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  1. ** A new consensus has been posted up to the wiki forum regarding the Dragon Types page! ** ** View the original wiki thread for voting and discussion HERE. ** Summation of consensus voting topics: Introduce a new table format or retain the current [View Example] To remove or keep the Spriter's Alt section of the Dragon Types page ( ~ Bluesonic1)
  2. ** Special Notice for All! ** We ask for patience during this time with regards to getting the new Halloween information moved from Currently Being Released to the rest of the wiki. The reason for this is that bot operations are currently halted due to a Wikia bug/issue- until this is rectified, the bot is unable to be used to process all the new images. If you would like to learn more or stay updated on Wikia's situation, the community report thread can be found here. Thank you all and sorry for the inconvenience! ( ~ Bluesonic1)
  3. Special Notice: Article Overhauls All dragon articles on the wiki have received a larger overhaul to them (creatures and Holiday dragons will follow in the coming week!). So... what's new? New infoboxes! Please be sure to give warm thank yous to Taliseth for coding these lovely new infoboxes. They now show male & female sprites were available, spriters, egg descriptions via hover-over and also include elemental affinity information from the encylopedia. Speaking of which... New encyclopedia templates! These templates follow after the egg sequence one, and will be used to hold all the information found on the site's encyclopedia. - You can now browse dragons by their elemental affinity! Visit Category:Elemental Affinity, pick an Element, and see all the dragons that correspond to it! - You can also browse for dragons that have or lack an encyclopedia entry! Visit Category:Dragon Encyclopedia and pick a category in its list! New notice box template! This one has started appearing around the site already, but will be used to highlight important information about certain dragons, such as what time they hatch into different forms or what kinds of breed combinations are needed for a particular hybrid. All dragon articles have now been brought up to scratch and given a consistent style across the site. Sprites no longer in use are now hidden by default in a click to hide/show box, so certain sprite tables no longer take up half a page! New quote template that allows for citations, and the introduction of reference lists to better cite where information comes from. And a few other technical background fixes. HOW YOU CAN HELP Since this update, there are a lot of dragons now missing encyclopedia information that is unlocked from the site itself. We need users to help fill in this information! Dragons that are missing entries can be found here. Dragons that have completed entries can be found here (to provide an example for how it should be formatted). Dragons that are lacking an entry on site can be monitored here for when they do get an entry. Dragons that are lacking an elemental affinity on site can be monitored here for when they do get an entry. Be on the lookout for any minor errors I may have made along the way Coming Soon:New dragon articles from the recent event. Sprite updates from the recent event. Creature and Holiday dragon article overhauls. (~ Bluesonic1)
  4. Special Notice: The Tinsel and Shimmer-scale articles have been overhauled in order to conform to the site-wide manual of style. As a result of this, and a slight change to the CB Codes section, the load stress on the page should have been reduced dramatically, and those with slower browsers should be able to view and edit the article again. If this is not the case for you, and the page still lags, please leave a message with Bluesonic1- either as a PM on the forums or a message on her wiki wall. The method used to relieve load stress is being trialled on these pages, and if it works as intended, will be used to reduce lag on much larger pages such as Dragon Types. (~ Bluesonic1)
  5. As the Valentine's Day thread has now been closed and the event is no longer available on-site, I'd like to use one of Wikia's newest features to create for you a list showing popularity levels of past Valentine's Day dragons based on how many views their corresponding articles on the wiki received during that time! During the past week, 15-22 Feb, the wiki received 61,000+ views. The following list is generated from views received across the past 4 weeks. Popularity of Valentine's Day Dragons - 2016 Heartstealing Dragon (3,106 views) Valentine Dragon (2,927 views) Sweetling (2,899 views) Radiant Angel Dragon (2,697 views) Arsani Dragon (2,493 views) Rosebud Dragon (2,175 views) Heartseeker Dragon (2,146 views) Surprised by the results on the list? What's your favourite past Valentine's Day dragon? Hope you've all enjoyed the event and spent the day well! Happy Valentine's Day, Singles Awareness Day or Heart Day to everyone ( ~ Bluesonic1)
