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  1. *Pops in randomly* Ohey this discussion Personally, I think that until you're done with puberty, you shouldn't be anywhere near an M rated game. After that point, it should be done by parental discretion. Of course that raises all the issues of parents not paying any attention anyways... Around 16-17, or as far as 25, you're mature enough to go ahead and do whatever in my opinion, but when you reach that point can be really iffy and I don't really have a surefire way to judge. But it's probably around the time you stop thinking you're entitled to choose for yourself what games you play Even more personally, I've pretty much been disallowed M rated games in general because of my parents (though my mom is sorta anti-video game in general, so yeah) So I haven't really developed an affinity for the standard stuff that gets them rated that. I'm perfectly content with Kirby and Pokemon owo My personal guidelines I apply to myself are something like this: Sexual content should be limited to minor innuendo and jokes and maybe some making out, but preferably not. I don't enjoy seeing that kind of stuff normally, and I enjoy it less when it's doing that instead of letting me solve a puzzle or something Active drug use of screen is instant no, and to a lesser extent excessive drinking (if it's Played for Laughs I'm usually cool with drinking, but then it's probably not M) Blood and gore. I'm most lenient here, and most M games I'd play will be some because of this. I don't mind blood in the slightest, so long as it's red (or whatever color aliens have, I just don't like "tainted" blood like zombies and whatnot) But if things get to gory I'd just rather not. I'm a fairly squeamish person, and excessive gore is just gross; Any kind of insect creature eating meat, human or otherwise, is no Human cannibalism is no Though the above basically rules it out, non-cartoon zombies are no And lastly, it damn well better be fun, because I just spent three hours explaining to my mom why I want to play it despite the rating If it doesn't fit into all that, chances are I won't like it. That pretty well rules out %90 of M games, as well as several other games. I've never really been fazed by people telling me how amazing [insert M game fad of the year here] is, because I know that I couldn't enjoy it anyway If you're into CoD or whatever, that's fine though. So long as your parents are okay with it. And I'd even go so far as to suggest you try to talk about your gaming habits with your parents, even though chances are they won't care. Or they might care and be horrified and make you stop, but at least they care, right? ^^
  2. So I just wanted to appear and say "I told you so" Don't even remember who I was arguing its tier with. But I had to say it, because I'm kind of a dick when I'm right owo http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/salamence
  3. I won't be getting Omega Christmas, and that's assuming I get lucky ;n;
  4. So, I just saw Zinnia and *Shoves to the top of the cosplay list* OMG this is amazing
  5. Introvert is an understatement. I struggle a lot with communicating with people I actually tried that last night before coming on here (after some babbling about how I was terrible at facing my issues head on, I was finally convinced to just go do it, stupid amazing girlfriend being all mature) He basically said he was upset because he couldn't help me. To which I responded that I didn't need help. And then he basically insisted I did. It just seems like whenever I open up to someone, something that freaks them out or they're convinced is wrong comes up and they take it upon themselves to fix me. I just really need less people trying to "help" and more people who will just let me exist in my creepy little way Also this is almost a direct quote from one of my other friends who is like this >_> (Apparently I have it memorized ) Of course then darkness or blood or something comes up and everyone freaks out and yells at me
  6. So hi, I think it's time I revisited this thread (well, technically I haven't touched this one, just the pre-split one, but shh) So long story short, I have a friend who keeps telling me to "be myself" (or similar equivalent) but then whenever I try, they always end up upset with me for one reason or another (actually I have multiple friends like this, just one that I actually care about enough for it to upset me) And I really just have no idea what to do, it's not like I'm a total *** (I'm more like that when I'm hiding myself, actually...) and I just don't know what to do. It sometimes seems a lot more like they're saying "be what I think is okay" Which is basically the exact opposite of what their words mean I'm just really, really confused and have no idea what to do except sit here and cry over my social ineptitude and apparent incompatibility with %95 of other humans
  7. "or any references to squid." Well technically Vel'Koz is a hovering hentai nightmare, not a squid ...Okay, so I should probably expect stuff like this coming from me, but still...
  8. Well, it's been ages since I appeared here. Here's me trying on the dress Ima wear to a school dance next week
  9. So it's nearing Christmastime (and Thanksgiving is coming up for us Americans) So I thought I'd appear and state my current opinion on this topic, which is probably the same as last time I was here *Looks up* Oh, wait, no it's not Still do the whole "and you" thing. But I'm back to being upset about "Happy Holidays." And pretty much for the same reasoning given in the above post. Actually, I'm thinking every time I hear Happy Holidays Ima respond with Appropriate Remark... Certainly sounds like something I'd do Also, Season's Greetings, as I recall, isn't so much a way of avoiding mentioning a specific holiday as an older, in fact a bit outdated, Christmas well-wish. Which is to say, when it says "season" it means Christmas, not winter. Could be wrong, but I think I recall seeing that somewhere
  10. Okay, this is an interesting subject I think in both words and pictures pretty equally. Sometimes words run through my head as I think, and sometimes images (I am very, very good at visualizing things too) When I need to find something I usually scroll through pictures, whereas if I'm trying to talk or write something words just pop up
  11. NO NO NO Y?! Why couldn't it be Gamestop? or at least Target ;n; (I probably won't be getting OR until February anyways, but still ono)
  12. I have no money ;n; Exactly this It's not like the Latis are hard to get without the Eon Ticket. And as I've said several times over, it's a great way to promote the usage of streetpass. All those people you guys keep talking about who don't go out with their 3DSs in their pockets? They'll be going out now because they want their Eon Tickets (they may also get in the habit of carrying it with them and continue doing so)
  13. So I just spent an hour trying to explain why I don't like D_AB and I can't really But basically, it's for the same reason I don't like people saying "[gender] with a [sex] body" which I also can't really explain. I just... I don't see either as exactly true? And I think I've already pretty well stated that I think truth is far more important than feeling multiple times over across this site
