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  1. To safeguard my eggs/hatchlings, I use a completely different forum name than my scroll ID. I also removed any trace of my scroll name in the signature. ninja.gif


    I don't show my scroll name on the eggs/dragons themselves. So even if someone gets angry because I beat them to the punch, catching something they wanted in the cave before they could, they can't use that item's code to figure out what my scroll name is. Then they won't be able to attack the entire scroll out of spite. They might lash out by trying to add that one code to a bunch of hatcheries, but that's all.



  2. I was very happy to see my eggs listed, and spot this text under the listing:


    A temporary fix for the site issues has been implemented.


    So that's my Good News of the Day so far. smile.gif


    Thanks for the fix!


    My dragons have offered to eat the gremlins that were causing the error messages, once said gremlins are tracked down. wink.gif

  3. I have one other theory as to how some people are getting people's scroll names.


    If it's possible to "scrape" forum posts for links, and detect scroll names in that way, it could be one way that troublemakers could operate. It might not even be players here, but "script kiddies" who like to annoy other people, just because they can. And, of course, if there are any "If I can't have it, no one can" people who missed out on clicking a CB or AP critter, that could be a source of spitework. Either way, it's a sad commentary on some individuals' mentality, but that's a whole discussion unto itself.


    My suggestion is to think twice about showing a scroll name on dragons' pages. And if you have discovered that your own scroll has been under attack, it might be prudent to take the link out of the forum signature, at least for a while.


    I wasn't aware about the inability to add a hidden scroll to a hatchery. I like that feature.


    There are some hatchery sites that allow the addition of specific eggs/hatchlings by code, rather than via scroll. So it might still be possible to attempt to viewbomb one specific item on a person's scroll. But without access to the scroll name, a person couldn't attack the entire scroll's worth of eggs/hatchlings.


    I'm hoping that the more layers of protection we add against the script kiddies and the sore-loser game players, the less likely it will be for them to do any harm -- and perhaps, the sooner they will become bored and find something else to do besides vandalize other people's hard work.