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  1. How much would breeding ~200 dragons backlog the AP anyway?
  2. I have about 200+ common breeds.
  3. How much did this Description Force actually help the backlog?
  4. I mean breeding every dragon I can possibly breed on my scroll in the effort of flooding the AP with more eggs. Is this considered wrong?
  5. https://i.imgur.com/BfMB2Uo.jpg
  6. An eleven year old girl who has the incessant need to use emoticons and ** actions in all of their posts, and can't take criticism. 9/10
  7. 1/10 You have a pony as your avatar, you have poor grammar. You spelled Edgar Allen Poe's name wrong.
  8. 9/10 You don't seem to be the stereotypical dragon cave user.
  9. 2/10 You seem like an 11 year old girl who needs to use actions in every post. Plus you have a brony picture in your signature, and pokemon.