  6. Following on this, since the 5 days that anons have been able to edit on the wiki, the wiki has received 6 different accounts of vandalism. This calls into question whether anon editing is appropriate for our wiki or not, and the community is urged to discuss whether this feature should remain. If you already a user of the wiki, please use this thread to discuss whether anon editing should remain, otherwise discussion is welcome on this thread. Edit: Since making this thread, we've had 1 new anon editor, with 1 extra case of vandalism. I would also like to take this opportunity to add that all dragon habitats should be accurate now, and I apologise for the large errors on behalf of the admin team. I'd like to use this event to highlight to users the higher editing standards the wiki now holds; be prepared to show evidence for edits you make or even better, link it in yourself, to show the information you are adding is valid, else face having it removed by staff. If you've had an edit undone and don't understand why, or have the evidence to prove otherwise, please don't hesitate in contacting any of us to rectify the situation ( ~ Bluesonic1)
  7. Hello there Naruhina_94, nope at the moment there's no italian DC wiki in excistance, but I would be thrilled if you'd want to create one! The more wikis the merrier. I know you've already been in contact with MisunderstoodDreamer - (Wiki Message Wall) (PM) and I think she's the best contact person for you in this case since she's italian as well. Here's a link to the italian help section of the community central wiki where you can also find how you can start a new wiki. (If you need help with uploading all images of the dragons feel free to contact me via PM)
  8. Hey there folks, a new wiki joined the Dragon Cave Wiki family! Dutch DC WikiContact: ShadaniaIt's a dutch wiki and Shadania the admin of this wiki would love to get some help. We gave it a basic set up yesterday (design, some templates etc.) but there's still a huge amount of work to do. So to all people who're dutch or are quite fluent in dutch, it would be fantastic if you could give Shadania a helping hand. The more the merrier. @ bluesonic1: The banners and code boxes have been added to the first post. @ Meg_752: I think renaming could help, like "Old AP trading" we could put those outdated articles into a "DC History" (thank you Ruby Eyes for this idea) category.
  9. (Nyastara here) Do you mean this button? If you do, then I can sooth your nerves, the code wasn't posted anywhere. [URL=http://tiny.cc/2f3jxw][IMG=http://i58.tinypic.com/1o21iw.jpg][/URL][URL=http://tiny.cc/lh3jxw][IMG=http://i60.tinypic.com/1603f2q.jpg][/URL][URL=http://tiny.cc/c33jxw][IMG=http://i60.tinypic.com/nznblt.jpg][/URL] @ All: Sorry for the absence... I'm back now... I was resurrected from the dead, and now I would like to kindly ask you to deliver me your brains. Thank you for your attention. I whish you a zombilicious day!
  10. The event article for the "Festival of Eggs - 2014" got added to the Wiki.
  11. (Nyastara here from the sunny island Tenerife) Short notice: As TJ announced in this topic "A Notice Regarding Staff" he took care of the situation. Even when I personally don't like/tolerate the stuff which this person said, I don't want a witchhunt on the Wiki, therefore I don't want to see any links to blogs, screencaps, etc. (concerning this whole issue) on the Wiki. No, this is not meant to silently burry this delicate topic, but I don't want to give it a platform on the Wiki plus it doesn't belong there. Thank you for your understanding. Nyastara
  12. Okay, since I received so many requests to undo the rarity sorting of the "Which egg is which" page I re-sorted it. Eggs that share a description are listed they way you're used too. (I received those requests not just in this thread, but by PM and e-mail too) I personally don't think we really need multiple sites/articles for multiple sorting options for the eggs. (feel free to contact me if you disagree ) Therefore rarity sortig got completely removed. The article is now sorted like this: Year-round Dragons Holiday Dragons Leetle Discontinued
  13. Here comes my (Nyastara's) super short reply: Added new aticles for the Glaucus and Howler Drake. I didn't add them to the "which egg is which" since it's currently sorted by "rarity" and I don't think that 4 days are enough to properly define their rarity. (please contact if you don't agree ) Ahh, why doesn't it show me that there are new posts in "Fan Sites" sub-forum?! Baaaaad forum Lets come to the answering part + explanation why some sorting options can't be done. @ SilverStreak: Rainbow sorting would require lots of coding, which I'm not really that proficient in and I also don't know if it works on wikia. @ Naruhina_94: What do you mean by "* 2= with a little link to all BSA dragons"? Do you mean a link to the "breed specific actions" aricle or to every single BSA dragon? You know that some dragons would appear in more than one section? Like the Two-headed Lindwurm, which woul get sorted in the "Two Headed" and "Lindwurm" section. If I get that correctly with my tired brain, you prefer serperate tables which are