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  1. Faolan bounded out of the thick undergrowth from where he was hiding. As soon as Midnight had given the command to attack, he was out of that hiding place and onto the deer faster than you could say prey. He ran after the doe when she began to make a run for it. In his mind he mentally congratulated Ace for being able to take a small bite at the doe’s heels. This would mean she wouldn’t be able to run as fast meaning a better chance of success for them. The cold, frosty air whipped at Faolan’s face and the thick snow made it harder for him to run but that didn’t stop the Beta from taking one large leap and sinking his jaws into one of the doe’s legs. This caused her to give a large yelp of pain and almost fall towards the ground but being the persistent little creature she is, the doe continued to keep on sprinting forward, well trying to sprint. If Ace, Midnight or Avion didn’t go in for the final blow then their prey could possibly get away. Although considering all the injuries that she has already, she wouldn’t get very far.
  2. Oh gawd, when I started to read this I realised that I too had made this mistake I was trying to think up another name that Sayla could call Vin in Auxenheim because she forgets what his username/in-game name was and I came up with Vincent Everwinter opposed to Vinnerius Neverwinter, not realising that his real name was Vincent. Do I make any sense here? I have a habit of explaining stuff really badly So sorry about this TUM. The others in the party wouldn't have noticed since Sayla was thinking all of that in her head buuuut I just thought I'd tell you
  3. Faolan stayed at the head of the pack, eagerly padding through the snow and jutting his nose into the air every so often, trying to locate the deer’s scent. Once Ace had told the group what they were trying to kill wait, no they weren’t going to try and kill it, they will kill the deer, Faolan’s excitement and enthusiasm increased by tenth-fold. Yes, he would prefer to eat rabbits and fish over a deer but the latter animal is waay more fun to catch. When Ace detected the faint scent of deer, Faolan quickly bounded after him, making sure his footsteps were light and nimble. He didn’t want to make a blunder or alert the deer that he was coming, not when they were so close to finally having a nice juicy meal to eat. The Beta crouched low to the ground and flattened his ears down towards his head. We’re downwind right now so it’s unlikely that the deer will smell us. thought Faolan as the unsuspecting doe continued to graze. ((Mia, do you want Midnight to give the order to attack?))
  4. I hope you get better soon Mia! Well good news is that I'm finally back and able to roleplay again!
  5. Sorry guys but the next 4, possibly 5 days, I'll be out on a holiday so I won't be able to post anything during that time. If Faolan is needed in any way, please feel free to roleplay him. Ciao!
  6. So old mine it is? And what? So Lil, you're still role-playing as Layla but she's going to be a healer not a dancer?
  7. “Yes, I believe everyone is ready, unless some random fool decides to barge into our little hunting group, we’re ready to roll!” happily barked Faolan. The beta male much preferred hunting than fighting. The thrill of a chase was exceedingly appealing to him and nothing got his blood pumping more than a good hunt. Nobody knew this, well as far as he knows, but Faolan really dislikes wolves physically abusing one another even though he’s known to do it at times towards the omegas but that’s only to keep up his reputation. Who would allow a wolf to become beta if they were a big softie? Trotting out of the camp with the rest of the wolves, Faolan couldn’t be happier. Finally, he was going to get some action after lounging around for most of the day being a boring old couch potato. He just sincerely hoped that the game that Ace spotted would still be lurking around or in their territory. It’d be a huge disappointment if they had to walk home with no rewards or prizes. Talking about what they’re hunting, Ace hadn’t exactly mentioned what he found, did he? “Hey Ace, what exactly are we trying to hunt?” asked Faolan while still plodding along in the thick snow.
  8. Oh my glob, I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting! You should've started the hunting patrol without me, although seeing as you're all kind souls you didn't. I'm so glad that you guys waited for me, all these Christmas parties and family catch-ups are really taking their toll on me. Well I should stop talking now and start posting
  9. I think doing a mini timeskip would be best considering it might get a bit boring with just travelling posts. For what the dungeon is, I don't really mind about that. You guys can decide.
