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  1. Here are my 2 Bloodscales (I love their appearance and I also love 2-headed)


    They're named Odeeno and Odeena because they're both male and female.

    Odeeno has an approved description biggrin.gif

    Odeeno: /view/v7L4G[/url]

    Odeena: -please use lineage links on the forum- /view/JqrEC[/url]


    Well they already have a son/daughter that was dropped to the AP (I love dropping eggs there).

  2. The reason I love AP so much because of its low time, i don't have to wait 3 days for it to hatch It becomes ER after a few hours.


    Also sometimes people are SO generous. I currently have 9 nebula dragons. 1 of it is poached from the cave by me, the rest are from AP.