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My Wishlist and My Prize Dragonstianjinghuizi.png1.I'll always been seeking CB metals and coppers2.English is not my mother language,and I'm not good at it,but I'll do my best to make it understandable and polite.3.I breed common/uncommon/2gen rare/6gen or higher prize dragons for free,PM and tell me what you want,but please don't be rude.4.Welcome to shimmerswap/tinsalswap5.It's a good idea to PM me if you need someone to chat with...of course,in English.I'm happy to make friends and practice language at the same time.6.I take and give IOUs7.能看懂这行字的欢迎前来勾搭~o( =∩ω∩= )m

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    My Project
    ①Doctor Project:
    Moonstone X Sunstone 4gen
    newrelease eggs 4gen
    CB tsunami X CB Nebula 5gen
    ②PB tsunami
    My IOUs
    ①6gen bronze shimmer(sunsong) to amethystfox/sherry4869
    ②4gen tinsal →Lazurite
    ③3gen goldxtsunami checker to Lazurite

    IOUs for me
    ①6gen silver shimmer ← Liu
    ②3gen shimmer form jewel ←Infinis