  10. ((Sure Mia! I’m fine with Ace killing the deer )) Faolan watched as Nuntis decided to go join Orion and Max for border patrol instead of following her Alpha’s instructions and joining him and the others on a hunting trip. He narrowed his topaz eyes at the golden wolf, not trusting her one bit. Tch, Nuntis can go disobey Midnight’s orders for all I care (sense the sarcasm here). I wonder what her motives are for going on border patrol since that sorry excuse of ‘the hunting party shouldn't need me...They're full as is’ is totally untrue. There were originally supposed to be five wolves going, not three. “Midnight, it seems that Nuntis has opted to go with the border patrol group instead. If that’s the case then the hunting party is ready to go, that is if you would like to join us as Ace has already suggested.” Faolan told with respect. ((Sorry for short reply, I’m kind of suffering from writers block))
  11. Blossom Angels VS Coral Frill-Gill VS Indigo Fire Mercury Pygmy VS Phantasm Dragon Skymaster Ampipthere VS Tanglewyrm
  12. Ahh! I'm so sorry for making you edit your posts! I didn't realise how important the situation was!
  13. Oh no that's alright! When Faolan thought 'We don’t need cry-babies in the pack' it was just like a side comment or you could even call it a metaphor. He also didn't know how erm...sad/disappointed Max and also didn't know it was a temporary thing so he kind of just spoke what was on his mind, if that makes any sense? Lol, I suck at explaining things. So yeah, sorry if there was any confusing points in my latest post
  14. Can't wait to see what the new Christmas Dragons look like!
  15. I'm eating biscuit that I found but unfortunately it's stale
  16. Accepted! Travelling Asia! Travellers involved: 0023567467, Phantomofthewolves Capitals travelled: Singapore, Damascus I hope you enjoy your stay
  17. As Midnight approached the little group of wolves, Faolan bowed his head in respect to the Alpha female. Even though he had a high rank within the pack, Midnight would always be first in line therefore he would have to show his respect to her. “As you wish Midnight. I’ll go fetch the other wolves’ now.” replied Faolan as he bounded off to go rally all the other wolves who were requested to join the hunting party. As he padded away from Ace and Midnight, Faolan was faintly able to hear Ace say that Harmony was unable to join them. If it weren't for his sharp hearing, he would’ve been running around like a weirdo trying to find Harmony. So who was hunting with us again? Oh that’s right! All I need to do I find Avion and Nuntis since Harmony isn’t joining us and Ace is already counted for. Faolan had no problem with Avion joining them it was only Nuntis who he had a slight dispute with. If she tried anything fishy while out hunting then she better be prepared for a beating. No, Faolan was not being biased since it will be her fault if she places one claw out of line. Out of the corner of his peripheral vision, Faolan was able to spot the distinct figure of Avion. He veered away from his original course and walked towards the Subordinate who was talking with Maxine and Aurora. Taking another look at Maxine, the female wolf looked really sad about something. Oh! It must’ve been because she wasn’t invited to go hunting. Well she should just suck it up, build a bridge and get over it. We don’t need cry-babies in the pack. “Avion, Midnight has requested that you join Ace and I as well as Nuntis in a hunting patrol. Ace claimed that he saw some fair game in the woods today and would like to go hunt it, meet him at the entrance while I go find Nuntis.” said Faolan in a voice ringing of authority and power. “Oh and Maxine, if you can’t get over the fact that you weren’t chosen to go hunting then you’ve got a long way to go.” he added in a somewhat nicer tone. After leaving the group of three, Faolan then tracked down Nuntis’s scent which led him into the Omega’s den. His face wrinkled in disgust at the pitiful site of all the omega’s in the pack lying there without a care in the world. He quickly made his way towards Nuntis who surprisingly was talking to Zyke. I never knew Zyke was on good terms with Nuntis. Maybe they’re secretly going out? Ew, that’d be soo gross. But seriously, why would Nuntis of all places be here? Is Zyke possibly siding with her instead of Midnight? Before Faolan could get lost in a swirling mass of questions, he barged past Zyke, growling at the Omega, and addressed Nuntis without trying to claw her face off. “Nuntis, Midnight has asked you to go on a hunting trip. Come, whatever you’re doing now can wait until later.” Without waiting for a reply Faolan briskly padded out of the den and walked back to where the entrance was, hopefully Avion was there by now.
