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I do not allow aid for a reason - I can hatch my own eggs just fine.Looking for 2nd-4th gen tinsel trades. Link to tinsel list on profile. Link to shimmer list on profile, also.Looking for 19 2nd gen alt blacks from PB or black x silver pairs. Will breed in return.DBCF2HeadBanner.png bg6agp.png LotRbutton1.jpg

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    *While I'm not outwardly against IOUs, I am a bit leery of them and may not accept them for metals/shimmers.*

    IOUs owed to me:
    Voardrem > 4th gen silver shimmer - they did not honor it, claimed had me on the wrong list, hatched and named hatchie - still hoping they do the right thing but NOT holding my breath

    angelicdragonpuppy > 3rd gen shimmer egg (6th in line)
    boscodelta > 5th gen shimmer (2nd in line)

    My tinsel list: http://dragonbreederscave.com/index.php?topic=11395.0

    My Shimmer List: http://dragonbreederscave.com/index.php?topic=11396.0

    Shimmer swap: 1 silver shimmer x gold metal, and 1 silver shimmer fem silver to Saty_ for 1 silver shimmer x moonstone egg - attempt on June 5th