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    I've been a Halo fan since I was 6. I have/played all but three of them, I do believe.
  2. I got LoZ: Ocarina of Time 3D last Christmas. It's amazing. ^^
  3. rabdom

    Pokemon Games

    I personally love Ruby, since it was the first Pokemon gave I've ever gotten/beaten. My secound would have to be Pearl.
  4. rabdom

    Portal 2

    I've played the game a bit, and so far it seems better than the first.
  5. My gamer tag is Kcx245. Not any new releases for me yet, though I'm personally hoping they'll make a new game for the Elder Scrolls series soon.
  6. Id currently have to go with Pinball.
  7. I sort of can't wait for them to come out, since I only have two games for my 3DS that I actively play.
  8. You know you've been playing a game too long when you start referencing them in jokes or see something out in public that instantly makes you think of that game, regardless if it has anything to do with it.
  9. I died via a giant deciding to throw me fifty feet in the air with my Dark Elf on Skyrim. I also accidently drowned my High Elf because I thought I was still playing my Argonian character.
  10. One does not simply ride giant cats into Mordor.
  11. vegans under your toaster urgently undergo goverment vitalities. sdadsf