  18. Sorry for being so inactive guys, I've had a lot on my mind these past few days. Anyway, does anyone want to travel to Singapore? I'm sure it's worth the visit! Ticket to Singapore!
  19. I'm also going to be kind of inactive during the Christmas break (but will still be able to post) but will be inactive during the 25th-28th. I'll probably be able to be more active again when the New Year comes around. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!
  20. A deep guttural growl escaped Faolan’s mouth as he pounced on the unsuspecting deer that was roaming in the forest, unaware of the dangerous and hungry wolf that was about to snap its neck. The male beta wolf had a pleasing look in his eyes as he successfully killed the slow footed herbivore and was about to sink his sharp teeth into the deer to have a taste of the succulent meat. The only problem was…it was a dream. A surprisingly pleasant dream at that. Faolan blearily opened one of his topaz eyes as the annoying yap of Ace woke him up from his sleep. And I was just getting to the good part of the dream where I could finally take a bite out of that silly deer. No matter, I need to get up anyway, I’ve been lazing around far too long. The multi-coloured wolf groggily got to his paws before taking a big stretch and an even bigger yawn. Faolan then made his way towards the pacing Ace but before he could reach the lower ranked pack mate, Nuntis just happened to walk past him. His eyes narrowed at the she-wolf who always seems to get on his nerves. Despite her good looks, Faolan despised Midnight’s sister. She’s the one who’s trying to overthrow his leader and become the next ruler of the pack, something that will never happen as long as he still lives. Putting Nuntis and her scheming ways to the back of his mind, Faolan calmly approached Ace. “As far as I know I haven’t seen Midnight since this morning but the pack hasn’t had a reasonable meal in days with food being so scarce nowadays. If what you have said is true then I’d gladly hunt this beast down.” replied Faolan in a composed voice. If Midnight isn’t spotted within five minutes and hasn’t let them leave without her consent then Faolan might as well just let them go and hunt, that is if they get more wolves to join them.
  21. Watching Attack on Titan for the first time and I must say so many people die in this anime! It's like 'Hmm, you die, and you, and you, and you and don't forget about you.'
  22. Mockingjay would have to be my least favourite out of the Hunger Games series and I was hoping that the movie would change my mind on how dull the book was but nope. It was soo boring and dragged out unnecessary scenes from the book. But overall, the movie was alright. Not my favourite film in the whole entire world but definitely not my least. The ending was a bit weird for me though, I wish it stopped with Peeta strangling Katniss instead of him thrashing around on the bed.
  23. Thank you so much Dauntingale for approving this rp! I can't wait to start role-playing with the others now
  24. *raises hand* I'm still present. I'm on holidays as well like Marcus and I thought the RP had died but yeah, I'm still here.
  25. Oh Ouija Boards are so fun to mess around with! I only actually heard of their existence about a couple of days ago and it sounded pretty creepy to me at first but I got over it pretty quickly. A friend and I played it yesterday with a bit of cardboard, we decided to do it outside her house since the local park has a massive river running through it and we didn't want to get drowned by the spirit. At first nothing happened when we asked the spirit if it was going to be nice or evil to us but then it started to move ever so slowly. Finally the letters spelt out evil and I was so creeped out and scared then. After that I ran away screaming because I was scared and stuff but then my friend told me it was actually her that was moving the cup, I felt like a complete idiot then. I haven't played it since but I'd like to do it again and see if anything 'exciting' happens.