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  1. Book Number:6 Number Of Pages:357 Book Title:The Anatomist's Wife Author:Anna Lee Huber Summary:Lady Darby, the widow of an anatomist, Sir Anthony Darby, finds herself involved in a murder case in 1830 Scotland. Kiera is an artist who had been forced by her husband to sketch the dead bodies he dissected. In the early 19th century, people were afraid of anatomists, after the case of Burke and Hare came to light. Kiera is therefore suspected of the murder and must help investigate in order to clear her own name. Rating: Fair Review:I've given this book a 'fair' rating, because it's a bit spotty. The mystery itself is good, with a cleverly hidden clue early on. I found other aspects of the story, including an incipient romance, a bit annoying, stereotypical, and repetitive. It is set in the early 19th century, and in Scotland at that, and in general women tend to be repressed and controlled. Kiera's husband ordered her to do the sketches for his dissections, but I got a bit tired of being constantly reminded of this. Burke and Hare were two men who murdered people to sell to the anatomists. I can understand why people were afraid of the concept, but I also got tired of being reminded of that. The book moves fairly quickly, however, so it's easy to skim over these repetitive passages, and get to the meat of the mystery.
  2. Book Number:5 Number Of Pages:282 Book Title:Mist Over Pendle Author:Robert Neill Summary:Set in early 17th century England, this novel tells the story of a young orphaned woman named Margery Whitaker, who is sent to live with an older relative, Roger Nowell. Nowell is a true historical figure, who happens to be a Justice of the Peace in Pendle, a town in Lancashire. Margery finds herself caught up in the events leading to the famous Lancaster witch trials of 1612. Rating: (optional)Excellent Review: (optional)This is one of my favourite books, and I've read it many times. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes historical novels. The story is told from the POV of someone involved in the investigation leading up to the witchcraft trials, and not from the POV of the witches themselves, so we get only that one perspective. People in those days mostly believed in witchcraft, however, especially the witches themselves. The story gives us more than just the witches, however. There are many lovely passages about early 17th century customs and fashions, a couple of nice little romances, and many discussions of ethics when it comes to investigating crimes. Also, Margery is a fascinating heroine -- intelligent, brave and compassionate.
  3. I just made my fourth unsuccessful attempt to summon a GoN. Haven't given up hope yet.
  4. When I make leek and potato soup, or a stew, I love to mix the kinds of potatoes. So, I might use red skinned potatoes, white potatoes and yellow potatoes. Yum.
  5. Dang it! I just saw a copper egg for the first time since the day of release, and I sat and stared for several seconds. Of course I missed getting the egg. I was just so astounded! Dang it! :-(((
  6. Good Lord! I've been trying for years to catch the Legendary Trio, and finally I have them all. Now I'm trying to summon the Guardian of Nature. If I'm lucky enough to get one, I will kiss him/her and love him/her, and call him/her George, or Georgina. And then I'd be thrilled to pieces if I finally got two of them. No way would I turn either of them into Vampires. This makes no sense to me. ETA: This reminds me of the guy who won a Gold Medal at the Olympics and had it bronzed. :-)))
  7. I like both series, but Hunger Games is my favourite. As for Katniss and Peeta vs. Katniss and Gale: SPOILER ALERT: Katniss just couldn't forgive Gale for designing the bomb that killed Prim. Katniss loved her sister more than anyone, and so whatever feelings she had once had for Gale no longer held any value for her. Peeta knew all about what they had been through during the Games, and he loved her, and she did have a certain amount of love for him, and so he was the best mate for her. Gale wasn't, because even if Katniss had tried to forgive and forget, Prim's death would always be between them.
  8. Here in Vancouver, it's overcast and 19C, which is cooler than it's been for the last two months pretty much.
  9. Book Number:4 Number Of Pages:151 Book Title:The Incredible Journey Author:Sheila Burnford Summary:Two dogs and a cat, named Luath, Bodger, and Tao, cross the wilderness of northern Ontario, to get back to their beloved home. Along the way, they face starvation and many other life-threatening dangers, but they stand up to it all side by side. A question: I've been checking over the rules more closely, and I believe I've been making a mistake in thinking I had to list books I read before this challenge began, and then again after the challenge started, as re-reads. Do re-reads only refer to books we re-read during this challenge? If so, apologies for my inability to read. :-)
  10. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 254 Book Title: Patterns of Culture Author: Ruth Benedict Summary: One of the great classics of Anthropological literature. Written in 1934, this book shows how custom and tradition shape our behaviour. Technically a re-read, but it had been years since I read the book, so it was like reading it for the first time.
