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  1. Name of game: Silent Hill 4: The Room what level/part made you scared : The Room of Angel and did you continue playing or did you stop?: Continued playing
  2. My mum has fully Irish ancestors which date back 300 years ago. My dad is a mix of English, Scottish and Romanian. So yeah, I'm half Irish, quater English and an eighth Romanian and Scottish. Wow my family race is messed up.
  3. 7/10 Again, I don't know anyone here. #Foreveralone
  4. I've got 3: 1: Wasted on Need for Madness Multiplayer. 2: Insta-killed by Nancy on Tekken 6. 3: Sawed in half on Anarchy Reigns.
  5. I don't know you, but you seem mature. 7/10
  6. It's easy really. I post, then the one who posts after will rate my maturity. And that'll keep going on and on. Simple as that. Rules: No double posting; you cannot rate yourself. No rating a mature member down simply because they rated you immature. e.g: Immature member: i r8 u 1/10 cuz ur new Mature member: 1/10 Immature member: omg u r8ed me doun. i giv u 0/10 4 it Got it? Starts with me, guessing will apply here. =P