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    Hey, I'm Jay! I've been on dragcave a long time and I still love this game a lot, despite my inactivity spells.

    I'm absolutely in love with Blusangs.

    Current Wishlist/
    - CB M Gold or Egg
    - Dinos
    - Chickens
    - CB New Xenowyrms
    - CB Aeon Wyverns
    - CB Female Blue Alcedine
    - CB Cantos: Sophos, Iratus, Motus, Tutela
    - CB Green Coppers
    - CB Stunned Electrics
    - CB New Gemshards
    - CB Silver and Indigo Lunar Heralds
    - CB Pink and Yellow Sapphires (or new eggs)
    - CB Skittish Shumogas
    - CB Pargulus Pygmies

    Breeding Projects/
    - EG Blusangs: Ancestors Named

    Always Looking For/
    - 1st Stage Blusang Hatchies/Eggs (any lineage!) that you're okay with me freezing
    - CB metallics/rares