  11. Great theme. :-) I didn't think I'd be able to come up with a good enough photo, however, but I went to the Vancouver Zombie Walk, and we ended up at English Bay, right by the statues of the Laughing Men. Is this silly enough for you? :-) Laughing Men
  12. I have been a fan of Star Trek since the first episode of TOS first appeared in our universe. :-) TNG is my favourite show, followed by DS9, TOS and Voyager. I started out watching Enterprise, but it rather disappointed me. I liked the movies, but the new movies are better, for the most part, in my opinion. Though I'd say that First Contact is right up there among the best.
  13. The other day, I made a scrumptious leek and potato soup. :-)
  14. Jennie


    Great topic! :-) Hair. My hair is fine and very curly. It has a mind of its own. When I was little, people were always saying things to my mother about it. Things like: WHEN are you going to DO something with that kid's HAIR? Later they said things like that to me, meaning that I needed to get a cute little normal hairdo, like all the other girls in the 50s and early 60s. So, I was very happy when the later sixties brought the hippie movement and long, curly hair into fashion. My hair is long, and auburn, and I mostly just rinse it under the shower rather than using shampoo, which strips the oils and makes it frizzy. But every few weeks I give it a good shampoo. Right now it's summer, and I go swimming in the ocean every morning before going to work. I just walk home and let it dry naturally then go to work. :-)
  15. They're both beautiful, but the caterpillar one is amazing because of the detail of the legs and so on. :-)
  16. Book Number:1 Number Of Pages:217 Book Title:Dear Life: Stories Author:Alice Munro Summary:A series of short stories about people's lives that frequently have a surreal quality. * Book Number:2 Number Of Pages:295 Book Title:A Girl of the Limberlost Author:Gene Stratton-Porter Summary:Elnora -- the girl of the title -- grows up in the Limberlost, a swamp in eastern Indiana, USA. (This is technically a re-read, but I hadn't read it for decades, so in effect it was like reading it for the first time.)
  17. Here's my entry: Ladybug On Leaf
  18. Yeah, once in a while, for a short time, to let people who don't already have a scroll full of metals or whatever, just to give other people a chance. Sorry that such an idea offends people so much. I withdraw my suggestion. Let people with faster internet and the time to sit in front of the computer for hours on end gather dozens of rare eggs. I no longer care. Have fun. It's just a game and one no longer so interesting now I know more about the people I'm playing with.
  19. It was merely an idea, as I said, offered up as a possible solution. And, again as I said, NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION, merely a temporary thing. I, personally, don't give a heck about lineages, or no lineages, but I realize some people do. Why should their desires be privileged over mine and others, particularly? Why should I not have an occasional chance to catch a rare egg because someone else might not have a chance to catch a CB egg FOR ONE DAY, once a year or something? But, I just offered an idea. I have no power here and I'm not trying to ruin anyone's life.
  20. I love the new eggs. I have 3 undecided eggs, but have not yet been able to catch an opal, and it worries me because I'd like at least one, possibly 2. I don't want or need a ton of any one kind of dragon, caught in the cave. I can always breed my own dragons if I want more. I can always trade with other people. So, I'm not being greedy when I say that it worries me when I can't catch even one of a species of dragon. The first day of a release is always easiest. How much chance have I got of even getting one opal now? It's possible, but how likely is it? I have tried for years without success to catch a gold and a silver. Just one was all I wanted, but I never caught one. I now have one of each because of generous gifters, so I'm happy, but it would have been great to catch one of my own. It's frustrating to see other people with large numbers of the rarer eggs. I understand that part of the fun of playing this game is that some eggs are rarer and harder to catch, but still it hurts to realize that you don't have any chance at all, which is what I came to realize about the gold and silver dragons. Here's an idea: I don't know if it's feasible, but it's just an idea. What if, every once in a while, the cave was set up so that people who already had one or two of the rarer dragons couldn't catch any more? Then those dragons are released in a rather big drop -- it doesn't have to be by the thousands, just enough so people have a chance -- and people who don't have any could catch just one or two. Then at the end of the day, things could go back to normal until the next time, months later, or something. How does this sound?
  21. Okay, I now have 3 undecideds and no opals. I misclicked on an egg, so I only have two spaces left. I'm saving them for opals, if I can ever catch them. They go too fast. :-)
  22. I finally caught one undecided egg, but no opals yet.