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  1. Tonight with my dinner I had a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and pepper. Yum. :-)
  2. Usually I don't wear socks. but when I do, they match. I'm careful about that. :-)
  3. Just dropping by to say that I have still not seen a Copper egg in the cave since the day of the release. :-)
  4. Jennie

    Disney Movies!

    Lady and the Tramp. It was the first movie I ever saw, and I insisted my Dad take me to see it. He told me years later that he thought he'd hate the movie, but he loved it. :-)
  5. I would never wish for it to be too easy to catch the eggs I want, because that would take the fun away from the game. I do wish I didn't have to spend so long catching them, until my hands ache from hitting refresh. I guess that isn't really an unreasonable wish though. Okay, I wish a gold egg would show up next time I go to the AP, and I catch it. :-)
  6. I'm going to give this a try. :-)
  7. I've had some lucid dreams. I realized I was dreaming, said 'this is a silly dream' and woke up. :-) Several times, though, my dream world was more fun than real life, and I wanted to stay asleep and go on dreaming. Sigh. That never works out.
  8. This is a tough one. I pretty much love all kinds of fruit, but I think bananas are my favourite. I eat them every day. :-)
  9. The opposite in what way? If you mean the same ingredients but not put together, I'd call it 'bread and cheese', or 'bread and meat', or something. ETA: Because sandwiches are neat, a messy stew could be considered the opposite. The opposite in what way? If you mean the same ingredients but not put together, I'd call it 'bread and cheese', or 'bread and meat', or something. ETA: Because sandwiches are neat, a messy stew could be considered the opposite.
  10. I posted before about the two Old Pinks that I have, but now I see that some people are talking about the Frills they own, too. I have three Frills, two of them cave born. Still wish I had more of them and more of the Old Pinks, but I never knew they'd be discontinued. :-(
  11. Jennie

    Silvi's Lair

    I started using this site back in May when all the anniversary eggs were being released, and decided to stick with it. Silvi's and the LiveJournal community I belong to work just fine for me. :-)
  12. Contact your college and ask about advisors or online guides for new students. Every college should have something of the kind. I've never heard of students being expected to bring their own mattresses, but perhaps there is a reason for this. I would say it's better to buy things like furniture and appliances after you get there, rather than trying to bring them with you. And it's always better to start getting ready as soon as possible. Don't wait until the last minute to find out what's expected of you. :-)
  13. As someone above pointed out, crushes are like that. They have nothing to do with real love or friendship, though they can grow into something deeper. The fact that you get along with H so much better is probably the reason. Just because your feelings of crushing on D are strong, this does not indicate that it's true love. If you truly did love D, in my opinion, you could try to get over your awkwardness and get to know him better. Perhaps your crush could develop into real love.
  14. The others in what genre, if I might inquire? :-) If you mean romance movies, well, I don't watch them. Chick Flicks bore me to tears, but this one bored me into a coma. Maybe that's why? It's a Chick Flick? If people had told me that ahead of time, I could have saved myself from terminal boredom. However, the genre is sort of kind of supposed to be Vampire Movie, as I understood it. There's where it falls into Abomination Territory, for me. Edward is no vampire, and Bella isn't a heroine, she's a damp sponge.
  15. Jennie

    Folk Music, anyone?

    I love Celtic music. Loreena McKennitt is one of my favourite singers.
  16. So far, I've seen Day of the Triffids and Two Weddings & a Funeral, in addition to my own entry. The others I've never heard of, so you trump me there. :-)
  17. After much consideration, and waffling, and worrying, here is my entry: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94191177@N06/9153992184/ W for 'wood'. :-)
  18. I caught my leetle tree a couple of weeks ago. I was thrilled. :-)
  19. I scored 11. Not bad, considering I did the test very quickly. I probably would have scored lower if I'd taken more time, but after a while I started to get a headache so I quit. :-)
  20. This is an interesting topic, and all the pictures entered so far are gorgeous. I'm frustrated, because I can't decide which photo to enter. I haven't a hope of winning, but that's not the point, of course. I want my photo to bedazzle and be a challenge. So, I'm going to give it more thought and keep trying to get a new dazzling photo. In the meantime, I love all the photos entered so far. :-)
  21. Well, pooh! :-) Yes, of course, botanically speaking, sweet potatoes and yams aren't potatoes, but to all intents and purposes they are. I mean, if we use them like potatoes, they are fulfilling that role, and so might as well be referred to as potatoes. Perhaps they would protest that they weren't potatoes, if only they could speak, but since they can't, I believe we might assign them any label we choose. :-)
  22. I'm not about to say how old I am, but I'm way over 21. Waaaayyy! :-)