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  1. Oooh, Scary! Where do they sort in the encyclopedia?
  2. I see your 10 week old kitten, and raise you a 3 week old black kitten, rescued at about 11.30pm October 30th. Yes, last night. Yes, I had to travel by train to next town to get kitten formula (trains leave every hour) Yes, I have had some sleep - 4 hours No, I cannot keep her (allergic to cats). Currently on 3 hour feeds. And yes, I did manage to get some halloween decorations up!!
  3. Thanks, TJ! Failed at my first attempt at catching them, but since I made a RL black 3 week old kitten rescue at near midnight (12am Halloween) last night, I guess I can count myself lucky (and itchy - allergic to kitties, so will have to find it a new home)
  4. lol! Now, if only the valentine female had been named after She Who Must Be Obeyed... (Ayesha, for those not familiar with H Rider Haggard)
  5. 3 dodgers, 5 deaths. Grateful for my large heart seasonal breeding project. plenty of failed breeders to choose from.
  6. Given that it's now October, I'm resurrecting this thread to discuss how to get zombie dragons
  7. Note to self; stop checking every few hours to see if TJ's hatchlings have grown up yet.
  8. Whoever came up with the concept for these guys had a gem of an idea
  9. Yay!!! Got 2 from each biome! Influenced, incubated, and now impatiently waiting!
  10. I'm fine with commons being random releases. For rares/uncommons, but especially rares Scheduled release 48 or 72 hour drop Lottery occurs at the end of the 48 hours a set percentage of the total eggs released initially to be offered by lottery diminishing returns for lottery depending on how many of the new eggs you have managed to catch. This allows people with good connections/fast reflexes to grab lots of eggs, while those with poor connections/reflexes/unforgiving schedules still get a chance at them.
  11. I'm wondering if the 8 eggs refers to elemental affinities? And another vote here against random releases.
  12. So - what do you think we'll have this month? Possibly the long-awaited and discussed Dragon Cave Encyclopedia? If not the encyclopedia, what breed/breeds will turn up? We had three last month, will it be three again, or just one breed? Post your wild mass guesses here!
  13. So... with the excitement of Dragon Cave Encyclopedia beta out, do you think there's going to be a July release?
  14. Completed my spring heart lineage - and all caught/bred this season! lineage
  15. Ah. Thanks for sparing me a refusal. Though a glaucus/gon lineage would look wonderful.
  16. Can Guardians of Nature breed with drakes or pygmies?
  17. For those without GoNs to breed, I have suggested that the New Rare Breeders add 3 new waiting lists for the 3 new eggs. New Rare Breeders also currently has lots of space on their Elemental Trio waiting lists. Although, until the 8th birthday celebrations are over, I'm leaving my egg slots free for any new breeds.
  18. GoN plus Magi gets, mysterious egg. No surprise there.
  19. yes to the shooting or the pygmy raffle?
  20. The birthday hour nears! The tension rises! My scroll is (almost) egg-clear! (spring lineage)
  21. Sooo... with DC's 'birthday' coming up, I decided to start a thread for speculation, wild mass guessing, etc, about what is planned. There is going to be a release - will it be just one type of dragon, or a seven-day extravaganza like last year? Post 3 ideas/predictions for what will happen here - 1 silly, 1 possible, and 1 wishful. Maddeningm cryptic hints from those in the know, to make wild mass guessing even wilder, would be fun To get this started: Silly prediction - birthday cake will rain in all the biomes. Possible prediction - since dragons have been dressed up for holidays before, maybe they'll all wear party hats. Wishful - I wish the prize dragons would drop in the cave - one type for each biome - eg silver shimmerscales in alpine, bronze shimmerscales in desert, gold shimmerscales in coastal, bronze tinsels in volcano, etc.
  22. Lol logged on to the forums to see if there's any hints about the DC cave birthday release, and wound up overdosing on creepypasta. Personally, I like The Dionaea House. Dionaea House And, of course, SCP. Warning - SCP is almost as much of a time-sink as TV Tropes. You have been warned