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  1. THE ADULTS ARE SO PRETTY aaaaaaaaaaa
  2. I just found a beautiful CB Mageia Zeno coded RoUGh
  3. This is beautiful. Thank you to the breeder!
  4. Oh my god I'm so glad I checked the site this halloween!! Time to stash up on eggs c':
  5. I've been breeding this pair for months to get a purple nebula 3g for my project, and when I finally manage it, influence him and raise him up to breed with his 3g mate, I get this ofc
  6. Saw [this], missed it, then caught it after someone re-abandoned it. Definitely a keeper c: Thanks breeder!
  7. Nebula that wants to be a racecar driver: [CaR78] Monster "bako" Black Dragon: [bbako] A purple with furled wings? URL? Who knows: [hfURL]
  8. Just came back off hiatus yesterday to find 2 of the new Xenowyrm eggs in the Coast (Thalassa. The sprites are soooo pretty *_*). I must collect them all :>
  9. Yeah the site doesn't always load right, but otherwise I'm okay with it. The background is beautifully drawn, but the fact that it's a bit darker has been hard to get used to o: I think my only real issue is with the new font (not my favorite font ;c) and the fact that you can't change it back to the original skin in your settings (all the other alternate skins are there, but not the old default.) I'll live though Not that big of a difference.
  10. Gah, I got sick and missed the deadline D: Seriously not happy about it.. But I caught a few useful brutes before and after the event, so I'll probably keep working on some cool checkers. ^^
  11. I've been starting way too many pretty checker goals. And they're all really beautiful lines, from really rare/hard to breed parents, loool. [LOOK AT ALL THOSE HOLIDAYS. Gah.] I really have my work cut out from me this time.. Also, I recently traded for two new pretty Metal Males that I've been needing to even out my gender ratio. [one cb silver and one cb green copper that ill probably breed to make even more gorgeously-tempting metal checkers. i just live to ruin myself]
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/gIueA So close to "glue a" it might as well be, since no one can tell if they don't copy the link ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Gonna gender it male in case a cute matching code comes by.
  13. Finally summoned my 3rd GoN! Also found a a pretty neat 2G RC in the AP a few mins ago. Hopefully his mate colors correctly :]
  14. http://dragcave.net/lineage/LePPA I thought I had bred a metal-fail, but instead I discovered a real golden apple..
  15. My gratitude goes out to a very nice member from the forums who saw my post in the Heartstealer breeding thread, and managed to catch this pretty for me: [link]. Not sure if they want to be named, and it was more of a coincidence than anything, but it was a pretty cool occurrence and seriously nice of them to send it back! :] So seriously, thank you!
  16. Hah oh man this looks fun.! I'll definitely be participating.
  17. I kinda like how [this] turned out :0 Also made [this one] but forgot I didn't have enough scroll space So it went to the AP.
  18. I'm honestly a bit proud of some of the V-Day names I found haha. ^^ - Lovely Radiance (RA) - Love Garden (Sweetling) - Love Bloomed (Sweetling) - Sweet Royale (Sweetling) - Heart Hoarder (Arsani) - Lovekiller (Val '09)
  19. Eee, so many pretty lines! I'm very happy with my haul of 2G V-Days so far too ♥ ['09 Val x Red] thanks fan139! [Arsani x Pink] thanks Emerald01! [Arsani x Ice] thanks GhostMouse! [Radiant Angel x Pyralspite] thanks Duskspoken! [Arsani x GW] thanks Arula! [Arsani x Green Copper] thanks helix9! Also keeping this beautiful Moonstone: [4G w/Silvers] Thank you Terces! *w* Gonna try and breed a mate for her w/[this] and [this]!
  20. Found these two beauties in the AP just now: [2G Deep Sea x Valentine] ♥ What a beautiful find, & just before the event too o_o Hope I can find a mate for it~ Thank you Koroshiya-Ichi !! [2G Old Pink x M Silver] Eeep, this is gorgeous! *0* Thank you Laura-Lana !!
  21. That's the plan! ♥ And I agree, Neb's are just fantastic with shiny dragons *0*
  22. Thank you! ♥ Also [she] gendered correctly and [this pair] didn't refuse so I'm starting to have really high hopes for this project *0*