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  1. Ok, took a bit of a break from here but I kept reading so here's a biggish update. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 897 Book Title: Under the Dome Author: Stephen King Summary: A town gets stuck under a dome and the citizens try to figure out how to get out from under it before they all die. Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 142 Book Title: A Highlander for Christmas * Author: Jamie Carie Summary: And Englishwoman gets shipped off to her relatives in Scotland where she falls in love with the beauty of the land and the handsomeness of one of it's clan chieftains. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 244 Book Title: The Blue Door * (one tasteful one at the end of the book) Author: Alice White Summary: A modern day girl finds a strange blue door where it shouldn't be. It is open and her curiosity makes her walk through it where she is transported to the 1800's. There she meets the missing Lord that used to live in the house and they fall in love and travel through time helping people out along the way. Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 193 Book Title: S*** My Dad Says (can't link to the Amazon page for it because the forum is blocking the first word of the title in the link. ) Author: Justin Halpern Summary: Justin relays what it was like growing up with his father and some of the weird "life lessons" he bestowed on his youngest son. Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages: 488 Book Title: The Hangman's Daughter Author: Oliver Potzsch Summary: Orphaned children are being brutally murdered in 17th century Bavaria. The Hangman and local young doctor try and figure out who is really doing it before the local midwife is burned at the stake for witchcraft. Book Number: 18 Number Of Pages: 320 Book Title: A Reliable Wife * Author: Robert Goolrick Summary: An old man puts an ad in the paper for a "reliable wife" to marry in his old age. A woman answers who isn't exactly what she appears to be. Book Number: 19 Number Of Pages: 501 Book Title: Divergent Author: Veronica Roth Summary: A coming of age story about a girl who changes her stars and saves the city of Chicago in post apocalyptic era. Book Number: 20 Number Of Pages: 897 Book Title: Outlander * Author: Diana Gabaldon Summary: A WWII English nurse touches some ancient standing stones in Scotland and gets transported back in time to 1743 where she meets a clan of Scotmen during a time when it is not such a good thing to have an English accent in Scotland. She ends up being forced to marry one of the clansmen to keep both of their heads from the hangman's noose and they end up falling in love while trying to be nearly killed every day in the wilds of 18th century Scotland. *contains sexual scenes. May not be appropriate for those under the age of 18. And a few more that didn't quite make the cut. LOL!
  2. I'd like to join and use this post to keep track if that is ok. My scroll name is MeiTow and not SanguineWolf if that matters.
  3. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 272 Book Title: License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver Author: Rick Harrison Summary: Just Rick talking about how he got into the pawn business and some stories from his pawn shop pre and post Pawn Stars. I got a 3ds for Christmas so I have a feeling that my reading is going to be cut down for a couple of months as I play with my new toy.
  4. SanguineWolf

    Z Project

    A "reject" from my 50th Anniversary Special Doctor Who line. The parents have temp names until I get the last guy bred so I can see how I need to name them to get the quote right. 3rd Gen yellow-crown Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Aaah, that's crazy. Thanks for answering guys. This is my first Christmas so trying to grab some up for collecting.
  6. Why am I not allowed to influence the holiday eggs?
  7. Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 112 (estimated) Book Title: The Zulu Warrior Author: Andrew Barlow Summary: The narrator retells the story of his life as a warrior during Shaka's and his successor Dingane's rule over the Zulu empire.
  8. Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 234 Book Title: The Druids Trilogy: Reapers, Bled, Harvest Author: Marata Eros Summary: A novella trilogy. The vampire females are sterile. The males must breed with human women with Druid blood to produce more vampires. The Druids are rare and must be shared. Cole decides the one he's just found, an extremely rare pureblood, is his and his alone and he will do anything to keep her to himself. Disclaimer: TDS is a mixed-genre work in the following categories: Dark Erotica/paranormal/horror with a touch of romance that includes the following elements: non-vanilla, alpha-male to the max, non-con themes (such as forced/marginal consent, amongst others), horrific undertones, freight train-like violence and pacing, with boundaries that not only push, but plow through barriers. Adult Audiences (18+) .
  9. Book Number: 9 Number Of Pages: 387 Book Title: Little Brother Author: Cory Doctorow Summary: A tech savvy teenager and his friends are arrested and interegated after a terrorist attack on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Once he's released he decides to take down the Department of Homeland Security and their ridiculous new laws.
  10. SanguineWolf

    Z Project

    A Twofer (both start with z8---): Claim my hatchlings! They should both gender female (I gendered them the way I wanted them and just realized they were Zs). LOL! Both caveborn. One black tea and one yellow crown. Also, purple you are most welcome for the 4-pack (sorry so late in replying. I don't check this thread very often since I don't collect, only give. )) --Snagged by Calenmir
  11. FINALLY...FINALLY my last 2nd gen pair for my bleeding moon line FINALLY graced me with an egg! So, I can finally continue this darn line once it grows up! lolol Also going to start on my Curator Line as well.
  12. Sure can! As the first page says though, you'll have to start your book count from now instead of when the challenge started. There might be a sign-up form you need to fill out (I can't remember, it's on the first or second post). Have fun and enjoy reading! Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 182 Book Title: The Chronicles of Mars Author: Ray Bradbury Summary: A collection of short stories about the colonization of Mars.
  13. Thought I would add these in case someone didn't know about them. http://www.gutenberg.org/ http://www.online-literature.com/
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    Z Project

