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  1. thanks a bunch :) I definitely have a lot of fun doing silly things like that.
  2. Hey there. I’ve been working on my art lately (drawing people more recently) and I just wanted to share with the forum. Hope you all enjoy 😊
  3. Thank you both sorry I'm not really taking requests right now as I'm both lazy and quite busy xP but maybe if you get on my good side I might consider it haha
  4. Hey guys its been almost three years i think since ive been on here, anyways i had some art classes and my art have improved. I figured it would be cool to show some of my work that i did so here you go. Dragons- All of my dragons are 100% original. meaning i used no references and they all came from my head. If you like them let me know! Do not use these without my permission please and thank you! ^A paper child I did with diferent breaths ^an oil painting of a dragon eye, the actual finished painting has different fire on the bottom but i dont have a good picture of it on my computer. ^An acrylic painting i did for fun of a random fluffy dragon. ^Colored pencils. this was an art project. it was supposed to be using complimentary colors Peacocks- these I did for fun just for learning experiences. I used photos of actual peacocks they are not from my head or photos. I dont have links to the original photos though. ^this is an oil painting i did in an hour ^A scratch board I did for my cousin People- ^this is purely my original work, i came up with in my head. My family says it looks quite similar to my mother which i find interesting... ^this is another original character. I had been wanting to do a guy with a dream catcher tattoo on half his face. This came from my head also. Anyways just posting this here to share and to reintroduce myself to the community. If you have any questions or want to get to know me feel free to message me whenever. I'm a pretty chill guy always up to making new friends. Not really looking for critique, because some of these aren't that recent and i know mostly what needs to be fixed already, but i am fine with a few pointers just don't be harsh. As always don't use any of my work without my permission!
  5. I have a request. I have seen some people who have some of these avatars, and it confuses me with the original artist, so on the avatars, can there be a little Dcave logo thing?.. thanks!
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    What does this have to do with Twilight?....
  7. WHat if it was more of a kit.. a make your own dragon kit?... with the fabric and instructions etc..?...