay? I'm just trying to point out that the concept of the sprites on any one individual scroll being as individual as photos of your relatives is just a concept in your mind. It's not a fact. I know the meaning of my grandparents. The meaning of the sprites somehow escapes me. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not attacking anyone. I'm just mystified.
  24. I think the new silvers look great, and I never did give a heck about lineages. I think lineages are extremely over-rated, and I have never been able to catch even one silver from the cave, so all my silvers are left overs from people who were able to catch hundreds. The silvers I do have look lovely on my scroll. Thanks, TJ and the spriters who worked so hard on this project. I appreciate you.