    A Z/z four pack. Two capital Zs and two lower case z's. All lair born. 3 low time eggs and 1 hatchie. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. Book Number:6 Number Of Pages:172 Book Title: Herland Author: Charlotte Gilman Summary: Three men go looking for a country filled with only women. Once captured their ideas about their society and how they treat their women are challenged by the inhabitants of Herland. Book Number:7 Number Of Pages: 207 Book Title: Frankenstein Author: Mary Shelley Summary: It's Frankenstein...does it need a summary?
  16. It is very late at night (almost 3am!) so I will elaborate later BUT I wanted to claim a 50th ann quote as well. I'd like to claim the dialog between 11 and the curator of the museum at the end of the episode. I had so much squee that when we watched the re-air at 7:00, I still squeed and then forced my hubby to stop watching what he was watching at the end of the 3rd re-air just to see it a third time and continue the squee! I will get the quote written out and breeds picked tomorrow when I've had some sleepies. Edit: I'd like to do a 5th gen male fleshcrowne -- female grave/male grave -- female yellow crown first gen line and then do a male flesh/female yellow crown from that. Here is my quote. As you can see, I've already started the line process. LOL! I never forget a face I know you don't And in the years to come you might find yourself revisiting a few but just the old favorites eh You were curious about this painting I think I acquired it in remarkable circumstances What do you make of the title Well which title there's two No More or Gallifrey Falls No you see that's where everybody's wrong It's all one title Gallifrey Falls No More Now what would you think that means That Gallifrey didn't fall It worked It's still out there I'm only a humble curator I'm sure I wouldn't know Then where is it Where is it indeed Lost --Shhh --Perhaps Things do get lost you know Now you must excuse me Oh you have a lot to do Is that what I'm supposed to do now Go looking for Gallifrey That's entirely up to you Your choice I can only tell you what I would do if I were you If I were you -Perhaps I was you of course Or perhaps you are me Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way Who knows WHO knows Also, my Tooth and Claw lineage needs to be updated in spreadsheet to be 5th gen starting with the line --Ian Dury and The Blockheads-- and ending with the line --1879. Same difference.--
  17. SanguineWolf

    Z Project

    Two Z babies up for grabs. One is a cb dusk and the other is a lumina shimmerfail (from Jewel). Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. I did look for them on Amazon but there were copies of the book that didn't count and copies that did so I left it up to you guys.
  19. I missed out on the zombification as my Internet decided to go poof around 11:30 yesterday. *cries* On a good note, these eggs/hatchies are awesome!
  20. My fortune for the day: Eat well, sleep well, and laugh often. You're starting to look a little worse for wear.
  21. As a Wiccan, I find the dragon riding the broom with the witch's hat incredibly adorable! I'm still waiting for the cat in the hat. I also LURVE the rattie! What's the deal with the "buy something from the store" link that just shows you your trick or treat bag?
  22. Awesome Doctor Who reference. I just got "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" as my fortune. LOL!
  23. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: Not sure as I read it through the kindle phone app. Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Author: Lewis Carroll Summary: A girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole and has a really weird journey through an upside down, fantastical world of talking animals and animated playing cards. Rating: Eh, about a 3 Review: The second book I've had to read in my sci-fi/fantasy mooc class (along with its twin Through the Looking Glass that I am in the middle of now) for the second week of class. I'm not sure what the hooplah is about this book. I found it rather mediocre. A nice weekend read though, I suppose. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: Not sure as I read it through the kindle phone app. Book Title: Through the Looking Glass Author: Lewis Carroll Summary: Sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice steps through the mirror in her sitting room and goes on another weird adventure. Rating: A 3 as well. Review: Feel about the same with this book as I did with Alice. It's mediocre and I'm not sure what the big deal is with Carroll's writing.
  24. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: ~ 193 (according to my e-reader) Book Title: Grimm's Household Stories Author: The Grimm Brothers - translated by Lucy Crane Summary: A collection of around 50 or so of Grimm's fairy tales. Read it as part of my sci-fi and fantasy mooc class. Rating: I love folklore so a definite 5 for me. I have a "complete" works on my bookshelf that I will read eventually. Review: It's Grimm's fairy tales...what else can I say?
  25. I'd love to be added to these. As an aside, I need to read this thread more often. Keep missing a lot of good lines. LOL! Update on my own lines. Just sent out the 4th person's Flesh and Stone pm to claim their egg so that list will open again soon. My Tooth and Claw lineage has been at a standstill for weeks because of my last set of 2nd gens "not showing much interest" in each other. :\