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  1. Such gorgeous eggs and adults! I bet the frostbite dragons are responsible for painting frost ferns on windows too
  2. whew! got 2 of each! influenced male and female. hopefully they'll be nice about being influenced (and I haven't jinxed myself by mentioning this). that's got me egg locked for now.
  3. Lol when I logged in the alpine biome had 120+ people viewing it, and the volcano had 'only' 90+ people. So I decided that I'd go for the 'harder to get' alpine eggs first. Now I've got my 2 alpine eggs, the volcano biome is the popular one!!
  4. OK, egg-locked for now. My "secret" technique is this - click frantically, when I get "somebody else got this egg" message, use go back , then refresh - the key isn't the time it takes to go back, but how fast you click after refresh - too fast, and the page hasn't finished refreshing yet, too slow and the egg has already gone. And still got the huge random factor of over a hundred other people trying to get the eggs.
  5. Wow. the 5 minute drops don't even last 1 minute. Pleasantly surprised that I managed to get 2 blues and 1 brown so far.
  6. My 2 cents. Option 1: Yes. 1 percent of entries winning sounds good. Option 2: Maybe. A second raffle of retired prize dragons to ensure a minimum of active breeding retired prizes. eg since there were only 10 original gold tinsels given out, keep a minimum limit of 10 actively breeding gold tinsels. Maybe have the raffle at the same time as the standard christmas raffle. Option 3: I'd prefer a standard consolation prize, eg "coal dragon". Breedable all year round, but CB only available through raffle entries. Choice of gender possible, random code. Option 4: multiclutching prize dragons. I don't think so. Increasing the number of winners seems a better offer. Option 5: what's an HM? Option 6: prize dragons only produce prizes for the first 6 months. Maybe, but I still think Option 1 is the best idea. Option 7: adding retired prizes to the game as rares. No. I'd prefer my Option 2 idea - each year, raffle off a certain number of retired prize dragons to keep minimum active breeding numbers. Maybe give original raffle prizes props (wreath, jewelled egg) and later "replacement" prizes no props. Keeps original prizes unique, whilst allowing sprite collection of prize dragons.
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: RaisingDragons
  8. Anybody need to level? Post and I"ll throw stuff at you.
  9. I've finished my fort. my fort A series of increasing fortifications.
  10. They're HEEEEERRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The suspense is killing me!! (gnaws nails)
  12. Soo - how long now? The tension! The drama! The angst! And all over some pixels lol
  13. Nowt yet. Ah well. Guess this is just part of the fun of a late November release. So... Saturday release for the last of November? or a 1st December release? Or nothing until Christmas? We shall see... If there's nothing until Christmas, maybe it'll be a gingerbread dragon.
  14. So it looks like the Black Friday guessers are going to be right. I suspect that future November releases will be at the end of November, due to Halloween and Christmas being more or less at the end of each month. I'm nervicited too, and although I'm not from the US, I think turkey/pumpkin/Corn themed dragons would be amusing.
  15. It's coming soon (I assume.) Is anybody else excited? And what is your guess for the release? Turkey Day? Shopping Friday? or Saturday? And what will it be? Let the wild mass guessing start!!
  16. I know. The original question was a clarification. the fogged hatchlings have been given just enough views to hatch, but not enough to grow up, hopefully. They'll be be left to die now. In the Dark. Alone. Whimpering, crying, slowly dieing...Muahahahahahaaa!!!!! Er - I mean - a sad, but necessary sacrifce - purely for scientific necessity. <shifty eyes>
  17. Ok, thanks for the clarification, Rubyshoes. What I"m doing is this; I've got 3 (vampire) eggs from the ap. I put them in er for several click sites, and when the views got to 500 (508, 505, and 503 respectively), I fogged them and removed them from the sites. According to DragonCave Wiki, about 400 views are required to hatch, and 600 -800 approximately to grow up, so they should hatch, but die, theoretically. Thus, I can save my kill slots for adult dragons. I have a silver trophy, so 6 egg slots, and 18 egg/hatchling slots overall. I am assuming that if I have 6 dead hatchlings, I stand a reasonable chance of getting at least 1 zombie hatchling.
  18. Can frozen hatchlings be zombified?
  19. Ok, I have clearly slipped into an mirror universe where my evil twin is really lucky at getting caveborn rares. In the last few days, I've got 2 cb coppers, 1 green, 1 brown, a cb blusang, and now a cb gold. I'd be worried about what my evil twin is doing in my universe, but hey - cb gold!
  20. I caught a CB Green Copper!!!11!!!11~!!111 Heeblejeebleelblblblblblblbl <gibbers insanely>
  21. It's ok to neglect, zombify, vampirize etc eggs - so long as it is FOR SCIENCE!!! Bwahaahaahaahaa!!!!!
  22. Awesome! got 2 of each and a blue dino and green opalescent! yay for new releases!
  23. This poll was evil. It made me choose between rocky road, chocolate chip cookie dough, and cookies and cream.
  24. This. Just This. And that's not even including the song! Yep, rain and big gay rainbows - ya wanted a sign?