sortable instead on one single table. @ Ruby Eyes: I always appreciate your competent answers! (not just in this topic but in others as well) Thank you. That's how it is: Read these sentences with emphasising the bold words: (my great grandmother had this in her wallet and read it while she was shopping) Do I really need this? Do I really need this? Do I really need this? Do I really need this? Do I really need this? Complicated/ not possible/ hard to code/ time consuming Rainbow Sort: requires lots of coding plus I'm not sure if it works on Wikia. (Complicated/ not possible/ hard to code/ time consuming) DC Breed Sort: Would require another collum where dragon are listed by their breed sort name (we already have their "normal" names added, therefore could sort them alphabetically ... do we really need DC breed sorting?) (Complicated/ time consuming) Rarity: Since Dragon Cave doesn't have an official rarity system and the user defined rarity system is constantly changing, it would also need to get constantly updated. (that's why we currently only have three rarity categories on the wiki "Common", "Uncommon" and "Rare" even when there are some sub rarities like "extremely common", "very common", "very uncommon", "very rare", "extremely rare". Sorting them by these sub-rarities requires a lot of time since you need to keep up with every single dragons dropping rate which gets determined by how much they get bred and are sought after etc. . I personally can live with the three main rarity categories [common, uncommon and rare], but I hope you understand, that I also have a RL and even when I already spend a lot time working on the wiki, that's where I draw a line.) Sorting by the 3 main rarities: (manageable) Sorting by sub-rarities: (Complicated/ very time consuming) Easy to do/ manageable/ easy to update Sortable Table: (Easy to do/ manageable/ easy to update) - Sample Sortable Table (not always the correct rarity. I just played a bit around and checked if two sortable tables on one page work.) ... hmm the table looks very crowded . with one single sortable table: alphabetical: (easy) rarity: (easy) features/BSA: (easy) body types: (complicated) - since some dragons sort with more than one body type (coppers -> metallics & wyvern) sorted by body types with sortable tables: alphabetical: (easy) - but you can't get an alphabetical list of all dragons just of the ones from this specific table. rarity: (easy) - but you can't get a rarity list of all dragons just of the ones from this specific table. features/BSA: (easy) - but you can't get a feature/BSA list of all dragons just of the ones from this specific table. body types: (easy) - since dragons which sort into more than one body type can be added to the according tables. Alphabetical: (Easy to do/ easy to update) - no extra sorting options Body Types: (Easy to do/ easy to update) - no extra sorting options
  14. @ Ruby Eyes: Does Wiki support Sortable Tables? Woooohooo ... YES! OMG I could kiss you! I played with the idea of adding tabbers but was affraid that the site would explode into billions of little rainbow glitter particles. But THIS is a fantastic idea! Yeah since DC doeasn't really have a rarity system the whole rarity thing is a never ending story. *sigh* I personally don't like the sorting by rarity, it's a lot of work to keep up with the rarity each dragon currently has because it's changing quite often. Some of the common/uncommon/rares change their rarity to more common or rarer. (Yeah, I know it all depends on how much they're sought after, their population and breeding.) But until Dragon Dave dosn't have an official rarity system I think I will keep up with my stubborn "I don't like this whole I-am-rare-OH-look-now-I-am-common" attitude. The Dragon Sub-Types article simply lists all dragons by their body structure (Amphipthere, Wyvern, Lindwurm, Leviathan,... etc.), but if the Dragon Types article can be sorted like this with a sortable table I would rename the Dragon Sub-Types article to Body Structure or Body Types, remove the table with the sprites and add more indepth information to every single body type. (for example, a list of which body traits qualify a daragon as an Amphipthere) I think the sortable table would be the best solution for "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which?" since it covers not just one sorting option but multiple of them. NOTE: Fell free to let us know, about how you would like to have the "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which?" articles sorted. Suggestions we received so far: "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which?" artcile sort: (no other sub-sorting) Sortable Table (covers more than just one sorting option) Alphabetical Body types (Amphipthere, Wyvern, Hybrid etc. ...except for holiday dragons which would get sorted separately) Rarity (don't sort commons and uncommons together, but draw a clear line) Breed sort (as they list when you sort your dragons by breed on your scroll) If you have other sorting suggestions please post them here or send a PM. Thank you!
