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  1. I just realized - the lovely 4th gen, even gen gold a generous person gifted me is a Thuwed!!! Gasp!! Shock!! (faints) Now to work out a name - *starts cogitating* Worked out a name! Aurea Urjeciko Thuwed
  2. Not mine, but checked a dragon's lineage on the congrats thread, and found this code right at the top of the page - -removed, please don't post dragons that are not yours
  3. grats! always feels good when a crossbreeding succeeds
  4. Bred my first rare x rare - silver x magma, and got a silver! The magma is caveborn, and the silver's lineage isn't too bad. Better yet, code is UpSuL. Hmm. I've influenced it male, as I have a female silver already. Decisions, decisions - keep or trade?
  5. Thanks Time to give it a name, then. The lineage is waaaaay too messy to breed from, so I'll just keep it. Total Dog's breakfast of a lineage. tbh.
  6. Got this little white hatchling from the abandoned cave possible dorkface The original pair don't show up on it's lineage, but do show up on its mother's lineage, Golden Sparkleface Dorkface Is this little one a Dorkface?
  7. Think I just got my first Dorkface from the abandoned cave lineage Does it count if the original pair are too far back to be seen on this hatchling's lineage page?