  14. So basically nowhere I'd go within a hundred feet of, got it From home tho? That has me curious...
  15. Basically what I mean is that there's a fine line between someone not knowing and something being too uncommon to be useful. It's not so much amount as purpose I suppose I just can't see beyond the practical application of labels. To me they're just a way to relate to others and generalize so people can quickly and easily understand; without that (and I guess using them as more than that), I really see no need for them and we may as well just drop them and let people be who they are The way I see it, if someone's never going to run into another person with the same label you apply to yourself, it's a waste of time using it and you're wasting your breath explaining it If I'm one of only a thousand people using a label, the likelihood of someone I meet ever meeting another person also using the same label is exceedingly small. I suppose it can still be used for relating to those other thousand people, but then the likelihood of me ever encountering one is minimal and all it really does is make me harder to empathize with for others I think I'm just going to fall back on my previously stated opinion that labels are necessary evils (ones which I admittedly help along) and leave it at that
  16. Well yes, that's why demisexual is an important label to have But when it gets to the point where you're taking on a label that you'll have to explain every time you use it* (or just expect people to take it as an answer and Google it if they don't know what it means) Then it loses its usefulness and becomes unnecessary *So like if even when you're in a group of people who are all very well informed on sexuality and no one there has any idea what you just said when you bring up your preferred label Also I'm sure you of all people won't be surprised how many times I've had to explain words that I thought simple to people (I mean seriously, how can you not know what comprehend means?!) The English language is spoken, but there are many words that the majority of people don't know and have no use beyond being more specific ways of saying things. And while I don't think we should forgo all advanced vocabulary, it's not all that useful in conversation
  17. Hmm, interesting. I've got something like that going on (it's also kinda driving me nuts, long story that will probably make a lot of people mad if I explain) Also I can sort of agree that we have way too many terms. But as I mentioned a few posts back (I think that was this thread) there will always be more and they are necessary... Almost. There's way too many unique people in this world to give a term to every one of them (point me to two people who experience sexual feelings in the exact same way, please) At some point we really do have to stop trying to look for terms that fit us exactly and start generalizing. That's the whole point of labels, to generalize so we can just say "I'm this" and people can recognize it and immediately understand (and if they don't they can go look it up and they'll get it for everyone who is that afterward). When we have too many, it becomes useless because we start using terms that next to no one has ever heard of. The point of a label isn't to say "I'm this go look it up," it's to associate you with a group so that exactly what you are doesn't need explained every time it comes up TL;DR labels are necessary, but too many labels nullify their use Also if we use overall more general labels then we can say things easily understood, and if someone wants to know more we can explain it to them (after all, a firsthand account is a lot better than a wiki) So yeah, hi, anyways, currently I'm defining myself as asexual. Not exactly true, but I don't have a better term for it and it gets the point across (let's just say I could also call myself pansexual and it would be equally true >_<) EDIT: Oh, also panromantic, always forget to mention that
  18. Wait those actually exist? Okay but seriously only time my DS has claimed there was one nearby I was on the freeway Also, hacking to get a Latios/as? Those are some of the easiest legends to get aside from mascots. We've gotten a pair like every other game. And you do still get one via the normal story, right? It's not like they're saying Streetpass or you can't fly around Hoenn I really don't take issue with it at all, it encourages Streetpassing (which I love and wish more people did) and it's a distribution, optional, extra. It's not something required to win, and it's a good way to put it out (also I assume it will keep working forever since Streetpass is built into the 3DS, which is neat) Also I think I mentioned I get Streetpasses a couple times a month and one or two of them of them are usually my one friend who also has a 3DS (I am hopeful this will get people with ORAS out and passing more, I love Streetpass)
  19. Everything changed when I realized that maybe the problem wasn't the others but maybe myself, for about 1 to almost 2 years I used to blame everybody around me, then I realized that maybe I wasn't very talented, 1300 elo was probably my skill level and that I should accept it and play the game in a more friendly perspective.
  20. ...I like the Streetpassed Eon Ticket, I mean, I don't usually get more than one or two a month, but it's a great way to utilize the Streetpass mechanic and put out an event. So long as we can get at least one of the Latis in-game without it (for flight stuffs) Then I'm content with how they're going about the extra (It may help that I have both Latis in Y though owo)
  21. Okay, I did not have what I thought I had... Lemme find the one I thought it was >_< There, happy songs and not FTW
  22. Secret missions? As in not just the random normal stuff? ... Dangit, I don't want to go play a demo for hours upon hours
  23. OMG I'd love to have Anges <3 Also the stat differences are minimal except in the early game, which admittedly does effect minmaxing but still I figure they'll hop the magic route for her, since that's kind of what she's "advertised" as. Plus the whole Vestal thing is sorta mystical-like Though I do kind of doubt it will happen, it would be super awesome. Yet another reason to desperately want the game owo
  24. Yes, exactly my opinion. WTF GF, who wants Potions? IMO, if you need more than the maybe one Potion it takes t off your rival, you're either doing it wrong or ten (Lrn2statuspeoplez)