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~~ My Scroll ~~ 

I own a CB Female Silver Tinsel; Trade Info is on my Profile. I will accept IOUs. Just message me!

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    I won a CB Silver Tinsel​​​​​​​ in September's raffle!

    Second Gen Prize Information:
    I will trade 2G Prizes from my female Silver Tinsel, her name will be Lucky Silver Penny, currently being held by one of my other dragons.
    Listed below are my rules for trading and for IOUs.
    ~ I reserve the right to keep or trade any egg my Tinsel produces, regardless of the waiting list.
    ~ However, my Waiting List will take priority over regular trades.
    ~ I will only keep 3 people on my waiting lists at a time. If it is full, please do not contact me. I will keep it as up to date as possible (Once something has been bred and accepted, the list will be edited within ~24 hours.
    ~ I will only wait for you to accept an egg for a maximum of 48 hours, if you do not accept it within that time, I reserve the right to trade that egg away. I will offer the next egg she produces from that pairing to you.
    ~ You may feel free to request specific mates for her. I would prefer if you offered a list of mates you would find acceptable for me to pick and choose from.
    ~ If you request a mate which I do not have, you may either provide an egg, or I can try to catch an egg of that type - please note that if you choose to wait for me to catch it for you, you may have to wait a long time as I have not had a ton of luck finding rares.
    ~ Holiday Mates - Unless you offer me something very good, I will not be breeding Penny with Holiday dragons during their (the holiday dragon's) breeding season.
    ~ If you request something and it refuses to breed, I will rebreed for free. Please note that these will be done as I can manage them and will be at the bottom of my list. (This will be the only time that my Waiting Lists will be more than 3 users long.)
    ~ Please be patient. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
    ~ IOUs will be accepted. The conditions for me to accept an IOU are that you have proven that you can fulfill your side of the IOU - either that you have proof of completed IOUs in the past, or that you have at least part of the IOU at the time of request.
    ~ 2G Gifts may be given. You may PM me politely to request a gift for yourself or someone else, but I reserve the right to deny it. Please provide your reasoning in your message.
    ~ Here is a generic list of what I am looking for in exchange for a 2G Tinsel :: 2G SAlt Kin, 2G Prize Swaps (I am partial to Silver Shimmers), CB Neglecteds, CB Golds, CB Silvers, Unbreedables, Special Codes, Date Codes ( 9/1/19, 5/10/18, 12/24/17 ).

    2G Tinsel Waiting List

    2G Tinsel Fail Waiting List
    ~ 1 x Red Dragon

    Successful Mates
    Spotted Green Wing - 1 Fail, 1 Prize
    GoN - 1 Prize
    Shadow Walker - 1 Prize
    Arcana - 1 Prize

    Rejected Mates
    None so far

    Available CB Holiday Mates
    Grave ;; Arcana ;; Shadow Walker ;; Black Marrow ;; Caligene ;; Omen ;; Cavern Lurker ;; Desipis ;; Witchlight
    Radiant Angel