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  1. Kryterica (btw, your nyan cat scared the crap outta me)
  2. One does not simply ride a chicken into Mordor....
  3. rwiorsfd Run with innocence, oh red, silly flying dog. gvbkojuhd
  4. I had a cat once. His name was Boo-Boo. He was a ninja. He liked to pick fights with raccoons. My grandparents now have a calico named Gypsy. She recently had four kittens! Yesterday, a little black kitten showed up at my grandparent's house. He was injured, so they took him in. He's the same age as the kittens, and they got along, but Gypsy wanted no part in it. The kitten looks like Boo-Boo, just a darker color, and since Boo-Boo used to come home injured often, I named the kitten after him. Boo-Boo lived to be very old. We had to put him down a little more than a year ago. I still
  5. I want to be successful working with computers somehow, marry young, and have twins :3
  6. One time my science teacher threw a marker at my face for no reason at all. That's all I can think of....
  7. Any reality show really, especially if the title includes the word wives, moms, or wars.
  8. *steals Sweetlings and Rosebuds*
  9. Wait until they crush each other, then take the opportunity to rule over the soup. Waiter, there is a screaming fangirl in my soup!
  10. One time I dreamed I was staring down at a parking lot from an aerial view. The cars were randomly switching spots for no reason at all. I remember it because I was consciously trying to open my eyes, and I couldn't o.O
  11. Granted, but you're only famous for being terrible. I wish I could speak every language on Earth.