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  1. The Post Office is right next door to your house, across the street going west, through the town square. :-)
  2. First I tried figuring it all out on my own. Then I came to the forum and tried reading all the posts about the event, but I couldn't find the info I needed. Then I went back to the game and tried on my own again. Then I came back here. Then I went to the Dragon Cave wiki, and I googled about the Dragon cave christmas event, and so on and so on. Finally I posted a tiny little question about how to find something. No one answered that first question, so I went back to trying to figure it out on my own. I nearly gave up, but finally was successful. And so the second time I had a problem, I looked for the answers here, got tired of scrolling through page after page, and just asked a question. This time I got the info I needed. I wasn't trying to be a nuisance, and I'm sorry that I'm not one of those people who can just figure out these games all on their own. I love the game, but I'm tired of scrolling through thousands of answers about how to play it without finding what I'm looking for. There comes a time when it doesn't seem worth it to play when it takes so much time and there is so little reward.
  3. Thanks to the people who helped me find Hilde. Whew! This game is a lot of fun, but by the time I found Hilde I felt like Stanley must have felt when he found Livingstone. :-)
  4. I'm trying to find Hilde and I can't. I feel so clueless in this game. :-)
  5. So, I finally decorated my house last night, and I woke up this morning and all my furniture had been put back in the bin. :-(
  6. Okay, I delivered the package to Perl and got some furniture for my pad, but while I was figuring out how to decorate I screwed up. Now I have a window and a bed stuck in the middle of the room and I can't move them. Anyone know how to get rid of them so I can find a proper place for them. I feel dizzy looking at the room the way it is now. :-)
  7. Okay, I'm exploring, and I'm trying to find someone to help, but so far people just babble at me aimlessly, or they tell me to get lost. :-) I went to the post office hoping to get the package for Perl, but the saleslady just asked if I'd done all my Christmas shopping. What would be the best place to start actually doing something? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Lovely eggs. Thanks, TJ and spriters. :-)
  9. Yum. You guys are making me hungry. :-)
  10. A July 1st release would be great, to celebrate Canada Day. The dragon would be red and white, maybe with Maple leaves incorporated into the design.
  11. It was a joke. My apologies for making a joke. I won't repeat the experiment. I haven't posted here for a while, and hadn't realized everything had become so serious.
  12. I would like a dragon we can breed ourselves, because that is always fun, and a bit less stressful than trying to catch them in the cave along with 300,000 other people: :-)
  13. It's working! I have a male and female Frill, who had never bred. I convinced them to try again, and they now are the proud parents of a cute little Frill egg, which I hope will hatch soon. Yay!
  14. Whoohoo! Most of my eggs hatched, so I went and caught that second 'web-like pattern' egg, two Arias and two Frills. I'm sated. :-)
  15. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave. I certainly never thought that when I joined, about 8 years ago, I would still be collecting dragons today. But here I am, here's Dragon Cave, and I love all the changes. One of my first dragons was the Bright Pink, and not long after that, I got several Frills. In those days, I didn't think much about breeding -- it still isn't one of my habits, but I do it more now -- and so I didn't collect more than a few of each. Of course then I had no idea that they'd be discontinued. But I do have one CB Old Pink, and a pair of CB Frills, so I didn't need to collect them right away. I'll do that later. I did catch a pair of Unstable Pinks, a pair of Mottled Reds, a pair of Blue Drakes, and one Red Drake. I'm egg locked! Yay! I'm done for now, but I hope it will still be possible to catch more Red Drakes and some Arias and Frills when I have room on my scroll.
  16. The new eggs are in all the biomes. "This translucent egg shines like starlight." We don't know for sure if this is some kind of April Fools joke or not, but they're still on our scrolls, and still showing up in the DC. Don't worry, I understand about 'heavy stuff' and how sometimes we just need to get away even if just for a few moments. Take care.
  17. It's past midnight, and they're still on my scroll. :-)
  18. Jennie

    Silvi's Lair

    The new dragons are still easily available in the cave, and I just caught 3. I had the same problem at Silvi's, but it seems to be fixed now. :-)
  19. It seems I was really lucky last night. I discovered the new release seconds after it started, and was able to get my 7 dragons with no trouble. Usually I start hunting after the biomes fill up with dozens of other hunters, and my hand is about to rot and fall off before I catch even one, so this was a welcome change. I decided to get 3 blues and 4 desert eggs, because I figure the deserts would be more rare. Looks like this was a good decision. :-)
  20. Beautiful! Thanks, TJ, and the spriters. :-)
  21. I'm happy there hasn't been a new non-holiday dragon. There have been the holiday breeds, and I've been doing some breeding of my own dragons, so I'm happy. My life right now is rather busy and stressful for various person reasons, so I don't have much time to sit in front of the computer and compete with thousands of other people for eggs.
  22. Oh! Now I have the picture of the party, which I didn't have before. Lovely. It makes me feel like I really am at the party with the dragons. Thanks to everyone who created this event. I did enjoy it so much. :-)
  23. I think all the items are super cute, but my favourites are the beetles, the doll and the torch. :-)