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  1. Oh Jeeze. Talk about non-descript!! Thank You!!
  2. Ok. I am apparently a little dense today. Where is the Market?? I see the link for Trading on my scroll, but for all my stumbling around I cannot find a Market.
  3. Yeah, it was unfortunate. I don't go to the IRC very often any more and the moment I'm back, I'm reminded why.
  4. Thank you, Sheriziya for posting what TJ said with the links to the conversation about the Alts. I had missed it in my search for 'why do I have a pink Sweetling', and made the mistake of asking in the IRC. Some people are nasty over it, and you can't 'ignore' mods.
  5. I think having them unavailable during a drought or really expensive both make sense. It's how markets work. If it's running out in one place, it's really expensive before they run out in others. Since ND aren't part of the HM prize options, I like that they aren't part of this. But, I might be biased. As far as fluctuating prizes... I kind of like the idea, it's like finding something on sale and if you've been saving up and then suddenly you have enough...!!! Someone will have their day made.
  6. Poking the thread.... There are lots of good suggestions for how to make a shop work. Looking back over the Halloween event, maybe potions (to preserve eggs or other things) could be included? Just little, non-tradable items to do extra, little things that don't change game play.
  7. Does anyone remember the game Order of the Griffin? I played this a long while ago and now that my kid is studying genetics I went to show it to him (I'd actually worked out the genetics/math behind it) but it's gone. Does anyone know if it's somewhere else, or of another game that also uses heredity?
  8. I would LOVE a version of this! Even if only to get the potion to revert a dragon to an egg s I could have egg sprites! But, to have some of the Alt sprites (from Halloween recolors) would be so much fun. They wouldn't breed true, but I'd love to have the Horses from last year, or the white Pyralspite from this year!
  9. OH, that's nice! Wish they could stay this way! I used something with life and the tiger lily or something with sparks to make a red potion and got -this-
  10. Yeah... this... ^^ It'll be nice to get the encyclopedia update, and I'm curious about the Horse morph, but I remember the thread with silver proposals. I think there was one that was ok and I thought the rest went from 'meh' to awful. Since the changes are retroactive, if it's one of the ugly ones, all the lineage projects will be wrecked.
  11. ^^ This ^^ Doing something more with it than just a mass breed makes more sense to me.
  12. Yeah... even if they were as expensive as rares, I'd really really like CB Hybrids. But I think one of the strong points of the 'store' idea, is that it's a different way of getting the same dragons other people have gotten either via the cave or raffles.
  13. I have removed every item, changed everything completely and still just get the same thing visiting. Each day a new obsessive, impossible to please stalker. I have completely changed the mana type, left meat off, deleted mana entirely, filled the cave with jailed princesses ... all with the exact same response. I'm not even sure what some of these things are, much less what difference they make. I'm about ready to decided I don't care and that I've invested enough time trying to figure something out with nothing to go on.
  14. I would love to implement #2 right now. Hunting for Vals and I have picked up some of the same eggs three times. I'd love for the ones I've already tossed back to be visually different from the ones I haven't already looked at.
  15. I doubt the Bright Pinks would breed true, but I have lineages that use them as a base, and I can't add anything of my own or do swaps for the pieces I want. Also, the one I have looks lonely.
  16. Working on lineages (some of which I've worked on for a very long time), I have trouble because people frequently ask stupid amounts for even common fails in trade. So your claim that "prize winners are generally willing to aid in creating lineages" has been the complete opposite of my experience. I also disagree that the Sweetlings, Frills and others are less desired. Two of the first three things I'd want are a Sweetling and a Bright/Old Pink. What people value is as widely varied as their play styles.
  17. I am not patient enough for 3yrs but I do agree that I'd rather be rewarded for working toward earning something, than bidding and competing in auctions and raffles. And I'd be happy with CB Hybrids that cost as much as Prizes.
  18. Which means some of us will still never get a Prize, because they don't have the same value to all people. There is a percentage of the population that -HATES- trades because you have people who have '5 each CB Gold and Silver Eggs' (I reported that post) who only want 2nd gens, and other heavily skewed trade offers that we can't hope to counter or compete with. Most discussions are assuming that Prizes and Golds are the Holy Grail, and that's just not true for everyone, no matter what it looks like in Trades. Honestly, I'd almost rather have a CB Goldfish or Bluna, or an Alt... I could do lots with an Alt or old Holiday.
  19. And (because being messy ever growing pains in the tush are not enough) they EAT other fish. Poor little loach and peaceful bottom feed cat fish became snacks. Now we have a big pleco fish and snail, and I'm already trying to figure out where the next, bigger tank is going.... And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who saw broke images and thought "oh, update coming."
  20. No you don't. You do not want a pet goldfish. My (insert bad words here) Ex sent my children home to me with carnival goldfish. I should have loaded them into the car and dropped the scaly buggers back on his doorstep. Goldfish grow. And then they grow more. And then they Keep Growing! I've had to buy a new tank. New filter... I do not want to think about how much money and time these fish have cost me. But I'd love some animal crackers while we wait.
  21. A raffle from the high scores is less appealing. I like thinking of it as a carnival. Everyone can play. Everyone gets a chance to walk away with a prize. Put more in, walk away with a bigger prize. Maybe there could be a bar filling.... as it fills, new prizes become available. You can spend half, or all. Save what's left and add more. Don't play a few days, your points/mana whatever are still there, and you can start filling it again.
  22. HA! One lineage effort complete! I am amused. If folks have funny purples I don't have, I will probably do another level and I'm happy to share. One Night Stand...
  23. HAVE CB, should gender. WANT CB Pyralspites, eggs or hatchies. Alpines preferred, Coast if its with something else (like an Almandine) CB Coppers (multiple, or with Alpine Pyralsprite) Spriter Alts, 2nd gen or even gen. 2nd gen Prize, depending on line. 2nd gen prize fails (some lines, I have many) accompanied by something else on list. Please note that I do not place the same incredibly high value on Prize 'fails' that others do. A single 2nd gen dragon from a Prize breeding will not take the ND. Traded! Thank you. ------------------------------ HAVE 2nd gen, from gold. ~Make an offer 2nd gen, from gold. ~Make an offer Looking for fun lineages or other uncommons from Golds, Silvers, holidays... Willing to combine. Send a PM or catch me in the irc.
  24. Mini-game points store is an interesting idea. Recolors of dragons we have would be fun. CB Alts. Anyone can get them if they want them, just have to spend the time. Kinda like taking the kids to Chucky Cheese or something. Want something really "good" (like an old prize) gotta save all your tickets over time to win it. The mana bar from Christmas might be a useful start. Once you've so many points for the day, you don't earn more, but you can keep playing if you want to.
  25. ^^ THIS ^^ I no longer have the patience, especially since I believe that I don't have a fair shot of catching some things anyway. So day to day, I do not hunt the cave anymore. Which is kind of sad. It used to be fun. Something else to do, would be nice. Having a reward for it would also be nice.