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    Oh, I'd think so - I heard that the White House had rainbow floodlights up to celebrate. smile.gif




    Heartlessindigo, I'll be so ninja.gif ed, but yeah, 5-minute Drops. biggrin.gif

    And facebook has gone rainbow! C'mon, Australia, even if we do have a really reactionary, wants-to-be-a-lord-and-bring-back-ye-goode-olde-dayes-, prime minister (he brought back knights and dames, WITHOUT telling his party he was doing it - says it all. Also climate change denier).

    WE can do it!!! And if we lost a certain prime minister in the process - bonus!!!



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    My Spring Seasonal dragon has been vainly trying to impress a flighty Golden-horned Tangar. First they wanted more sweets, then they wanted more miscellaneous stuff, and then they went off to find somebody with more sweets.

    So my dragon has decided not to try to change decorations to try to please somebody else, but to decorate their cave a way that they like.

    The princesses are magical singing automata.


    The heart shape is supported by strings. Or magic. Or magic strings. Or string magic.