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  1. I agree that other years there was less time between egg drops. The game is still fun, but more stressful.  I think if the time between drops is more, the game should be extended a bit more.  Maybe by one day.  This would still require time and dedication, but would be less stressful.


  2. This is all awesome.  I have two of each new egg, and they're gorgeous.  I love the updates, especially the market, though I'm curious about all the ways we can earn money.  Breeding and raising eggs, yes.  I wonder what else qualifies?  But it's a great idea, for sure.  🙂

  3. Quote

    I'm crushed now - that the thing so many people pined over, considered the pinnacle of aspiration over the years and valued second-gen offspring like precious gems, drops like a common. I didn't sell my soul trading for those second-gens, but plenty of people did. I just... don't feel investment when I can get anything I want without work.


    I spent all day the other day catching my hollies and yulebucks.  I prefer that to having to deal with people who were lucky enough to have been in the DC back when those dragons first came out.  I have no desire to lord it over people who just joined a few years ago, and so don't have the Holiday dragons that I caught then. 

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    Also, just because you have a holiday dragon does not mean you are obligated to breed it, some of these lineages in the AP are just god awful!!   I wish freeze limits were not in place and we could freeze and release these things to keep it from getting worse, sigh!



    Every time someone says something along these lines, I feel this enormous urge to breed the messiest, most god awful lineage I could possibly think of.  Some people don't care about lineages.  Other people don't have enough CB dragons to breed lovely neat approved lineages.  Some people have a favourite dragon that they want to breed and can't find a perfect mate for, so they do the best they can.  There are no rules about breeding these little fantasy creatures, but every once in a while someone pops up who wants to apply rules.  Yes, we can do what we want with them.  It's not brain surgery.

  5. I would like to join.


    My scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Greenlady


    I have 4 adult olives born and raised in 2017. I also have 2 hatchlings and 4 eggs, so in a few days I'll have 10 new olives.


    I am adding "-2017" to their names.


    I have organized my scroll by breed. At the moment, my olives start at the bottom of page 14 and go on to page 15. This might change if new breeds are created whose names begin with a letter before "O" of course. :-)


    I will update as the details change.

  6. I guess the game will be over soon. :-(


    I must say I loved it. It's so much fun decorating the little house and wandering around two villages helping people. I hope this game will return for another holiday celebration.


    Thanks to all the people who made it possible. This game must have taken a lot of work.


    Cheers and Happy New Year to you all. :-)



  7. Wow! I had my house just as I wanted it, except for a cat bed and a fireplace. Now I have those, too, but that meant I had to redecorate to fit in the fireplace. This is fun. I wish I lived in a world where I could deliver parcels to people and get gorgeous new furniture in return. :-)


    But I agree with some posters who have said they'd like to have extra rooms and/or decorate other people's houses. Some of those other houses are sort of bare and cheerless. Also, I have a bedroom, a living room, and a study/library. I'd like a kitchen and a bathroom and a dining room. This isn't a complaint, just a wish list. I've been getting so involved with these little people and dragons and their lives. I'm wondering about some of the houses who seem to have no one living in them, but I can just walk in. Strange. :-)


  8. I've completed the story line, and now I'm delivering mail and sledding for more furniture. This was such a fun game, and I admire all the people who worked on it. :-)


    Also, I've been skating on that little frozen pond near the sled run. Does anyone else do this?

  9. So the second Avery opened the door again and disappeared.

    Was it a Spirit of The Past? Did I done something wrong? blink.gif


    These weird sort of things happened to me, too. Avery got trapped in the jungle and was acting strange. I took a break and let Avery sleep it off, and eventually all was well. :-)


  10. QUOTE (coo_ @ Dec 30 2016, 12:56 PM)

    It's cool Avery, just stand there looking beautiful while I push around giant stone pillars rolleyes.gif


    But he does beautiful so well! laugh.gif


    And I guess it takes all his strength to generate the magic to open all those doors.



    That's how I justified it. :-)


    But he might at least say something like that himself: 'Sorry, I can't help you push the pillars, but I used all my strength opening the doors.' Then I'd feel less like his servant. :-)


    This is a great game, though. Going on missions to save the world, delivering mail, herding cats for cat sweater knitting dragons, decorating my house. I'm starting to wish I could live there in real life.

  11. Someone above me is having another Avery-type glitch, but mine's different. Maybe I'm just being an idiot and doing this wrong,


    Well, I can be an idiot too, but it would be strange if we were both being idiots but in different ways, wouldn't it? Hmmm, maybe not, but still..... :-)


    There are more jungle puzzles today.



    Okay. I have been back to the jungle, though, and I keep trying to get Avery to act normal, without success. I think I'm going to take a break and let Avery get some sleep and go back and just start the jungle puzzles without him. I've been doing all the heavy lifting anyway. :-)


  12. Did you go into the jungle temple and do the puzzles there?


    We did those puzzles yesterday. Today was the part where we went to the ice temple and fixed the pillar there. Then Avery said to meet him back in the jungle so I did. That's when he got lost and then stuck in the jungle. It's all messed up.