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  1. I check out all the biomes, but I tend to stalk the Coast, and I just realized why. It's because I actually live on a coast -- the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  2. I wouldn't go looking for inbred dragons, nor would I breed one purposely. However, I don't really care that much. Lineages don't interest me. In fact, I find it fun to check out lineages to see what might be lurking way, way back in the past.
  3. My second dragon is an Old Pink. At the time they were quite common, so I didn't go hunting for another one, though I did breed her and got a second Old Pink. I thought that was enough. Then they were discontinued. But I do have the two, so I'm happy.
  4. It was back in 2008. A friend of mine on LiveJournal was talking about the game, and she caught an egg and posted it in her journal. I got a bit interested and thought, 'Okay. This looks like fun.' So I got a DC account and started collecting. The rest is history.
  5. I'm usually a very relaxed player. I like to get one or two of each kind of dragon, but after that I don't fuss about it much. I'm not competitive and I don't care about lineages. However, if it takes me too long to catch a certain breed of dragon, after trying and trying, I can get a bit stressed out. That's when I take a break.
  6. I joined DC in September 2008. Since then I've been active most of the time, but never in any kind of obsessive way. Once or twice I got a bit frustrated over not being able to catch eggs I wanted, so I took a break and came back when I felt better about it all. This is why I still only have a silver trophy, but I'm happy. Lately I seem to have better luck at catching eggs, which is why I've become more involved. I think I'm going to take another short break soon, though, just to settle down.
  7. I finally caught two Golden Wyverns recently. One has grown up, the other still an egg. If they turn out to be of opposite genders, I'll breed them. I hope.
  8. I'm mostly a casual collector. I like having two of each breed. I like a male and female of each, and sometimes I like to breed them. But, I don't care about lineages, or if they're CB or bred or whatever. Though I don't especially want to have inbred dragons, I don't mind too much. I mean, if I got my hands on a Gold Dragon egg, I wouldn't care who the parents were.
  9. My first dragons were a Vine, one of the old Pinks, a Black, and a Water dragon. I didn't get them all on my first day. I got the Vine and the Pink first, to see how the whole concept worked, and if I'd like it.
  10. I've been really lucky the last few days. Yesterday I caught my second Golden Wyvern, which I already posted about, but today someone gifted me with my first Silver Dragon egg, and today I caught a Tsunami Wyvern egg. I'm feeling a bit flustered.
  11. I haven't tried this, but it seems like a nice thing to do. Maybe I'll try it next time I'm egg-locked.
  12. Voted! It was very hard to choose, because all the photos were lovely, and I wanted to vote for them all.
  13. It's really hard to just pick one dragon, but I guess I'm most proud of my Golden Wyvern, because I'd never caught a rare or uncommon egg before. The other rare dragons on my scroll were gifts, which I appreciated a lot. But catching this egg was a thrill.
  14. Last night I caught a second Golden Wyvern egg. So, if it genders as male, I can breed them -- if they like each other, of course. I only have one male pink dragon, and I can't use it for several days, so I'm slowing down the process of hatching it until I get the chance to influence it to become male.
  15. I've hit 'refresh', and then noticed that the very egg I wanted was on the page to start with. Sigh. Also, I tend to freeze when I see and egg I've been looking for. My hand just won't move the mouse until it's too late.
  16. I seem to be tempted by any egg description that mentions heat, or flame, or brightness.
  17. I caught two Copper eggs their first day of release, but have not seen one since. I've been looking at various times every day, with nary a sign. This is sad, since I really wanted a green Copper.
  18. I love all kinds of music, but my favourites are opera and classic rock, followed closely by folk music.
  19. It was so hard to choose one race from Middle Earth. I love the Hobbits and the Ents and the Dwarves and... but I finally had to say the Elves. They're so magical and created beauty throughout Middle Earth.
  20. I voted for the philosophical type, because their character is deeper and even when it's a philosophical villain, they offer reasons for their behaviour.
  21. Last week I caught a Golden Wyvern egg. It hatched the other day, and I can't wait for it to grow up.