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  1. Seems cool! Happy Halloween!
  2. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the encyclopedia
  3. Yeah! New Drakes! Thanks TJ
  4. OMG, no possibility to get the new eggs if they're rare...
  5. Adult dragons are beeeeeautiful! Thanks TJ
  6. Thanks, TJ! The first Halloween I spend in dragcave!
  7. New eggs are very cute! Thanks TJ!
  8. Thanks for the info~ Can't wait to see the new dragons!
  9. WOW! New release! Thank you TJ~
  10. AH the blue hatchlings are so cute! Especially their wings!!!
  11. AH The hatchlings of the new eggs are just SOOOOOOOO cute that I can't wait to see them!!! And I prefer the moonlight sweetie!
  12. Thank you, TJ! New eggs seem cute! I can't wait to see the hatchies!!