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I will consider IOUs on a case-by-case basis ~ My Scroll ~ My Breeding Lists & Rules & Wishlist ~ I take breeding requests, just read the rules then ask.

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    I don't play very much anymore ~ so don't expect quick replies

    My CB shimmers (Storm & Tsunami) - Trade requests OPEN. I will consider reasonable trade offers only ~ please do not offer a pile of common hatchlings. 2G prize swaps are always welcome. :)

    ~ I will consider IOUs on a case-by-case basis ~

    Wish List:
    CB Golds
    CB Xenos and Zyus ~ see wishlist in my sig
    mate for him - https://dragcave.net/lineage/V83FV
    undine alts
    curled black alt

    Other things I like:
    - Doctor Who Lineages!
    - Offspring from Spriter alts or other unique dragons (CB alts, glitch dragons, etc)
    - CB dragons with words for codes, or even gen offspring where all CBs have words for codes. Example - http://dragcave.net/lineage/hut8X
    - Thuweds ~ even gen where all CBs are Thuweds (3G preferred) or low gen even/stair/spiral pygmy/drake/2head Thuweds
    - Zombie lineages
    - Even gen Ice x Blue Nebula unrelated to dragons already in my project
    - Hatchlings to freeze and CBs to complete my scroll ~ see the wish list in the link in my sig

    I love even gen & checker lineages, I don't like inbreeding, and I don't need any more unbreedables (except ND). :)