  15. @ diaveborn: Yep, this big change on the article was totally unplanned ... I wanted to create a poll for both the "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which" article, since we often receive requests to sort them differently. I will still have a poll added. Since this user spend quite some time to resort the complete "which egg is which" article, I don't just want to go and undo all his edits. Therefore I wanted to ask, if it would help, when the shared egg descriptions were in bold text with a small notice to which dragon shares the description? NOTE: Fell free to let us know, about how you would like to have the "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which?" articles sorted. Suggestions we received so far: "Dragon Types" and "Which egg is which?" artcile sort: (no other sub-sorting) Alphabetical Body types (Amphipthere, Wyvern, Hybrid etc. ...except for holiday dragons which would get sorted separately) Rarity (don't sort commons and uncommons together, but draw a clear line) Breed sort (as they list when you sort your dragons by breed on your scroll) If you have other sorting suggestions please post them here or send a PM. Thank you!
  16. I've send you a PM with a link. Let me know if this comes close to what you have in mind?
  17. I'll try to contact the author of the small guide. And thanks for the tip! And as always ( ) Ruby Eyes was faster than me and her answer is perfectly okay. [EDIT] Contacted the autor of said guide.
  18. With the recent talks about ways to do unfreezing that would not be abused like this, it might be better to remove the prediction that unfreezing will never be available? (And no, sorry, I can't do it right now.) I reworded the section and removed the part about that there never might be an undo funtion, but kept the part that indicates that it can't be reversed. I kept that part, because there had been similar topics about unfreezing in the past which had all been shot down. TJ said something about the whole unfreezing thing in this topic (does not only concern the holiday dragons) And so far his comments in the current "Should Freezing Be Permanent?" topic don't seem that promising either... Comment 1 Comment 2 Comment 3 Comment 4
  19. Hey there Naruhina_94, in the Dragon Sub-Types article the dragons are sorted by their body type (Amphiptere, Leviathan.. Western etc.), except for the Metallic, Hybrid, Trio, Alt...etc. sections but these could be added. About the Vines ... I have to go with Ruby Eyes answer. Even when I totally understand why you're suggesting it. Hy there Ruby Eyes, I added a Holiday Raffle article. If you or others know some people who received honorable mentions in one of the raffles feel free to create a list in the according raffle section on the before mentioned article. (or contact me and send me the codes of the dragons)
  20. Okay a small update on which articles were added and which ones were finally completed. Added dragon articles: Fever Wyvern - dragon article Brute Dragon - dragon article Finally finished EVENT articles:Valentine's Gardening - 2014 Snow Wars - 2013 (Snow Wars Encore credits were added) Trick or Treat - main article (Article got split into the according years, like the different "Festival of Eggs" articles)Trick or Treat - 2010 Trick or Treat - 2012 Trick or Treat - 2013 Halloween Carnival - 2013 Please let us know if you have any ideas of how to improve the Wiki.
  21. The Snow Wars event article can ber found here. The Solstice Dragon can now be found on the following pages of the Wiki: Solstice Dragon - dragon article Dragon Types Dragon Sub-Types Which egg is which Dragon Release Timeline
  22. Hey there Ivyeth, I think it's great that you want to translate the english wiki to Polish! Hmm should I grant you the permission to translate the articles...YES...not to mention that you don't need to ask if you want to translate something from the english wiki for another Dragon Cave wiki. Feel free to contact us if you need help with something. NOTE: I added links to the other Dragon Cave Wiki's to the first post.
  23. The Nhiostrife Wyvern can now be found on the following pages of the Wiki: Nhiostrife Wyvern - dragon article Dragon Types Dragon Sub-Types Which egg is which Dragon Release Timeline
  24. DC Wiki Staff: Admin Desolateutopia (aka EnemyPeacemaker, DangerousDangerously, Jäzzi) changed her account to "TooGoodToGoToHell". ( Just in case you may have wondered why we didn't announce that we had a "new" admin. ) Updated the links of her profile and talk page in the first post.
  25. No problem, and I'm glad that you don't experience any more problems with weird downloads on the wiki. @ALL: Hey there folks, we could use your help. We're trying to collect all the fortunes from Mistress Zéna as cards. It would be great, if you could make a screen cap of your fortune and send the link via PM to this account. (You can upload the image here: http://tinypic.com/) Thank you all in advance!